Updated: November 2017

Travel Pillow Reviews:

We've all tried sleeping on an airplane or in a car only to have our neck suddenly fall forward and jar us awake. Some people can never even get comfortable enough to fall asleep in the first place. I have traveled back and forth from the west coast to Europe several times this year and I finally broke down and bought a travel pillow to try and help. I wanted something that would not only support my neck and head, but also allow me to get much needed rest on those 11 hour flights. The pillow they give you on board the planes are terrible and offer very little support. I used to try and get 2 pillows from the flight attendant and push them together but it never really improved things. Travel pillows are relatively cheap and definitely worth the investment if you travel a lot on airplanes. Many of the pillows double for ones you can have your kids use in cars as well. I know my kids always fall asleep while we are driving, but their heads droop without a pillow for support.

Buying Guide - The top brands are TravelRest, Eagle Creek, Bucky Samsonite, iJoy, and Brentwood. You will find travel pillows at Skymall.com, Brookstone.com, REI, Target. and Amazon.com. Most are inflatable but some are normal down pillows that you can carry in your car or on a plane. I recently used my inflatable travel pillow on a backpacking trip since it was lightweight and easy to carry. There's no doubt that using one of these pillows in a slightly reclined seat or chair is much easier than when sitting straight up. Look for ones with the best neck support and don't feel like the horseshoe shaped travel pillows are your only choice. The TravelRest pillows are shaped differently and reviews say they are better than most. I have also seen some people on airline flights using the Skyrest pillow which sits in front of you and you lean forward and rest your head and upper body. It's take a while to get used to this sleeping position, but many owner reviews are in favor of this style of travel pillow. Expect to spend anywhere between $15 and $50 for a good pillow. The biggest complaint we found amongst all the brands is that they lose their air too fast. Some comments posted online from consumers said that their pillows developed leaks within a few months and the pillow was rendered useless. Eagle Creek and Bucky are the most popular and best selling travel pillows on Amazon with very favorable feedback from owners. You can read travel pillow reviews online at Amazon as each product they carry has extensive unbiased postings from actual owners. You can browse the top selling travel pillows online here.

Best Travel Pillow:

RECOMMENDED - We feel that the Bucky Utopia Neck Pillow is the best on the market. It is available in 3 colors (emerald, midnight, black), features 100% buckwheat hull filling, and the cover is machine washable. Perfect for any kind of travel where you will have the chance to sleep in a seat or chair. Most owners say it is the ideal companion for long airplane flights, but it also works great in cars. We didn't want to forget about kids out their. The best travel pillow for kids is the TravelRest - Travel Pillow for Kids. Instead of having your kids slump in the car when they fall asleep, use this pillow to give them the support they need.

Travel Pillow for Airplanes:

RECOMMENDED - When it comes to airline travel, there is one pillow that rates higher than all others per owner reviews. It's the TravelRest - The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow - #1 seller on Amazon. When looking for a travel pillow for airplanes, we found more positive reviews for the TravelRest. It inflates in 3 to 4 breaths, attaches to headrests or high back seats, and the pillow rolls up so it's easy to carry. Beyond a useful pillow for planes, it also works well in buses, trains, cars, or if you are just trying to rest in places like an airport terminal. Travel articles from USA Today, San Francisco Examiner, and the Boston Globe all rate this pillow quite high compared to the other horseshoe shaped ones. Owners say things like "great travel companion" and "perfect for long flights". Others noted that the inflatable travel pillow was easy to use compared to the competition. An alternative to the neck and head support with the TravelRest is the Skyrest Travel Pillow which is one that you use while leaning forward instead of back. The pillow can rest on your knees or on the tray in front of you. Reviews are slightly mixed as some say it's hard to use in coach seating, while others say it's very comfortable.