Updated: November 2017

Spotlight Reviews:

Spotlights are not just for the stage anymore. Spotlight lighting is useful for a variety of household applications, including home security (not to mention the security of knowing you won't trip up your doorstep in the dark anymore), photography, camping, hunting, fishing, ice fishing, emergency situations, and simply illuminating your outdoor garden or yard for summer parties. Whatever the use, you can be assured that there is a spotlight out there that is tailor-made for it. But how do you choose? Should you get a rechargeable spotlight? LED spotlight? Solar? Handheld? Halogen? What candlepower is right for you? What should you look for, and how much should you plan on spending. Let's shed some light on the subject (sorry, we tried to resist).

What are Your Spotlight Needs? - Spotlights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - and candlepower. Here are some features to look for:

*Durability. This can relate to the type of bulb (LEDs are much more durable than halogens, for instance), as well as the power source. You can install spotlights to your home's circuitry, or you can opt for battery-powered models. Which brings us to the next feature.

*Portability. Obviously, if you're going to use your spotlight for camping, fishing, or power outage situations, you'll want a battery-powered spotlight. The downside is the limited battery life. If you choose a wired spotlight, make sure the cord is long enough for your intended usage.

*Power. In addition to regular batteries and electricity, you can choose a solar spotlight for energy-efficient operation. You can also choose from incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs.

*Brightness. You may hear about a million candlepower spotlight, 20 million candlepower spotlight...this refers to the light emitted by the spotlight. The term came as an actual comparison to the light of candles. Though we don't use it much anymore, it remains an important factor in your decision. A million, or more, candlepower is certainly bright enough for virtually any home application. There are also smaller spotlights (such as the Leviton 48585-SP0 .25W, 120V, Rotating LED Spotlight) for inside applications or those that do not require as much illumination.

*Price. Always a factor in any purchase decision, prices run the spectrum and typically depend on the size and power of the spotlight, as well as the brand.

You can find outdoor landscaping spotlights here and read owner reviews for nearly all of them.

What is the Best Spotlight for You?:

Let's take a look at some of the best spotlight options on the market to give you a good jumping off point for your search. Coleman is a major name in camping and outdoor gear, so it's no surprise that their spotlights are among the best. The Coleman LED Rechargeable Spotlight was chosen by BestCovery (a leading consumer review site) as the best LED Rechargeable Spotlight. This is a product on which critics and consumers can agree; it reviews incredibly well with Walmart, Buzzillions, and Amazon customers. The Coleman puts out 530 lumens but stays cool, unlike halogen bulbs, which get very hot. It has a 2.5 hour battery life on a full charge and has both 120V and 12V adapters for your convenience. This rechargeable spotlight is a great choice for indoor/outdoor projects because it can be used while plugged into a 12V outlet or on battery, there is a trigger on/off switch, comfortable grip, and integrated hanging feature so you can use it exactly where you need it. According to the BestCovery review, it can take several hours to fully charge the Coleman LED spotlight; to ensure that it's ready when you are, plug it in overnight so it's charged up for whenever you need it. The Coleman is a must-have for DIYers, hunters, campers, and anyone who wants to be prepared. You can find it for about $54 on Amazon. Other top choices with similar performance levels include the Stanley 5-Watt LED Spotlight SL5W09 for $36 and the Wilmar 1 Million Candlepower Spotlight W2409 for $15. You can check out other LED spotlights here. If you want your spotlight to be green, Buzzillions reviewers recommend the Smart Solar 8 LED Solar Green Spotlight. This solar spotlight features 8 adjustable LED lights and high performance monocrystalline solar panels. You can use Ni-MH batteries, which are replaceable or rechargeable. There are no operating costs, no wiring hassles, and plenty of light. One reviewer wrote, "I installed the light in my yard yesterday (mid-October in N.E.) and by night fall the light was providing a large bright spot on my sidewalk. It's not as bright as a 60 or 75 watt 110v spot light would be, but it definitely provides enough light to see where you going." If that's what you need, you can find the Smart Solar Green Spotlight for $43. LEDs may last longer, but halogen tends to have a more yellow cast to it, which, for some people, can make it easier to see. It also offers a bright light, perfect for anything from changing your brake pads at night to a midnight game of basketball in the driveway. A very well-reviewed halogen spotlight is the Cyclops CYC-S250 Thor 2.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight. Cyclops is a leading name in the lighting field, and you'll find a wide variety of excellent options. The CYC-s250 Thor features a handle equipped for two positions, dual recharge via the included AC/DC adapter or 12V DC car plug adapter, 2.5 million candlepower, 6V 55W quartz halogen bulb, and a 6V 4 Ah acid battery of sealed lead. You can be assured by the overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews or by the rigorous real-life testing that Cyclops subjects each of their products to before they put them on the market. Either way, you're getting a great light for $28 (see all Cyclops spotlights here). Whether you want to work on projects and need extra light, illuminate your home and driveway at night, or soak up the sun and use it to your advantage, you can do it with the best spotlights from manufacturers like Coleman, Cyclops, Stanley, Wagen, and Wilmar. Browse through the selection online to find the right light.