Updated: November 2017

Stick Vacuum Reviews:

Stick, or broom, vacuums are great for people who live in smaller living quarters like apartments or condos. They work well on hard surface floors like tile or hardwoods. Stick vacuums also tend to be the tool of choice for those that have problems handling the full-size vacuums that are upright and often difficult to maneuver. Broom vacuums are much quieter than larger vacuums, they are lightweight, many are bagless with dust cups, and some of the newer models are cordless which makes them very portable. I own a stick vacuum that we keep in our kitchen and it's perfect for little spills on our hardwood floors but also does an excellent job on stairs, carpets or rugs. Although the suction power is limited in most stick vacuums, they are very capable of cleaning up light debris like hair, food crumbs, or dust.

Buying Guide - Stick vacs are similar in design to the thinner, more upright vacuums, although they don't have beaters and rollers. The one drawback to stick vacuums is that their suction power can be limited compared to upright or canister vacuums. Stick vacuums are easy to store which makes them the ideal tool for apartment dwellers and they function much like a high powered handheld vacuum except you don't have to bend down so much. Some of the top brand names for stick vacuums are Bissell, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Black & Decker, Electrolux, Euro Pro, Miele, and Eureka. We did lots of research reading reviews on Amazon.com, ConsumerGuide, and Epinions and looked in online forums at Gardenweb.com and Cleaningtalk.com. Consumer Reports does a yearly review of stick vacuums, so we included their findings in our research too. The Euro Pro Shark and Black & Decker DustBuster Cordless Floor Vac were both listed on the most sites, but we found too many reviews listing them as less than adequate so we decided to leave them off our "best of" list below. Stick vacuums range in price from $25 to $300 and are not meant to be your only vacuum cleaner. For canister vacuums, upright vacuums, and handheld vacuum cleaners, please see our Household Appliance (DIY) page HERE. In terms of where to shop for one - For the best selling stick vacuums online go here.

Best Stick Vacuums:

The Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum ($50) is the consumer choice for stick vacuums. Reviewers consistently rate this model as the best in stick/broom vacuums and it features a power nozzle, 7.4 amp motor, swivel nozzle, European styling, bagless dirt cup, and it's lightweight and manuveurable. Owners say it works great on pet (dog and cat) hair and dust. With smaller floor vacs like this Hoover, you will need to clean out the filter often. Overall though, users like the washable, transparent dirt cup that offers a multi-stage filtration system. The 20-foot power cord should give you plenty of room to clean up any mess and still find a wall plug-in. The Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme Power Stick Vacuum ($50) is another quality vacuum that also ranks high in customer satisfaction and consumer reviews.

High End Stick Vacuum:

The Miele S163 Stick Vacuum Cleaner ($260) is a versatile and well built stick vacuum that comes highly rated on allergy websites and consumers like it ability to clean up small messes in a hurry. Miele vacuum cleaners are notorious for their durability and long 7-year warranties for the motor and 1-year warranty for parts and labor. The Miele stick vacuum is ideal for small apartments and is designed for use on smooth floors, area rugs, and on low pile carpeting. The S163 comes with a Super Air Clean Filter that will remove microscopic dust particles right from the exhaust of the vacuum. Users say they like the maneuverability and convenience of this broom vacuum and say it's the best secondary vacuum you could own. Owners wish the attachments were included since the Miele is fairly expensive, but overall reviewers say the stick vacuum is the best for dust cleanup (allergies) and has one of the most powerful suctions in its class. Experts recommend the Miele broom vacuum for those with allergies to household dust.

Budget/Value Broom Vacuum:

The Bissell 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum ($30) is the most popular budget stick vacuum that is not only easy to use but it's bagless. It can also convert from a floor vac to a hand vac which many reviewers say makes it the most versatile broom vacuum on the market (similar to the Electrolux EL1000A Pronto Stick Vacuum). It cleans carpet, upholstery, draperies, stairs, and bare floors. The handle has been ergonomically designed for increased comfort. We read 1 review out of about 20 that was negative for poor quality, but the rest were all very positive and only good things to say for the money. The majority of owners say the Bissell is the "best value" when it comes to buying stick vacuums.