Updated: November 2017

Space Heater Reviews:

When fall and winter seasons roll around, homeowners and apartment dwellers search for ways to stay warm without turning on the furnace. Heating bills have been staying relatively steady for the past few years, but running a furnace day and night to cut the chill in your house can be a waste. For the most part we only use specific rooms in our house during the day and evening hours. Often, no one is in the living room or dining rooms throughout the day, so heating them is really just a waste. Space heaters are a great solution for those wanting to conserve energy and still stay warm. Electric space heaters are the most popular of the bunch and most are priced well below $100 which makes them affordable and useful. Most energy experts tell you to turn down your thermostat at night to 62 degrees and raise it to only 68 degrees during the daytime. Using a space heater for your bedroom or family room while lowering the furnace thermostat should save you some money.
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Choosing a Space Heater - Let's start with the various types. There are electric models (radiant and convection) which make the most sense for indoor use. Natural gas, LP, and kerosene heaters are great sources of heat, but not intended for indoor use, so we will stay away from those types in this review. Back to the electric heaters. Convection heaters are offered in natural (non-fan) and fan forced models. The electric convection heaters are good for heating whole rooms and the fan forced do this the most efficiently. The one drawback to the fan forced convection space heaters are that they can be noisy since the fan has to blow the hot air out. Radiant space heaters are nice if you want to just warm yourself and not the room. The radiant heaters put out heat, but only to those objects in front of them. Space heater reviews - We found some excellent in depth buying guides and comparisons done by Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports. CR probably does the best analysis of space heaters and their recent article tested them on features like temperature control, safety, noise, and ease of use. Other factors that went into to the ratings are things like timers, tip over safety, hot surface alert, remote control, and temperature display. Consumer Reports shows that Honeywell models did quite well in their rankings while on the other end of the spectrum Lakewood and HeatSurge (the Amish heater) didn't perform so good. The Heat Surge is over $500 and probably not a great choice for heating up a room. Top brands are Honeywell, Kenwood, Soleus, DeLonghi, Vornado, Lasko and EdenPure. You can find space heaters in stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Target. You can browse the best selling space heaters here.

Best Space Heater:

Some of the top rated space heaters are those that are natural convection (non fan models). Soleus and Honeywell score well for things like temperature control and low noise levels when operating. How much are space heaters? We found them listed from about $40 to $100. Many are shaped like mini towers and some oscillate back and forth. Others have low profiles (resembling a baseboard heater) and function very quietly. We recommended that you view the top rated Honeywell space heaters here. Models like HZ-817 and HZ519 are popular models. What we like about the Honeywell heaters is that they weigh about 10 pounds and are easy to move from room to room if you need to. Many owners put them in the family room at night and then move them to a bedroom at bedtime. Another brand to look at are the Soleus Air heaters offered as radiant heaters that oscillate or the flat panel micathermic models. Owner reviews are mixed, but some model score better than others. Lastly, although not listed in expert reviews as often as the other brands, we found the online reviews for Lasko space heaters to be some of the best. The Lasko 755320 is a top seller on Amazon with plenty of 5 out 5 star owner reviews. Features a remote control, digital display, low/high speed settings, and an automatic overheat protection for safety purposes.

Fan Forced Convection Heater:

When it comes to heating rooms with electric heaters, very few brands can outdo the Vornado. The Vornado EH1-0032-28 TouchStone 500 is a popular model and does well with limited noise, great temperature control, and it's easy to use. These full-room electric heaters for heating up larger rooms quickly. View all the Vornado convection heaters here. One option that many homeowners go with are the electric stoves that produce heat for rooms up to 400 square feet. They look better than traditional space heaters and do a good job. One that consistently rates high is the Dimplex CS1205 Compact Electric Stove which sells for $75. .