Updated: November 2017

Silk Sleep Sack Reviews:

When we think of sleep sacks, we typically think of babies. These little sacks do a great job keeping baby warm and safe, negating the need for blankets on cold nights. An added bonus is that babies feel snug and secure - and able to settle down for a good night's sleep. Why should only babies sleep like babies? Silk sleep sacks and travel liners are an ideal way for all of us to sleep snugly and soundly. What exactly are they? Why would you use one? Which ones are the best, where do you get them, and how much do they cost? So much to talk about! Let's get started.
silk sleep sack

What is a Silk Sleep Sack? - A silk sleep sack is exactly what it sounds like. It is very similar in design to a standard sleeping bag, only it is very light and made of, you guessed it, silk. Few fabrics feel as luxurious as silk, and it is also surprisingly warm. Why would you use a sleep sack?

*You want a lightweight sleeping blanket that you can snuggle in.
*A sleep sack is ideal for hot and/or humid conditions.
*You travel a lot and don't like sleeping on hotel bedding. Many European hotels require that you have a sleep sack.
*You want a more comfortable, soft lining for your sleeping bag.
*You want a boost of warmth under a larger comforter. A silk sleep sack can increase the temperature by 10 to 12 degrees. Why turn up the thermostat?
*You want silk bedding that is easier and less expensive than a sheet set.
*You hate making the bed and this is easier. That's a valid reason, too!
*You want better, more peaceful, restful sleep.

How can a silk sleep sack provide better sleep, besides providing smooth comfort? Silk contains amino acids that can help soothe you to sleep naturally. This is helpful anytime, but particularly when you are traveling and have a difficult time sleeping. With a silk sleep sack, you will always have the comfort of home with you. Which silk sleep sack will offer the best fit for you? You can browse the best selling silk sleep sacks online here.

Best Silk Sleep Sacks:

Before you rush out to buy yourself a silk sleep sack, take a minute to check out the best brands. Then, you are free to rush all you want. According to MetaEfficient, the "guide to highly efficient things," the best sleep sack is the beautiful Cocoon Travel Sheet. This 100 percent silk sleep sack weighs just 6.3 ounces, a feather light touch that makes a tremendous difference in your comfort and sleep quality. The Cocoon sleep sack measures 86 inches by 35 inches, and silk has a natural resistance to odor and is able to wick away moisture. This is great for more humid sleeping conditions. Whether you use this by itself or as a liner to your sleeping bag, the Cocoon will help you get the sleep you need no matter where you are. This silk sleep sack is priced at $40 to $70 and includes a convenient carry bag. If you want to treat yourself to a more exotic and equally luxurious sleep sack, Cocoon also makes the Silk/Seacell Travel Sheet. This beautiful silk sleep sack is made of 50 percent silk and 35 percent cotton. To this blend, Cocoon has added 10 percent seacell and 5 percent seacell active. These are friendly to the skin, antibacterial, and fungicidal. Wonderful, natural seaweed has long been prized for its healing properties and wealth of amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and other minerals. Supposedly, when seacell touches your skin, its active ingredients are unleashed and can help reduce skin inflammation, allergic reactions, and damage from free radicals and environmental irritants. The Cocoon Silk/SeaCell TravelSheet has a side opening with Velcro for easy access - perfect for those who like to cover up but sleep with their feet out. There is also a pocket for your pillow and double stitching and reinforced gussets for optimal durability. Does the seaweed really promote health? You'll certainly enjoy finding out. You can get the remarkable seacell sleep sack for $80. Another top brand that you can't help but run across in your search for the best silk sleep sack is DreamSack. Silk sleep sacks made by DreamSack are well reviewed on TravelGearBlog, eBags, About.BreastCancer, Uncommon Goods, ProTravelGoods, Amazon, and many other consumer sites. The DreamSack Extra Roomy Opening Silk Sleep Sack is a popular choice. Why go for the extra roomy? Reviewers have noted that the standard size can be a bit snug for average-sized adults. The Extra Roomy fit is also better for those who like to move when they sleep. This DreamSack is made of 100 percent Habotai silk. It measures 7 feet 9 inches and includes a pocket for your pillow. The lightweight sleep sack folds down to the size of a pair of socks. It also has a side opening. A happy Amazon reviewer says that it provides a feeling of "pure comfort and...of being home" when you are not. The DreamSack is $80. DreamSack also makes a double silk sleep sack for $125. Silk sleep sacks are a frequent traveler's best friend, but they are also very suitable for home use. Silk bedding is luxurious, soft, and soothing. Why not have those comforts any time you like? You can look here for other great silk sleep sacks.

Grand Trunk Silk Sleep Sack:

One more silk sleep sack that is well worth your consideration is the Grand Trunk Silk Sleep Sack. This is a luxurious 100 percent silk sleeping bag liner and sheet that can keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. There is both a side and a top entrance, and the 84 x 36 inch sleep sack comes with a waterproof carry bag. Put a pillow in the pillow compartment and you are ready for bed. At just 5 ounces, the Grand Trunk Silk Sleep Sack is an ideal travel companion. You can find it for $40.