Updated: November 2017

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews:

Cleaning a toilet has never been a job anyone has wanted, but if you are going to get stuck with that task, you want a cleaner that works well and lasts for as long as possible. Many people in my neighborhood have housekeepers that come in twice a month or so and do the cleaning, but I prefer to do it myself. I will admit that cleaning toilets is not my favorite thing to do, however, it only takes a few minutes and it's really not that bad. The thing that grosses me out the most is when something falls in the toilet water while I'm cleaning. The procedure is pretty much the same every time I clean. Squeeze the toilet bowl cleaner liquid around the interior of the bowl and let it soak and run down the sides for about 15 minutes. Then, I come into the bathroom and use a toilet brush, or wand, and scrub the surface of the toilet bowl as best that I can. I also tend to use disinfectant wipes around the seat, handle, and the top of the toilet bowl. I've tried many different types of toilet bowl cleaners over the years and some certainly do a better job than others. I often find myself doing a "double" dose when the inside of the toilet is really dirty.

Buying Guide - The basic types of toilet cleansers include gel, powered, and liquid cleaners. The more powerful the cleaner, the odds are that it will have harsh chemical ingredients which can irritate your skin, nose, or eyes while cleaning. For some rust stains and hard water residues, you may need a cleaner with tougher ingredients. Newer "green" toilet bowl cleaners like Restore are non-toxic, have no abrasives, chlorine, phosphates, ammonia, acids, or plastic thickeners like many of the other leading brands do. As more people become aware of biodegradeable ingredients, perhaps organic brands like Seventh Generation will gain a larger market share in "cleaning products" industry. From reviews online that I read, the natural toilet bowl cleaners did just as well as the leading chemical based cleaners, except when it came to rust stains which are nearly impossible to remove. Clorox and Lysol are the 2 biggest names in toilet bowl cleaners with many varieties to help keep your toilet clean and fresh smelling. The Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is one product that is simple to use and fairly effective. Just drop in the tablet and it sanitizes the bowl, up to 2 months at a time. We have tried the Clorox Blue Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner a few times, but it did seem strange that the toilet water was blue instead of clear. Again, just put the tablet into the tank, not the toilet bowl, and you are good to go for at least a month. The Clorox Toilet Wand is another creative product where you attach the scrubbing head to the wand and the disposable heads have the cleaning formula built in. Clean your toilet and discard the scrubbing head into the garbage when done. Lysol makes the Cling Clip-On deodorizers and cleaners which are automatic in nature as well. Each time you flush the toilet they dispense the cleaning product into the toilet bowl to keep it clean. They can last up to 4 weeks with regular flushing. Some of the newer products include bleach in them to "brighten" while you clean. Coupons are a great incentive to try new products and Lysol has a page dedicated to promotional offers and online coupons on their website. Above all, remember that most bathroom cleaners, including toilet bowl cleaners, are only effective if they are used properly. You need to do a thorough job to disinfect and rid your toilet of bacteria. Clean from top to bottom and never use a sponge (bacteria magnet).

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

Lysol is a leading brand of toilet bowl cleaner and they do carry a variety of products to help you clean the toilet. The most popular one is the Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/ Bleach which does an excellent job of removing hard water stains, grime, and everyday filth. The Deep Reach toilet cleaner from Lysol works better on mineral deposit build-up, but most people still prefer the regular cleaner. You can buy a single container for about $3 in your local stores and it is good for about 3 toilets. I am pretty generous when I use it at home and I squirt a good amount around the rim of the bowl and down from there. Per the Lysol website, it "Disinfects, deodorizes and kills odor-causing germs". I have tried the Cling Clip-On product, but am happier with the results of actually using the liquid cleaner and a little elbow grease.

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

As we mentioned above, both Clorox and Lysol have their so called "automatic" toilet bowl cleaners that they carry. The Clorox product is placed directly into the water tank behind the toilet, while the Lysol Cling Clip-On toilet bowl cleaner goes near the rim of the toilet bowl. In online reviews, we found the Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner received more praise from owners than did the Lysol product. The automatic toilet cleaner from Clorox runs about $5.00 for a 2 pack and you can read up on all the details online at Clorox.com.

Clorox Toilet Wand:

Want the opinion of a cleaning expert on the Clorox Toilet Wand product? Go to About.com and hear what Sarah Aguirre has to say about the latest product from Clorox. Sarah mentions how easy the cleaning is with this device and says that one of the few drawbacks is the price and the inability to clean "heavily stained toilets". You can read her entire reviews online HERE. As for our experience with this product, it definitely is convenient and we liked the fact that the product comes with six sponges. You can get refills for about $3 (6 more sponges). I agree with Sarah in that you can get into more areas of the toilet bowl than with a traditional toilet brush, although I'm not sure I was cleaning it any better. I think the main purpose of this product is to combine brush and cleaning agent in one to keep things simple for the average housecleaner. I do think the brush could be sturdier as ours broke after about 6 months of cleaning. I did appreciate the ease with which the dirty sponge was discarded after using it - straight into the garbage can.

Hard Water Stain Remover on Toilet Bowls:

Many toilet bowl cleaners fail at getting rid of the toughest stains, but one product that consistently rated high was The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner. One reason it does such a good job is because it has more "active ingredients than any national brands" (per Theworkscleans.com). It's the best hard water toilet cleaner on the market eliminating rust stains, calcium build up, lime, magnesium, and other minerals. Comes in both a regular and thick formula and it is sold in K-Mar, Wal-Mart, and Ace Hardware stores. We found it in local stores here in Oregon like Safeway and Fred Meyer.