Updated: November 2017

SunForce Solar Panels and Wind Generators:

SunForce: Harnessing the Power of Nature - Harnessing the power of the sun and the wind allows us to develop forms of energy that are more friendly to the planet, and hopefully in the near future, much more widely used. SunForce is doing their part to ensure that the technology to do this is available not only for large corporations and large budgets but for residents who want to reduce their impact on the earth, reduce their energy bill, and have clean, renewable energy. A lofty goal to be sure, but one that SunForce manages with unceasing research, development, and commitment to increasing your quality of life. SunForce's complete line of solar and wind products, inverters, and chargers present an exciting step forward in the progress of renewable, alternative energy.
sunforce solar charger

Why Use Solar and Wind Power? - Oil is our all-purpose fuel, and its use is incorporated into nearly every aspect of our lives in some form or another. Many people think that no one single alternative fuel source will be able to replace oil, and that may be true. But why limit ourselves to one? Why not use wind and solar energy? Biofuels, hydrogen, and whatever new technology is on the horizon? And if you think the power of the sun is limited, consider that if 100 square miles of photovaltaic panels were placed in the American southwest at key locations, the entire country could be supplied with electricity. The US Department of Energy estimates that there is enough solar energy reaching the earth per hour to supply the world's needs for one whole year. An average wind farm will pay for itself within only 3 to 5 months of operation; over 80 countries around the world use wind power for commercial operations. Imagine if we could tap into that vast supply. SunForce is imagining, and creating the tools to help us do that. Browse the best selling Sunforce solar and wind products here.

Best Solar Charging Kits:

The Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit - You don't need to have acres of land in the desert to take advantage of solar energy, though that would certainly help! The SunForce 60-Watt Charging Kit can provide up to 60 watts of clean power for your RV, home, cabin, boat, 12-volt battery operated appliances, and more with very little maintenance. The SunForce 60 watt features 4 15-watt weatherproof, durable panels that can withstand hailstones travelling up to 50 mph, durable mounting frames, 200-watt power inverter, 7 amp solar charge controller, wiring kit, and built-in blue LED charging indicator. Best of all, the amorphous SunForce solar panels are designed for use in areas of both high and low sun exposure. Amorphous panels are made by spraying thin layers of silicon onto glass. This creates a surface that can generate energy more efficiently, regardless of the lighting conditions. This means that you can still harvest sunlight on cloudy days or in shady environments. As Amazon reviewers note, the SunForce 60-watt kit is ideal for those beginning their investment in solar energy, those who want to learn more about it, and those who want to supplement their energy use with free solar power. As one said, you won't go off the grid with this system, but it does lower your carbon footprint. And the electric bill. The SunForce 50044 lists for $600, but you can find it on Amazon for $289. An incredible deal, and one that will start immediately to pay for itself.

13 Watt Pro Series Portable Solar Power Kit - As solar technology becomes more advanced, it also becomes smaller and more portable. The 13 Watt Pro Series Portable Solar Power Kit is a great choice for those on the go. Designed for use on RVs, boats, camps, cabins, and back-up for homes and battery charging, the portable solar panel is also ideal for use on construction sites. A contractor can have all of his tools ready to use no matter how remote the location. Using amorphous solar technology, the all-in-one solar power kit includes a portable battery power pack, adjustable support stand, and a 12-volt DC plug and quick-connect alligator battery clamps. The SunForce portable solar panel is ideal for areas in which grid power is patchy or hard to access; it can power smaller appliances, including laptops and small televisions. Available at Amazon for $150, this is a great way to bring power with you wherever you go. Check out top rated solar charging kits here.

SunForce Wind Generators:

Wind turbines are often a harder sell than solar panels. Why? People see them as being more unattractive, having a higher profile, and being less efficient. Is this true? The aesthetics are really up to you, but the Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator ensures that it remains a low profile, highly efficient component of your home energy system. The 400-watt SunForce generator is made of lightweight, waterproof cast aluminum with carbon fiber blades and features a fully integrated regulator for automatic shut-off when batteries are charged. It delivers a maximum of 400 watts or 27 amps. Measuring 15 x 9 x 27, it is a relatively small turbine and should not interfere with your yard or view. Operation is very quiet and efficient, not to mention clean. It can produce about 38 kilowatt hours a month with 12 mph winds (average). Wind speeds of 8 mph are required to start the generator, and as the wind blows, up goes your power output. Wind is its fuel, so make sure you place your SunForce generator in an advantageous position. This low-maintenance generator is ideal for homes, cabins, worksites, or in places that are far from the grid. The 400-watt SunForce generator is $500. Sun and wind power are waiting just out the door. Instead of drilling into the earth and burning dirty oil, why not use a readily available source of energy that is clean? SunForce is helping us do just that. See other wind turbine generators here.