Updated: November 2017

Soap Dispenser Reviews:

It is the little touches that make our houses homes: fresh flowers in the dining room, a favorite photo in the living room, a soft, luxurious comforter for the bedroom. It's also the little touches that make our homes more user-friendly, livable, and convenient. And when you can find something that does both, you need to scoop it up! A soap dispenser is one such item. While it may not sound like a lot, you will be amazed at how often they are used and how much they can enhance your decor. What do you need in a soap dispenser, and how can you choose from the overwhelming selections? Read on.
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Why Use a Soap Dispenser - Soap dispensers are a powerful ally in your quest to keep germs contained. Not only do they encourage hand-washing (because they're easy, and kids love to use them), they are more sanitary than having a bar of soap in a soap dish on the kitchen or bathroom counter. They are also tremendously handy when you're preparing food. You can quickly wash up, and if you're working with ingredients like chicken or other raw meat, you can wash your hands before touching other food, surfaces, or people. Keeping germs at bay is enough of a reason to use a soap dispenser, but there are more. When you have a soap dish, soap scum follows. Your counter may get that scummy buildup, which is difficult to clean. After a while, even the soap can start to look a little scummy. That's not a great way to encourage hand-washing, especially among children. If you're frugal, you'll love that dispensers usually save on soap consumption (unless you encourage vastly better hygiene in your children, then you may have to get more soap), and once you buy your dispensers, you can simply buy the less expensive liquid soap refills. There is one more reason why you may want to incorporate liquid soap dispensers into your kitchen or bathroom: they are wonderfully decorative. No matter what your personal taste or what type of decor you have, you can find soap dispensers to suit you. From sleek, shiny contemporary stainless steel designs to fresh, flowery ones, there is no end to the choices. How to Choose Your Hand Soap Dispenser - Unlike buying a new plasma TV or a computer, you don't really need to know much in the way of technical details when you're choosing your soap dispenser. Your choice will largely depend on your personal tastes and your budget. You can browse the best selling soap dispensers online here.

Best Hand Soap Dispensers:

On the higher end of the soap dispenser spectrum (you didn't know there was a soap dispenser spectrum, did you?), is Simplehuman. Both Hubpages and SoapDispenserPump.com recommend the sleek products from Simplehuman for their usability and chic styling. SoapDispenserPump says they have a "very original look and feel." The dispenser is regarded as "touchless" and, therefore, it is an even better choice to fight against the spread of germs. The simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump is a hands-free lotion/soap dispenser. It has a motion sensor so you don't have to touch the soap dispenser at all. It features a stainless steel backsplash and clear 14-ounce acrylic reservoir, 4 preset volume settings for the right amount of soap or lotion for you, a continuous dispensing function, and an optional 20-second LED light timer. It requires 4 AA batteries and carries a 2-year limited warranty. The Simplehuman model is great for the bathroom or kitchen and is even more useful because you can wash your hands and then apply lotion immediately. This is helpful in the winter when dry skin becomes drier with hand washing. You can find this for about $35 on Amazon. Another very innovative product is the Cuisipro Foam Pump. This is a clear soap dispenser that will blend with any decor or any room. What makes it a great value is that it turns your soap into foam. Why do this? It reduces your soap usage as much as 75 percent. This is not only a money-saver, it saves you from buying more and more plastic. You simply fill your liquid soap to the first line indicator. Then you fill to the second line with tap water. A clog-free non-aerosol pump produces the cleansing foam. Finally, there is a suction cup on the bottom so it stays put. You can wash it in your dishwasher's top shelf. The Cuisipro Foam Pump is $14, which one Amazon reviewer called a "great buy." While you can get kid-themed soap dispensers, this is actually a great choice, despite its sophisticated look. Kids like foam. One reviewer said her 4-year-old twins fought over who got to use the foam soap dispenser. It is a good way to teach your children to wash up. Foam soap dispensers are harder to find, but there are legions of liquid soap dispensers from which to choose. Check online and keep your budget and your style foremost in mind. If you want a soap dispenser that is more versatile, look at the Aviva Trio Dispenser. This is designed for the bathroom with three separate dispensers. These are ideal for shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, liquid soap, or lotion. The advantage is that you have a convenient place for all of these needs, and you reduce the amount of plastic bottles cluttering your bathroom. Each reservoir holds 15 ounces of soap, shampoo, or conditioner. This great soap and lotion dispenser is available for $30. Better Living, the maker of the Aviva Trio Dispenser, also makes a great line of other products designed to help you organize your bathroom and make it more convenient. Reviews are consistently positive. Soap dispensers are a great way to encourage better hygiene, stop the spread of germs, de-clutter your kitchen or bathroom, and add a touch of style. Who knew one small addition to your home would make such a big difference. Look here for many more soap dispenser choices