Updated: November 2017

Tablecloth Reviews:

tablecloth Shopping for a tablecloth should be easy, but there are quite a few factors to consider before you can begin the hunt. Tablecloths serve multiple purposes when used properly - they help protect the table they are covering and they add to the festive spirit whether for the holidays or occasions like birthdays. They range from basic plastic tablecloths that you throw away after a birthday party to the more expensive themed holiday tablecloths that last a few generations within a family. My wife and I have 2 tablecloths that we consistently have used for things like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners held at our large dining room table that seats up to 10. We also own several cheaper ones that are great for the kids when they are playing with paints or PlayDoh on our regular kitchen table. You will find that there are many varieties to choose from depending on the usage required.

Choosing Your Tablecloth - The first thing you need to consider is shape and size. Tablecloth size and shape - You will find 4 tablecloth shapes to choose from including square, oval, round, and oblong (rectangular). The dimensions vary depending on the shape. Many square tablecloths are 52 x 52 inches. Round tablecloths are 70 x 90 inches. The oval tablecloths go from 60 x 102 inches up to 60 x 144 inches. Lastly, the rectangular or oblong tablecloths are either 52 x 70 inches or 60 x 84 inches. If you see the word "drop" it refers to the amount that the tablecloth overhangs on the sides of the table. In general, 8 to 12 inches is normal but you will see the "drop" on banquet tables up to 15 inches and some are even floor length. Custom sized tablecloths do exist, check with each the manufacturer. Fabrics/Material - You'll find cotton, linen, denim, lace, and many other types of materials for a tablecloth. Not all are machine washable, so be sure to check the label before purchasing. Sometimes it will require dry cleaning to get rid of stains - this can get pricey. Style - As we mentioned above, you will find tablecloths in almost all patterns, designs, and themes. If you are having guests over for the holidays, it's always nice to have the dining room table setup with a nice holiday theme tablecloth. We have found that for our kids birthdays it's really easy to pull out our plastic tablecloth and cover our kitchen table. This eliminates having to worry about cleaning the table or a good tablecloth after all the kids have spilled food and drink. Just use a sponge or wet cloth to clean off the plastic tablecloth. Tablecloth Reviews - We like Good Housekeeping and on their website they have a review on "Easy Care Tablecloths" which evaluates 13 outdoor tablecloth options. They were looking for the most practical tablecloth that was easy to clean and take care off. One that would stand up to outdoor use and still look good. They liked the Bardwil Indoor/Outdoor Tablecloth. Crate and Barrel also features several reviews on their website with customer feedback and opinions to go off of. Williams Sonoma, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond are also great sources for reviews. You can browse the best selling tablecloths online here.

Best Tablecloths:

One of the top rated and most popular products is the Benson Mills Flow "Spillproof" Tablecloth which sells for about $20 and comes in a variety of colors like ivory, sage, taupe, and brick. Choose from sizes of 52" x 70", 60 x 104 inches, 60 x 120 inches, 60 x 84 inches, and 70" round. Owners say the spillproof beading of liquids is perfect for preventing stains and the fabric is 60% cotton and 40 percent polyester. You can machine wash and dry the tablecloth as well. I like the sizing options so that you can find a size that will fit almost any table you own. Whether it be a card table, banquet, table, or dining room table. Did we mention the price - at $20 it's hard to get much cheaper than that. We looked at comparable prices at Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma and Amazon beat them on cost.

Top Rated Tablecloth:

We are going to agree with the Good Housekeeping review and recommend the Bardwill Tablecloths. In all the online reviews we came across and in talking to salespeople at our local stores, Bardwill provides a quality product with reasonable pricing. They offer all the most popular sizes and their color selection is often 8 to 10 for each product. Find that perfect white, black, or red tablecloth for any occasion. We prefer the Bardwil Linen Ease Tablecloth (60 x 120 inch oblong) which at $28 is just right for anyone with a classic rectangular table. They are made with 100% polyester making them both machine washable and dryable. We own several of the oblong tables (some people call them church tables) and the tablecloths from Bardwill fit great.