Updated: November 2017

Shower Radio Reviews:

It's not a secret that many of us like to sing in the shower or while taking a bath. The good news is that more and more manufacturers are making water proof radios that work just fine in the shower and some even have a CD player included. There is a newer iConcepts shower radio that has an iPod dock inside the radio to protect it from water and it sells for about $40. The reviews we found for this product were some of the worst we've ever seen. The design is bad and some owners say the system leaks water into the iPod docking area. There are other options in this category, so definitely shop around and get some feedback on the product before ruining your iPod. In general, most of the regular AM/FM shower radios worked just fine and received great reviews. Even when you throw in a CD player combo they perform just fine. Besides the radio being waterproof, you want the speakers to be decent since they have to put out sound that carries beyond the sound of the shower and running water. Some systems just don't cut the noise quality feature required by most of us and failed miserably.
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Buying Guide - Target carries a waterproof iPod soundcase for $99. Of course you need an iPod ($200+) to work this gadget, but who doesn't own an iPod these days. The feedback on this sytem is good, but you won't be playing any radio stations on this unit, only your mp3 songs. We believe that more companies will produce radios/iPod players for the shower since so many people rely on their iPods for music. You may even see an iPhone shower radio if demand increases. Seems like Apple has done a great job marketing these technology gadgets and now people can't even take a shower without having them by their side for information. For now, though, the regular shower radio may have to suffice. Look for a shower radio with easy to read buttons or dials since you will be in the shower and with steam and water in your way, it can get difficult to hit the right button. You also want the buttons large enough so you aren't constantly guessing as to what function you are doing. The shower radios that offer CD player functions usually require the CD to be placed into the unit before it gets wet. We read many reviews from consumers mentioning that once the player gets wet, it's hard to open it up and put in a new CD. Also, test them out in the store for sound quality if you can. No sense in buying a unit that looks great but doesn't give you enough sound volume so you can hear it in the shower. If you like sitting in a hot tub or hot bath, there are models that give you headphone jacks so you can hook up your earphones and relax with your music and everyone else doesn't have to hear it. I've seen some modern homes that have built in stereo systems in the shower/bathroom. Just put in your favorite CD or switch to the local news on the radio or TV station and relax. The speakers are water resistant and slashproof making the entire system safe in the shower or areas where water is. These systems are quite expensive compared to the basic shower radio that sits in your shower. You can view the list of best-selling shower radios here.

Best Waterproof Shower Radio:

While searching the Internet for the best quality waterproof shower radio we visited sites like Amazon.com and Hammacher Schlemmer to see what we could find. The radio that appeared the most was the Sony ICF-CD73V Shower CD Player/Clock Radio ($70). Amazon and Smarthome.com give the Sony ICF-CD73V almost 5 of 5 stars in their rating system based on customer feedback. The Sony has 25 station presets (AM 5, FM 10, TV 5, Weather 5) so you get easy one button tuning. The splash resistant design is what sets this product apart from the competitors. Use it in your shower, spa or sauna. Comes with a digital clock with countdown timer and a high-contrast display. Another popular choice would be the Sangean Am/fm Digital Shower Radio ($65) which is slightly cheaper than the Sony listed above. The Sangean shower radio features a built in AM/FM antenna with PLL digital tuning, 10 station presets with auto seek function, it's water resistant, the backlit LCD is easy to read. You may pay more for the sony, but the Sangean will give you the same reception and sound quality. We found the Sangean radio online at Amazon.com.

Shower Radio w/ CD Player:

Normally you wouldn't figure that Home Depot would carry a good quality shower radio with a built in CD Player. Well, the Jensen AM/FM Shower Radio with CD Player featured on the HomeDepot.com website gets excellent ratings and owner reviews are positive. The unit sells for $39.99 and plays your favorite radio stations or CD's. Great for getting the weather or traffic reports while taking your shower or just unwinding and playing popular songs. The Jensen shower radio has rotary controls and push buttons to make using it a breeze. You get AM/FM receiver, a vertical loading CD player, built-in desk stand, fog-resistant mirror, waterproof speaker and headphone jack, the speakers are splash resistant as well, and you skip forward or back on the CD player portion. Also comes with an adjustable nylon rope hanger so you can hang it on the showerhead or even on the curtain rod. The one complaint with this shower radio is that the sound can become quite low at times. Obviously, all these radios are powered by batteries and not electricity.

Top Rated Weather Band Shower Radio:

Once again Sony tops the field with their SONY ICFS79W ($48) which you can find online at Amazon.com or Hammacher.com. Hammacher Schlemmer sells it for $59.95 and says that the unit rated the best in shower radios for the "5th consecutive year" since it has "excellent sound quality" and because it's "impervious to shower spray". Comes with 5 channel presets AM/FM/TV/weather band reception, an easy grip design, it's splash resistant, and features a quartz synthesized tuner. Just use the hanging strap to place it in a convenient spot in or near the shower. Consumer reviews on Amazon say things like "volume is loud and clear", "great shower radio", and "picks up all the weather reports".

iPod Shower Player:

As mentioned above, Target has a Waterproof iPod Soundcase ($99) which will actually "float". The unit is made from shatterproof Polycarbonate plastic and features auto shut off which will help conserve your battery, full stereo sound from 2 speakers, and a waterproof click wheel membrane which gives you full functioning ability without the worry of water getting to your iPod. The iPod docks into the cradle portion and the 2 speakers are mounted on the side of the product. Works with iPod mini, iPod Nano - 3rd generation, iPod photo -4th generation, and iPod video 5th generation. Comes with a strap so you can easily put it over the shower head or faucets. Check out Target.com for more details.