Updated: November 2017

Table Saw Blade Reviews:

A saw is only as good as the blade that is uses. In our research for the best table saw blades we found several articles in woodworking magazines that detail just which blades have superior performance over the competition. In head to head comparisons, the Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II was the hands down winner and with a near perfect record on Amazon.com based on customer feedback and opinions it's hard to go against it. Other top rated brands include Oshlun, Freud, Mibro, Shark and LRH. What size table saw blade is the most popular? The 10 inch table saw blades are the ones woodworkers turn to the most with the 8 inch and 12 inch models a close second. They range in size from 6.5" up to 14" and most are priced between $30 and $120 with a select few going as high as $200. The 2 popular styles of blades are the full-kerf blades which are .125" or thicker and the thin-kerf blades which measure .118" or thinner. The general feeling amongst avid woodworkers is that it's better to spend the $100+ on a quality blade than to have to replace a cheaper one that may need sharpening more often or just flat out breaks.
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Which table saw blade is right for you? It all depends on the rip cuts or crosscuts you are doing and the thickness of wood you will be cutting. Another variable is the teeth bevel angle in degrees. You will see most blades range from 10 to 30 degrees, but a few went as high as 40 degrees. The most in depth review we found was in Wood Magazine - they have the PDF file of their findings posted online HERE. Although the report is a few years old, we found it to be very informative. They tested 10" table saw blades on cutting ability with hard maple, red oak, birch plywood, and melamine. See how the blades did with crosscut scoring, crosscut tear-out, rip cut scoring and rip cut tear-out. Wood Magazine used both the full kerf blades and the thin-kerf blades in their comparisons. Finewoodworking.com also lists a head to head article between the Freud Premier Fusion blade and the Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II blade. Table Saw Blade Reviews - If you want expert reviews, then read the two articles we have referred to above. For comments and feedback from actual day to day consumers who use table saws, we suggest reading the online opinions posted to Amazon.com for the various blades. Freud and Forrest dominate the 'most popular' listings but at least you can check out the pros and cons to each blade before making any buying decision. You can browse the best selling table saw blades here.

Best Table Saw Blade:

RECOMMENDED - The Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II is a quality blade that gets near perfect feedback as rated by experts and avid woodworkers. The 10-Inch 40 Tooth ATB .125 Kerf Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor is priced at around $100. Owners say the saw blade feeds easily when doing moderate crosscuts and rips on a table saw. For a cleaner, more efficient cut, there is nothing better than a Forrest blade. We suggest that you view all Forrest saw blades here. The Forrest WW10407100 is another excellent choice with a .100 kerf.

10" Table Saw Blade:

A top seller on several websites, the Freud P410 Premier Fusion 10-Inch 40 Tooth Hi-ATB General Purpose Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating is offered at $70. Made with Freud's TiCo hi-density carbide with titanium for long life and a flawless finish. You get near perfect melamine and veneer cuts on top and bottom. Whether you are using hard or soft wood, you'll get scratch free cross cuts. You will find the top rated Freud blades here. Check out the Diablo D0724X and the Freud LU83R010. Typically the Freud blades are a bit cheaper than the Forrest models. Some reviews noted that the quality in the Freud blades is less than what you find in Forrest blades, but overall the feedback was very positive by all.

Dabo Table Saw Blade:

The Freud SD208 8-Inch Professional Dado is considered the one to go with in this category. With slot widths from 1/4 inch to 13/16 inch in 1/16 inch increments the Freud blade is very versatile. The set includes 2 outer blades and 3 two wing chippers The blade set works nicely for dadoes and grooves in hardwood, softwood, chip board, plywood, and laminate. The manufacturer does note that the blades are not recommended for non-ferrous materials. The other product worth a look is the Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch 42 Tooth Stack Dado Set with 5/8-Inch Arbor. It sells for about the same as the Freud dado blades ($80) and ratings from experts and weekend woodworkers a quite high across the board.