Updated: November 2017

Suncast Storage Sheds and Organizational Tools:

Suncast Storage Solutions Review - There is an enemy lurking in every home, no matter how big, no matter how small, no matter if there are children or pets: clutter is waiting to take over. And, in some cases this foe wins. When you can't find things or when clutter has spilled over from your home to the garage or from your closets to your floors, it's time to take drastic action. Suncast is just the ally to help: this innovative company will help set your home, yard, and garage to rights, leaving you with more room than you thought you had and the time to enjoy it. This guide will take a look at some of the most popular and useful Suncast products.
suncast storage shed

What Do You Need? Suncast Can Help - The first step in choosing the right Suncast product is to determine what you need. Take a look at your home or yard and see what is causing this clutter to erupt. For some people, it is yard or gardening equipment; for others, it's their golf clubs, while still others can't seem to tidy their sports and outdoor equipment. Whatever, the problem, identifying it is the first step to getting it under control. We'll be looking at Suncast hose reels, golf organizers, garden shed, and storage sheds, which should cover most of your needs. Suncast Hose Reels - Hoses can be a nightmare to store because they get tangled and are cumbersome. If they stay out, they can become damaged. To protect your hose, and keep people from tripping on it or your dog from treating it like a chew toy, you need a hose reel. Several organizational websites suggest the Suncast Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart. Besides having a fun name, what else does the Hosemobile offer your home and yard? The 225-foot model is made for longer garden hoses and is built to withstand the elements without rust or corrosion. With a durable molded plastic construction, easy-grip hand crank, and 6-inch wheels, the Hosemobile is convenient, mobile, and easy to use. You'll be able to reel your hose back in without dragging it, getting yourself all wet, muddy, or grassy, and without tangling the hose. One Amazon reviewer calls it useful and straightforward. The Hosemobile is designed to be unobtrusive; even its beige color blends into any type of yard landscaping. This can be found for $40. There are also 175-foot and 150-foot Hosemobiles for smaller hoses. You can find the 225-foot Hosemobile for $40. Suncast also makes convenient self-winding hose reels that save you even more work.

Suncast Golf Organizers - Sometimes our hobbies can take over; golf shoes here, a few clubs there, some balls over there. It can be difficult to find what you need when you want to play, and it can be difficult to hear, "Clean up your golf stuff," every time you get back. The Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer is a great solution for any golfer. This organizer holds 2 golf bags and has a 5-inch deep bin and 3 shelves. The bin is very useful for any scorecards, balls, or other miscellaneous equipment. The 3 shelves are ideal for shoes, rain gear, and other gear. An Amazon reviewer said that it keeps the garage clean. Could there be higher praise? You can find this great organizer for a bit over $70. One complaint that several reviews noted was that putting it together was, if not difficult, then a 2-person job.

Suncast Garden Shed:

StorageShedReviews praised Suncast as having some of the best storage sheds on the market. What did they like? The designs, the durability, the versatility, the choices, the functionality, and the portability. Is that all? They also liked the rugged floors. And the prices. As with any product, before you buy, you want to ask yourself what you want. Suncast makes a variety of outdoor storage sheds that can accommodate your needs, even if you have a very small yard. Let's look at some of Suncast's solutions for your storage needs. If you have a large yard and need storage for things like lawnmowers, yard equipment, and all the other debris of our lives, the Suncast 10-foot x 12.5-foot storage building is an ideal choice. This building has 775 cubic feet for you to fill up. It is both durable and useful: the storage building features lockable doors, long-lasting resin construction, lockable doors, strong resin floor, and a 4 foot 8 inch by 5 foot 8 3/4 inch door opening, so you can drive in your riding mower and other big equipment. The storage unit is also meant to look nice; who wants a storage unit in their back yard that looks like a storage unit? This looks more like a little cottage, complete with a skylight to keep the interior bright, four windows with shutters and window boxes, and a cupola. This is $2800. That's quite an expense, but consider what you're getting: free space in your yard or garage. You may also be saving money by not having to rent a storage unit. You can also get a 7.5 foot x 10 foot building for just over $1000. You can browse the best selling Suncast storage sheds here.

Suncast Vertical Storage Shed:

If your lawn (or budget) is smaller, Suncast has a host of horizontal and vertical storage units; the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed is a good choice for smaller yards. It has the same great, durable construction that is characteristic of Suncast and features lockable doors, padlock hasp, tool free assembly, and a capacity of 27 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 68 inches high. This is great for long-handled garden tools like rakes. It can also accommodate all the odds and ends and tools that you accumulate. It costs $185. One downside that some consumers noted was that it does not have any shelving. This would allow smaller tools to be organized above. If this is a sticking point for you, the Vertical Storage Shed and Vertical Garden Shed can accommodate shelves. If you have little yard to speak of, or only a deck or balcony, Suncast can accommodate you as well. There are benches that double as storage units, allowing you to use every inch of your space to its best advantage. Try Suncast's Deck Boxes or their cute Patio Bench, which both feature great, sturdy construction that stands up to the elements. These boxes start at about $50 (View all top rated Suncast products here). When you want to make the most of your space, whether it is a few acres of land or a balcony, Suncast has the solutions that will work for you.