Updated: November 2017

Sledgehammer Reviews:

When it comes to basic demolition jobs, splitting wood, or driving posts into the ground, a sledgehammer is an essential tool to own. Sledgehammers are versatile and can help homeowners to construction workers. I have found several backyard projects that required a powerful hammer to accomplish my goal. The first was putting posts into the ground for a small fence. A small hammer won't do the trick and I even tried using the back edge of an axe handle to get the posts in the ground. A neighbor saw my frustration and let me use his sledgehammer which was a huge timesaver. I immediately went out to my local hardware store to purchase a new sledgehammer knowing that I would use it on future household projects. The big key is buying one that you can actually maneuver and handle ok. Don't be a macho dude and buy the heaviest one around only to find that when you sling it over your head you lose your balance.

Choosing a Sledgehammer - Unless you have used sledgehammers before, it's always a good idea to go and pick one up at the hardware store and get a feel for them. The weights vary, so do the handle types, and materials. Some are smaller with 12 to 16 inch handles while others are huge with 36 inch handles. From a design standpoint, the longer the handle and the more weight should mean more brute force when doing things like demolition work. On the flip side, it would be hard to raise a 20 lb sledgehammer over your head and accurately guide it to the top of a fence post you are driving into the ground. Pick a sledgehammer that would best fit what your needs are for it. We have put together a quick buying guide on what to look for in a sledgehammer. See below:

Handle - Often made of wood or fiberglass with a rubber grip
Uses - Good for demolition work and driving in posts, splitting wood, break up stone tiles or concrete
Weight - Common weights are 4, 6, 10, 12, and 20 pounds
Brands - Pony, Graintex, Jackson, Neiko, Ames True Temper, Stanley, Bosch, Wilton
Prices - $20 to $60

Sledgehammer Reviews - We went to both Lowes and Home Depot to ask sales associates what brand they recommend for sledgehammers and also what weight works best for which job type. Online we found older reviews from Popular Mechanics for sledgehammers (considered a must have tool by them). You can browse the best selling sledgehammers online here.

Best Sledgehammer:

A good quality sledgehammer will be one that you can handle and swing without too much hassle. The Jackson 10 Pound Sledgehammer is a nice selection for about $45. The design helps reduce hand fatigue and give you better control. The 36-inch fiberglass handle provides for increased precision and added safety with a non-slip grip. Great for destroying concrete slabs or putting in posts. The Graintex SH1620 is another winner amongst consumers, but beware this is a 20 lb head so you'd better be strong. We found several reviews for this model that said it's the perfect tool for splitting wood with a wedge. View top rated sledge hammers here.

Sledgehammer with Wood Handle:

Want a sledgehammer that features a traditional wood handle, then go with the Ames True Temper 1199400 12-Pound Double Faced Sledge Hammer. It features a 36" hickory handle and delivers a powerful slam to any job you give it. Owners say the sledgehammer is both "rugged" and "durable". Perfect for striking wood, drifting timbers, or striding spikes. Need to break down concrete or stone for demolition, then this is the tool for you. At just over $30 this 12 pound sledgehammer will make short work of most projects. Some of the smaller, double faced sledgehammers with wood handles are also ideal for tighter spaces where you can't afford to take huge swings with the larger sledgehammers on the market. Ames True Temper offers similar models in 6 and 10 pound options. Check out wood handled sledgehammers here.