Updated: November 2017

Steam Press Reviews:

We just did a recent article on garment steamers and realized how popular they have become in households across America as people are looking for ways to save on dry cleaning bills. An even more powerful way to steam clothes is with a steam press which you can buy in stores like Target or online at Amazon.com. Steam presses are what you have probably seen in your local dry cleaners and some sewing stores carry these items as well. Ironing takes time and even the garment steamers aren't as fast as a true steam press. Lots of people ask - "How does a steam press work?". The good news is that they don't require a lot of effort to see results. Just place your garment in between the 2 boards and go to work. Pants are probably the easiest to press followed by shirts, although experts say that women's blouses can pose a problem depending on the fabric. The huge amount of surface area (up to 10 times that on an iron) allows you to do garments quickly and efficiently saving you time. We understand that a steam press may not be for everyone as they are almost all priced over $200 and are only recommended for those that anticipate using theirs more often than not. Certainly going to the dry cleaners can get expensive, so even if you only use the steam press once or twice a week on a shirt, blouse, or pants, it will pay for itself over time.
Steam Press

Buying Guide - A steam press uses strong pressure at high temperatures to get rid of wrinkles, but keep in mind that natural materials (denim, cotton, linen) are harder to get wrinkle-free. Some need extra steam bursts that are stronger than normal or extra long. When you lay down your clothes on the steam press make sure they are as flat as possible so creases don't show up where unwanted. Steam presses are full of modern features and digital displays which allow you to set the temperature control based on a particular fabric type. Steam presses use electric buttons, dials, or slides so that the user can quickly and easily switch the temperature control settings. The water tank should have a level or guide letting you see how much water is left without having to open it up. Some reservoir tanks have 32 oz capacities meaning you can get up to 90 minutes of pressing your clothes without having to stop and refill the water tank. The best type of auto shut off mechanisms are those that shut down after sensing a stop in motion. A few owners mentioned in their reviews that having a childproof safety lock or even an alarm would be a nice feature for safety reasons. Steam press reviews are hard to find even with all the websites out there. We found owner reviews on Brookstone.com, Amazon.com, Epinions, Gardenweb.com, and Johnlewis.com. Many of the top brands like Steam Fast, Singer, Yamata, Smartek, Reliable, and Rowenta are all listed on Amazon.com with customer feedback posted on certain models. The Reliable S300 and S500 digital steam press received lousy comments from owners while the Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press and the Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press were top rated. Where can you buy a steam press? You can browse all the most popular steam presses online here.

Best Steam Press:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 selling Steam Press on Amazon.com is the Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press which gets excellent customer feedback online. The electronic steam press has a 24 x 9 inch pressing area - ample enough to get most clothes pressed out in just a few minutes. You can choose between electronically pumped variable steam or no steam at all. The temperature ready indicator lets you know when the machine is ready to go. The handle is lockable - great if you have kids around. The auto shut-off is another nice safety features that owners appreciate. The Singer steam press is often referred to as an ironing press and includes garment settings like cotton, wool, silk, nylon, or linen. Owners say their ironing time has been cut in half with features like power steam bursts and electronic heat. If you are spending a few dollars a day on dry cleaning, then the ESP-2 from Singer should start saving you money right away. Many that use it say it works great on mens shirts, pants, napkins, tablecloths, and chair sashes just to name a few although women's blouses still remain a problem. Check out all the top selling Singer steam presses here.

Digital Steam Press:

RECOMMENDED - Although not quite as highly rated as the Singer above, the Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press is a popular steam press on Amazon and 85% of owners say it deserves a 4 out of 5 stars or better. This tabletop stream press features the digital temperature controls which most owners say work fantastic and give encouragement to those that are "domestically challenged". Just set the digital control for the specific fabric type and off you go. Experts say the heat is distributed evenly on the SF-680 with a Teflon coated stainless steel body and a molded heat element. The 1350 watt digital steam press has more than enough power to take on your garments. The steam burst buttons located on the side of the handle will be used often say many users. If you happen to walk away from the Steam Fast it will automatically shut off if it stands idle too long. The press area measures 26 by 22 by 10 inches and the water tank has a 10 oz capacity. Several comments about the dual vaporizing method were posted online and owners say this helps to keep moisture to a minimum while steaming. Other owner feedback includes things like "awesome steam press", "iron in half the time", and "save the $3 you spend on dry cleaning those dress shirts".