Updated: November 2017

Texture Spray Gun/Hopper Reviews:

Some home improvement projects require you to learn a new skill and having the right tools on hand can make all the difference. Last year we updated our downstairs 1/2 bathroom with a new vanity, sink, mirror, light fixture and we replaced the wallpaper on the walls with paint. The walls under the wallpaper were not textured so that had to be done before we could do the painting. I had never done wall texturing before so I had a good friend with experience in that field come over to help. The preparation takes much longer than the actual spraying of the texture on the walls. You have to get the room sealed off - cover the ceiling, tape and cover the floor, and remove the door. The bathroom was small which made the work go by quickly, but it still took a bit to get things prepped. My friend had a texture sprayer and hopper and he showed me how to use the thing. It's always a good idea to practice shooting the spray gun before beginning the real project. You'll need to get the texture thickness right and learn the proper motion for getting an even spray on the walls. We put plastic sheeting in the doorway and I entered the room to texture the walls. The first attempt took about 45 seconds as the spray guns puts out the texture rather quickly. After a quick look, we decided some parts needed a second go round, so I went back in and fired the sprayer again. You will get splatter marks all over - it's very important to tape off the ceiling and floor with painters paper to keep the mess to a minimum.
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Choosing a Texture Sprayer/Hopper - This was the first time I had used one of these texture sprayers so my opinion is limited in scope, but the Marshalltown 16356 SharpShooter I Hopper Gun did an amazing job. For a novice, I was able to get the walls of the room textured in about 2 minutes time with minimal effort. The sprayer and hopper do all the work, you just point the spray gun and aim. You'll need an air compressor to run the gun, but you can always rent one from a home improvement store. The Marshalltown sprayed evenly and the hopper held plenty of material so the entire process went fast. A spray nozzle with a variety of settings is a must. You'll want to be able to spray texture in varying patterns (orange peel, heavy, fine, etc.) and having a texture spray gun with multiple settings will help. If using an air compressor isn't your thing, then consider the Wagner Spray Tech 520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer which features a built-in air turbine, powerful enough to spray texture on walls, ceilings, or other hard surfaces. It's slightly more expensive than the Marshalltown, but reviews from contractors and DIY homeowners are very positive. The Wagner comes with 3 spray nozzles and features a 1 gallon adjustable hopper. It weighs less than 5.7 lbs and will apply popcorn, orange peel, and knockdown textures with ease. You can watch a video of the Wagner in action (see below). Texture Sprayer Reviews - The best source for reviews is Amazon.com which lists dozens of insightful posting from actual owners. Get comments and feedback from professional contractors and DIY homeowners on all the top rated texture sprayers. We also found some quality opinions listed on Drywalltalk.com and Contractortalk.com in their forums for drywall texturing. For bigger jobs there is no doubt that the Graco texture sprayers are the best option. They are expensive at $1000+, but reviews and comments we found online from professionals say they can't be beat for performance and durability. You can browse the best selling texture sprayers here.

Best Texture Spray Gun and Hopper:

RECOMMENDED - The MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 693 SharpShooter I Hopper Gun is the one to go with for smaller jobs around the house or jobsite. At less than $80 the SharpShooter comes with a plastic hopper and a specially formulated nylon gun. There are 7 orifice sizes so you get the greatest texture variety available. Lots of the cheaper brands get complaints about leakage, but with the tight sealing flow shutoff on the Marshalltown leakage is not an issue. The hopper will remain level even when you are spraying floors or ceilings. The gun features an air control valve, so you can control the air flow at the gun, not at the compressor. In reviews consumers mention the ease of trigger control and less fatigue on your hand and arm. If you are doing larger jobs, consider the Graco brand. As mentioned above the Wagner Spray Tech 520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer is another option, especially for those that don't want to hassle with air compressors and hoses. The Wagner texture gun get great feedback from experts and DIYer's. The one complaint we read about was that it can get a bit heavy in your hand. The big plus is that the unit is easy to clean as the air turbine, hopper, and nozzle can be removed and cleaned up with the included brush.