Updated: November 2017

Travel Clock Reviews:

Millions of people travel for business, and many more for pleasure. In either case, it is essential that you have a reliable clock to bring with you. This is important so you can make important meetings, early morning flights, time your naps (very important!), and make sure you're up bright and early to see the sites if you're on vacation. No matter what your agenda or itinerary, we'll show you the best travel clocks so you will never need another wake-up call again. I just recently stayed at a hotel in Edinburgh which didn't offer wakeup calls - something I had never come across before. So having a travel alarm clock in that situation would have been handy. I did use my cellphone, but they are not as good as having a travel clock with an alarm.
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Why Use a Travel Alarm Clock? - Because you're paranoid. And if you aren't, you should be. During your business trips, the fates conspire to make sure you don't make it to meetings. You usually see this in traffic jams and slow drivers just ahead of you, maybe in your inability to get a cab or the odd frequency with which your nylons have runs or you have packed every tie but the one you want. Of course, the fates can save themselves the trouble just by ensuring you don't wake up on time. Having a good clock is essential because you need to be up. It's that simple. This is, of course, more important when you need to meet clients or make meetings, adjust to a new time zone, catch flights, or make it to places of business on time, but pleasure travelers also need to have a reliable clock so they can make the most of their days and make proper travel plans. Many people just use their cell phone as an alarm clock. You could do this; in fact, it's a pretty good idea. Just set the alarm, plug in the charger, and you're all set. But the fates are tricky; what if the power goes out (a very real possibility in many parts of the world, or at least during many times of year) and your phone's battery wasn't charged? You have no clock. Why not just use the hotel clock? First, are you positive there will be a hotel clock? Or they will have a wake-up call service? Many do, but with your luck so far, you might pick one that does not. Or you may hop between several accommodations and need something that can hop right with you or you may be staying with friends or family and need a reliable time piece. You may be staying overseas and have no idea whatsoever what time it is. Whatever the case, a lightweight, portable travel clock makes sense. You can browse the best selling travel clocks here.

Best Travel Alarm Clock:

You don't have to wake up to the jarring alarm that has traditionally accompanied alarm clocks. This is literally what you feel: alarm, panic. Not a good way to start the day. How about some pleasant tunes? A nice voice? Or a clock that shakes the bed and tells you to get up? How about one that tells you what the weather is like before you step foot out of bed? How about one that makes you eggs and bacon and toast and reads you the newspaper? We were just seeing if you were awake. Short of making you breakfast in bed, you can find travel clocks that perform a host of valuable features. When shopping, you are too often greeted by millions of choices and no clear idea which is best. 3Luxe is a site that was designed to help. They review endless products in any number of categories and then select three "Best Of" products in each. The best of home theater systems, the best of lawn mowers, etc. The reviews are objective and can be very helpful when shopping. We found this to be the case with travel alarm clocks. 3Luxe's expert reviewers found that the Sony Shaker Portable Alarm Clock was one of their favorites. This unique clock comes with batteries, a protective travel case, and a pillow strap with clasp. If this sounds scary, don't worry. It is. Shake Up: A Travel Alarm Clock for the Senses - The clock will shake you awake, probably during a good dream, while making sure you get the message with an extra loud pulsating alarm. The only thing that could possibly make the Sony Shaker any better is if it came with a child who ran into your room and jumped on you. Joking aside, however, this clock is excellent for travel. You clip it to your pillow (if you are a severe tosser and turner, you may not like this option) and lays relatively flat. It is especially helpful for those with hearing trouble or who are completely deaf because it does not rely on sound alone. One Amazon customer brings up a good point: he is a truck driver and uses the Sony Shaker as an alarm because he sleeps with ear plugs in. The ear plugs help him block out the sound of his idling truck but makes other alarm clocks useless. This way, he can have the best of both worlds and get where he needs to go on time. So if you like to wear ear plugs while traveling or are a very heavy sleeper, this is ideal. And we were kidding; it's a gentle shake to wake you up, not to scare you out of your pajamas. Also ideal is the price. It costs about $25. Make sure to bring extra batteries for it on your travels. Top rated travel clocks with alarms here.

Best Travel Alarm Clock for the Weather-Conscious:

One of the most important questions when you're traveling is what is the weather like? The Weather Station from Oregon Scientific will tell you this and help make sure you're up in time to enjoy it. It will help you determine what to wear and how early to leave in the case of inclement weather. The Weather Station displays 12- to 24-hour forecasts with animated icons, as well as the local temperature and humidity. It has a minimum and maximum temperature and humidity memory, digital clock and calendar, snooze alarm that crescendos, moon phase indicator, severe weather alert indicator, barometric pressure trend indicator, backlight, and battery power. This is an invaluable tool for a wide variety of situations, especially if you're traveling in areas where weather will impact your travel plans. The price is very reasonable at a bit under $30. Best Alarm Clocks for World Travelers - If you travel all over the world, or just have a hard time remembering if California is two or three hours earlier than New York, the Global Sync Atomic Travel Alarm Clock is perfect. World Travel Guide chose this as their favorite travel alarm clock, and you'll love it as well. A great feature of this clock is that it automatically adjusts to the time zone and provides accurate time to the second in most parts of the world. That means if you go from Idaho to Japan, the clock will figure out the time difference and set itself. You don't have to worry about it - and that can be very helpful when you wake up and are disoriented in a new time zone. The Global Synch Atomic Travel Clock can pick up signals transmitted in the States, Western Europe, the UK, and Japan to provide remarkable accuracy. It also features an alarm clock with snooze, back light, month, date, and day display, large digital readout, twist and turn base for use, flat design for convenient transport, and light weight and compact construction. This stays right in line with the other clocks, going for about $40 (http://www.worldtravelguide.com/travel-gear/travel-clock-alarm.html). If you travel overseas or even just across a few time zones, a clock like this is invaluable. Just don't tell anyone you have one because you'll have no excuses when you're late. Check out the great selection of travel clocks here. After that, just make sure to have back-up batteries - and make sure to set the clock!