Updated: November 2017

Steam Mop Reviews:

Mopping can be a laborious job but with the new steam mops the job just got easier. A steam mop, also referred to as a bare floor cleaner, is more efficient than your traditional floor mop and they are easier to use. Steam mopping lets you clean your hard floor surfaces by using steam instead of the old bucket of water and nasty mop you used to use. The other plus with a steam cleaner mop is that there is no water residue left over since the steam evaporates. I have mopped floors for years in our house and never liked the idea that I would wring the mop out in a bucket of dirty water. The dirt was still within the mop and then I would go ahead and wash the floors with that. Seemed a bit nasty. The latest steam floor mops keep it simple since you don't have to wait for the floors to dry. They work well on cleaning up surface dirt and even spills. We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and family room areas and I use the Bissell 1867 steam mop to clean up the messes that occur. Sure, no steam mop is perfect at getting out all stains, but with a little scrubbing you'd be surprised at the results. Just which steam mops are the best? What brands rate the highest? We have all the reviews below with our "favorite picks".
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Buying Guide - I did my research before buying a new steamer mop and the one thing I wanted to make sure was that any product I bought would be good at cleaning on surfaces like hardwoods or vinyl. Our 2 upstairs bathrooms have vinyl flooring and the kids make a mess up there, so having a powerful floor mop that used steam to clean was important. Unfortunately steam mops don't work on carpets, but you can always get a carpet steam cleaner for those tougher jobs. In terms of the top brands, the most recognized names are Bissell, Euro-Pro, Reliable, Eureka, Hoover, H20, Lysol, and Euroflex. Steam mop reviews show that the Bissell 1867 is the top rated model although the Steamboy Steam Floor Mop and the Euro-Pro Shark are considered quality buys as well. We found lots of reviews for steam mops on websites like Gardenweb.com (in their forums), on Yahoo Answers, Epinions, and in several housekeeping blogs. The reviews were from owners on 1 particular model and definitely informative. The Wall Street Journal recently did an article on steam mops comparing the Shark Steam Mop, Steamboy T1, H20 Mop, and the Bissell 1867. They were impressed with the Shark but thought the H20 model was "tough to move back and forth". We found other reviews on Amazon.com that mention the lackluster performance from the H20 mop (sold through infomercials mostly) and others noted that the Lysol steam mop didn't perform up to par either. Amazon lists the Bissell steam mop as the "top seller" and most popular model available. Reviews by more than 450 consumers back up this rating as it gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars on average. Most of the steam mops we found listed online sell from $70 to $100. Epinions shows the Bissell as the top selection as well but they have reviews pointing towards the Reliable T1 Steam Floor Mop (Steamboy) as another model to consider. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com since they carry all the major brands, have a wide selection to choose from, and the lowest prices we could find on the Internet. Plus you can read dozens of reviews on any particular model of steam mop that they sell. The ACTUAL owners have written comments and posted feedback as to the pros and cons of each steam mop. You can browse their top selling steam mops here.

Best Steam Mop - Bissell 1867:

RECOMMENDED - In reviews the name that comes up the most often with the best reviews is the Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner and it's priced competitively at $85. The Bissell upright electric mop cleans hardwood floors, vinyl and tile surfaces with steam only. One main reason why consumers like the Bissell is because it provides a deep clean without having to use chemicals and it leaves no water residue on the floors when it's done. There are several areas in my kitchen and family room where the flooring is hard to reach with odd sized corners but I found that the 360 degree swivel mop head on the Bissell did a great job. You get 2 washable and reusable microfiber mop pads and the steam mop comes with a 1 year warranty. Features an internal water filter and a quick release cord wrap. Overall I am satisfied with the results that the 1867 has provided and would definitely recommend this to friends and family. Other owner comments include "perfect for hard to clean linoleum" and "the best mopping solution on the market". You can buy replacement pads if yours wear out - they are $8 for the 2 pack. See all the most popular steam mops on Amazon.com here.

Steamboy Steam Floor Mop:

In all the reviews we read online the only model that seemed to compete with the Bissell was the Reliable T1 Steam Floor Mop - Steamboy - priced at just under $100. The white and blue Steamboy Steam Floor Mop has a 3.3 cup water capacity so large cleaning jobs on floors is doable without having to refill the unit too often. The cleaning is chemical free and completely safe which is what several owner reviews noted as being the #1 reason for buying the Steamboy. Who wants to leave harsh chemicals on your nice floors. The Steamboy T1 floor mop works wonders on sealed hardwoods, ceramic floors, tile, marble, and slate. You get 2 cloth pads and a replaceable filter in the package. The 1500W heating element is powerful enough that the steams starts instantly - no having to wait for it to heat up. The 180 degree swivel head is nice, although the 360 degrees on the Bissell (above) is better. The 11" cleaning path is ample and should let you clean your floors in no time. The electric cord measures 16 feet which most owners found to be adequate. The Steamboy mop gives you roughly 30 minutes of continuous steam before the water needs to be refilled. Customer comments include things like "clean floors with no streaks" and "floors get really clean without any chemicals".

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