Updated: November 2017

Single Serve Coffeemaker Reviews:

My wife is the coffee drinker in the household and I write the reviews. She has gone from our large Cuisinart coffeemaker that brewed several cups of coffee (combined coffee grinder and coffee making machine) to the drip models you see which are very basic. Recently she has wanted to test out some of the single serve coffeemakers that are making headlines throughout the coffee drinking world. Can you really get a single cup of coffee at home that compares to what you buy at Starbucks. After reading the recent Consumer Reports article on single serve coffeemakers, she (we) decided to try out a few and see what the results were. We knew that we could try out a couple models and return those that didn't provide the best results. The CR article rated over 20 single serve coffee makers with only a few making the grade of "recommended" - two of which were the DeLonghi models. Starbucks Verismo 580 was listed down in 5th place of the overall ratings.
single serve coffeemaker

Choosing a Single-Serve Coffeemaker - The sealed pods will turn out a cup of coffee in about a minute. The one drawback per reviews we read online is that the pod models don't deliver as strong a cup of coffee as those you find with your local barista. If you can deal with slightly weaker cup of coffee and eliminate all the hassle of prepping and cleanup found with drip models, then perhaps the single serve coffee makers will do you just fine. The pods that go into all these single serve styles are often made just for a particular model or brand. The DeLonghi models take the Nescafe capsules and the Starbucks machine takes only the eight variety pods from Verismo. Consumer Reports rated all the single serve coffeemakers for things like convenience, speed of first cup and then speed on repeat cups, brewing range, and temperature consistencies. A few models allow you to adjust the amount of water you add - more equals weaker coffee while less equals a stronger cup. The Smart Cafe was best at being able to brew the 2nd cup of coffee. My wife liked the DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto, but the big drawback was the size of the machine. We have limited countertop space and even less in our cabinets, so a smaller machine like those from Starbucks or Bosch might be a better choice if space is limited in your kitchen. Prices range from $100 to $250 for the majority of the single serve coffeemakers but all 3 of the top selections from CR were $150 or less. You might wonder how much the coffee pods are for each cup you brew. The Starbucks Verismo Veranda Blend (12 count of pods) sells for about $12. That works out to be a lot when you work the numbers on a cost per pound basis of coffee. Remember, you are paying for convenience and that is what the under 30 crowd is really looking for with these machines. Single-serve coffee is not just growing, it's exploding across America - we are talking about $100's of millions each year. The New York Times did a great article back in February on this topic and it really showed how things are changing in terms of how Americans are preparing and drinking their coffee at home. Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - We found some very in depth reviews on Popular Mechanics, Consumersearch.com, and Epinions. Popular Mechanics test 8 of the most popular brands including Keurig, Senseo and Bosch. For less formal feedback but still important information, we suggest the Amazon.com customer comments posted online. Amazon has hundreds of owner reviews with almost all products covered. Get the real lowdown on the latest single serve coffee makers. You can browse the best selling single serve coffee makers here.

Best Single Serve Coffeemaker:

RECOMMENDED - Although some magazines rate the Delonghi models the best, we found the Keurig brewing systems to be the best. Yes, they tend to run a little slow compared to the competition, but then again if you have to wait a few more seconds for a better cup of coffee it's worth it. They use the patented K-cups and feature things like a one touch control panel, blue backlit LCD display, programmability (on/off), and a digital clock. There are 5 brew size options on the B70 with an adjustable brew temperature and removable drip tray. The parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with a 1 year warranty. Keurig's best single-cup brewing system for your home is probably the B70 although their B40 and B130 are also top sellers with overall good reviews. The Cuisinart SS-700 uses K-cups and gets great marks from CR and other sources, but the big drawback is speed to get that first cup. The SS-300 compact from Cuisinart is faster if that is what you are most interested in. Many people swear by their Bosch Tassimo - the brewing range is a bit limited but otherwise features are great. Keurigs are easy to use, give great results, and are easy to maintain. They can a bit a expensive up front, but consider the $4 a day you spend at Starbucks now going to your single serve machine.

Top Rated - Starbucks Verismo 580:

RECOMMENDED - The Starbucks Verismo 580 Brewer is a popular model but beware on pricing. At the time of this article we found the piano black model online at Amazon for almost $280. While doing a search online I also found it for $200 at several other websites including Williams Sonoma. The machine lets you make caffe lattes, espresso and brewed coffee. The packaged pods are supposed to recreate the recipes you find in Starbucks - not all consumers agree the flavors match those at your local coffeehouse. The manual says you should rinse the machine each time you use it, that could become tedious after a while. Reviews are mixed on this one - we say give it a while and wait to see how the public likes this model in 6 months or so. With the cost to purchase it and the $1+ for the pods, you may be better with a cheaper option for now.