Updated: November 2017

Snow Cone Machine Reviews:

What kid hasn't wanted a snow cone machine - especially during those hot days of summer. I grew up with a father who worked in the food industry and he could get all the snow cone flavors we ever wanted. The only problem was finding a snow cone maker that actually worked. The ones meant for kids - like the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine ($15) - are flimsy and tend to break easily. A neighbor bought that last summer for their kids and it literally broke on the 4th try. The parts are made of plastic and you have to use so much pressure to create the crushed ice that it breaks apart. The Victorio VKP1100 Electric Snow Cone Maker/Ice Shaver at $25 is a step up from Snoopy but certainly not as good as the high end machines from Paragon and Great Northern. Yes, you may end up paying close to $200 or more, but these snow cone makers will last unlike the cheap alternatives. Many people ask us what is the difference between snow cones machines and shaved ice makers. From my experience the Hawaiian shaved ice is lighter and fluffier than the ice that snow cone machines produce.
snow cone machine

Choosing a Snow Cone Machine/Shaved Ice Maker - The first question you need to ask is - How often will I use it? Then ask yourself how many snow cones will you be making? The Hamilton Beach 68050 or Hawaiian Snow Cone Machine - Ice Shaver #S700 are both reasonably priced and will definitely last for a season or two with regular use. If you plan on making snow cones or ice slushies for the entire neighborhood, then you'll need to get a machine that turns out the shaved ice in a hurry. The Nostalgia Electrics SCM-502 at $60 is a good selection with excellent customer feedback and the Paragon Little Snowie Shaved Ice Machine ($200) or the Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine ($200) are more commercial grade products. Paragon snow cone makers are going to last the longest. They are great for neighborhood parties or for use in retail shops. I see the Paragon machines at the country fair when we go in the summer. They are durable and produce perfectly shaved ice each and every time. If you want to read snow cone machine reviews there is no better website than Amazon.com. They list all the major brands, models and each has dozens of unbiased postings from actual customers. Get all the pros and cons before you buy and make an informed decision. You can browse the best selling snow cone machines here.

Best Snow Cone Machine:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top sellers on Amazon and other snow cone websites is the Nostalgia Electrics SCM-502 Vintage Collection Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker. Nostalgia is well recognized in the industry for popcorn machines, cotton candy makers, and now snow cones. At less than $60 it's still a good value buy. Features a built in on/off switch, shelf for holding snowcones, and the vintage look. Most owners agree that it performs much better than the cheaper models on the market. You will have to purchase the flavor packets. Nostalgia offers up the RSM-602 Retro Series, but consumers say go with the slighly more expensive SCM-502. The Paragon Port-A-Blast SnoCone Machine is a big step up in price ($370), it's capable of shaving more than 500 pounds of cube or chunk ice per hour. It's a heavy duty SnoCone machine that delivers all the power you want and will last for years. If you do lots of neighborhood parties where there are dozens of kids, then this is the type of shaved ice machine that will work hard all day.

Shaved Ice Machine:

RECOMMENDED - Want a solid shaved ice maker, then consider the top selling Paragon Little Snowie Shaved Ice Machine which goes for about $200. The heavy duty metal construction with a 1000+ watt motor and corrosion-resistant plastic cabinet make for a great gift. The shaved ice machine is perfect for fundraisers, family get-togethers, and birthday parties. If you are wondering how much the Paragon can handle, it's good for up to 30 to 50 people being served per day. It's the mid-range model from Paragon - not to be used commercially but still way better than the basic machines on the market. Ok, if you are like most of us, $200 is too much for a shaved ice machine. How about the Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package for under $50. This package includes the S900A Shaved Ice machine, 3 flavors and accessories. Reviews for the Hawaiian Ice maker are near perfect and consumer comments include "awesome snow cone machine" and "great shaved ice package". You can buy the machine without the package if you want. Just go to Amazon.com and check out the most popular shaved ice machines here.