Updated: November 2017

Tea Kettle Reviews:

I remember growing up with tea kettles that whistled when the water was boiling or hot and ready to make tea, hot chocolate, or hot cereal. Water kettles get a lot of use in households and most perform the same task of warming up water. Some can heat water more quickly than others, but usually only by a minute or 2 which is not necessarily the only reason for buying a water/tea kettle. You need to consider style, shape, and color as well so that it fits well in your kitchen decor. Then you need to decide on corded or cordless models. Cordless models are easier to maneuver around the kitchen, but it seems that electric tea kettles are slowly taking over the market. Electric kettles have 2500-3000 watts of power and the higher the wattage the faster they can heat the water. Water kettles tend to hold about 6 to 7 cups of water and many offer filters that prevent particles going into your cup. Having a water gauge on the kettle is important as well since it's not always easy to measure water contents when you are filling it up.
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Buying Guide - Water kettles are not that expensive so don't spend too much time figuring out which one is a better deal, they are all pretty comparable in terms of features and pricing. Electric water kettles will heat water almost twice as fast as stove top kettles and they generally have an automatic shut off after the water has boiled. Look for a kettle that has drip free pouring, is easy to clean and has a solid handle that keeps your fingers away from the hot surface of the kettle. The top brands in water and tea kettles are Revere, Copco, Bodum, Farberware, Chantal, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Krups, and Chef's Choice. As we said, the majority of water kettles are $15-$50 with a few costing more than $100. We tried to find the best kettles by searching consumer appliance websites for customer reviews and feedback - Amazon.com, Consumerreview.com, and Slate Magazine. See a list of the best selling tea kettles online here.

Best Stove Top Kettle:

I'm a little old fashioned and still prefer the stove top kettles over the electric styles eventhough I know they don't heat water as fast. Ok, so it takes a few more minutes to my water in the morning but I still get the same result as those do with electric kettles. The best rated stovetop kettle is the Kitchenaid Gourmet Essentials 2 Quart Tea Kettle ($50) - the brushed stainless steel exterior is durable and very easy to clean and it looks great in modern kitchens. The silicone rubber form handles are easy to grip and never get hot. A whistle signals when the water is boiling and it heats up water fast. The one complaint we read most often was that the handle gets hot, but we found that ours never has. Many reviewers point out that the instructions that come with the KitchenAid kettle specifically say to use a burner that is compatible with the size of the kettle. Another top seller in this category is the Farberware Classic Tiburon 2-1/2-Quart Whistling Stainless-Steel Teakettle ($20) - you can't beat the price if you are college student or just out of school. It holds 2 1/2 quarts of water, has a heat resistant handle and lid lift.

Top Cordless Electric Kettle:

The Bodum IBIS Cordless Electric Kettle ($35) rates as the best cordless electric kettle in many reviews. The Ibis kettle boils water in about 4 minutes using a 1500 watt power heating element directly in contact with the water. That means the energy enters the water without getting lost heating up the metal body of your traditional kettle. Great for tea, instant coffee and instant foods. It holds 1.7 liters of water, has a water level indicator, automatic shut-off feature, and has a 2 year warranty. Owners say this boils water faster than any other models on the market and compares very well in other areas. The Braun WK600 Impressions 7-Cup Electric Kettle ($55) - brushed stainless steel, easy filling through large spout with lime scale filter, covered stainless steel hotplate for quick and even boiling, drip-free pouring, open handle, and easy to clean. Users say the electric kettles are much better and safer since you don't risk the chance of leaving boiling water unattended on a stove top. Although they cost more than stovetop kettles, electric kettles are worth the extra money.

High End Tea Kettle:

If you want to spend a little more money on your kettle, then try the Simplex Heritage Gas Tea Kettle, Chrome ($170) or the Chantal Pro Design Stainless-Steel 3-1/4-Quart Teakettle ($100). The Chantal kettle is professional grade 18/10 stainless-steel with 3 1/4-quart capacity and the spout and handle stay cool. The two tone Hohner harmonic whistle signals when water is boiling. The Simplex kettle works on electric or gas stoves just fine and it has a 2 quart capacity. .