Updated: November 2017

Towel Rack Reviews:

A Look at the Best Towel Racks - It's the small details that matter. We often focus on the big projects we need to complete a home renovation. The furniture, the appliances, the wall colors, the flooring. But when you're done with all that, the real fun starts. This is your chance to really make a house a home. Your choice of accessories is what makes your space unique, interesting, and best of all, completely you. Besides practicality and convenience, this is why your towel racks are so important. Sure, they hold your towels, but they also help you stamp your personality onto your decor. When choosing the best towel holder, then, it is important to look at functionality, durability, and affordability - but it is also important to choose the products that make you feel at home. It's the small things that make the biggest differences.
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Choosing the Best Towel Racks - The first step is deciding where you want it. There are kitchen and bathroom towel racks, of course, but there are also models that are wall-mounted, designed to go over the door or in a cabinet, and those that are freestanding. Depending on your space and preferences, you can also get bar towel racks, those that have a post and a hook, and those that have several bars extending from one central point. The most efficient towel rack is the bar. It allows a wet towel to hang away from the wall, getting the air flow it needs to dry. Posts take up less room, but they don't dry towels as efficiently. Reusing towels is a good way to save energy and water from washing them each time, so investing in a bar rack can be a simple way to green up your home a little bit. Do you want a chrome towel rack? Brass? Antique? These accessories may be utilitarian, but they are also an important style choice for your bathroom or kitchen. You have a wide selection from which to choose. From wrought iron to stainless steel, you will find a variety of materials, finishes, and designs. Is there a particular metal that is better suited for its purpose? Not really. It is about aesthetics mainly, but you do want to make sure that the towel rack that you choose has a finish that prevents rusting. Your bathroom and kitchen are the two most humid rooms in the house, and this can wreak havoc with unprotected metal. Powder coat finishes and rust-inhibiting paints will help keep your towels clean as well as dry. You can browse the best selling towel racks online here.

Best Towel Racks:

Some Great Towel Racks to Look At - There are a lot of excellent towel racks from which to choose. Here is a sampling to give you a place to start. Each of the following towel racks reviews very well with consumers and will help keep your bathroom or kitchen neat, dry, and cozy.

Gatco 1541SN 10-Inch by 20-Inch Towel Rack - The Gatco has a clean, traditional design that will enhance the look of any bathroom. The 20 inch 3 tier rack allows you to hang your towels on the two widespread bars at the bottom, and you'll have room to stack your clean, dry towels on the stop shelf. The beautiful metal rack with satin nickel finish is a great addition to any bathroom decor. Consumers note its durable construction, space-efficient design, and price as major factors in their decision to purchase the Gatco. At $45, this hotel-style rack will last for years and adapt to virtually any decorating style you choose for your bathroom. Whether you're looking for a hotel towel rack or a smaller chrome towel rack, Gatco has a wide variety from which to choose.

The Hinge-It Clutterbuster 5 Bar Valet is a good option for those who have limited space or who have multiple people in the house. The Hinge It features a wall mount option, but it can be mounted to the top and bottom hinges of a door frame for more hidden use. The 4- 18 inch hanging bars provide you with ample room for towels, and each bar swivels independently. This is a great chance to use otherwise wasted space behind doors in the bathroom, closet, or laundry room. The Hinge It is white, simple, and very functional. You can find it at Amazon for $45. A faux-antique towel rack can be a great addition to a more formal or traditional style bathroom. The 20" Oil Rubbed Bronze Paris Hotel or Train Rack Style Towel Shelf is a popular choice. It is an old hotel-style towel rack with solid steel construction. The oil rubbed bronze finish adds a look of luxury and timeless class. The rack measures 20 inches across and 8 inches high. It extends almost 10 inches from the wall. A shelf provides handy storage for your clean towels, while hooks provide the drying area for your wet towels. Now we said that hooks are not as efficient as bars, and that is true. If you want to sacrifice a little efficiency for a lot of beauty, than the Paris Hotel or Train Rack is a perfect choice. It is $70. What if you're decorating your bathroom on a more restricted budget? Not to worry; there is a host of choices that fit your bathroom, kitchen, and budget. The Better Houseware 2409 Magnetic Double Towel Bar, for instance, is a great, simple towel rack for the kitchen. It features bars for 2 kitchen towels and has strong magnets and rubber feet. You can easily put this on the side of your refrigerator, stove, file cabinet, dryer, or other metal surface. The rubber feet prevent the rack from scratching the surface, and you have easy access to your towels. You can also move it easily and quickly, which increases its versatility. The Better Housewares rack is $12. The Bronze Towel Rack is an elegant choice at a relatively low price of $25. This is a nice standing towel rack, which is perfect if you have a little extra space. You can also get simple bars to install for less. Whatever your budget, you can find a beautiful towel rack that is as much a style statement as it is a convenience. View top rated wall mounted and freestanding towel racks here.