Updated: November 2017

Trundle Bed Reviews:

trundle beds Finding the Best Trundle Beds - The trundle bed didn't have the most auspicious beginning: centuries ago, masters wanted their servants near at hand to attend to their every need. This included their sleeping hours as well. To ensure that they never had to do anything so undignified as shout or ring a bell, a trundle was built onto their bed. This was an uncomfortable mattress, practically on the floor, on which the servant slept. Cold drafty nights and very likely sore backs. Fortunately, the trundle bed has undergone quite a renaissance and has been reborn as beautiful, comfortable, and yes, convenient. We'll guide you through some of your best choices so you can see how indispensible a trundle bed can be for your home - you don't even need a servant!

Why Use a Trundle Bed? - Trundle beds are a wonderful addition to any home, but they are particularly useful in small homes, apartments, or studios. In fact, prominent designers Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita managed to make a spacious home out of a 380-square-foot studio, and one of their most important decisions was to use a trundle bed. When you need versatility, style, and space-saving convenience, trundles are an ideal choice. Where would you use a trundle bed? How about in your child's room? When he has a friend over for the night, simply roll-out or pop-up the trundle mattress, and you've got a comfortable place to sleep. How about your guest room? That way, you can accommodate more guests while giving them their own sleeping space. How about your living room? A trundle daybed does triple duty, serving as an attractive couch, comfortable bed, and convenient trundle bed. There is no end to the uses you'll find. When choosing your trundle bed, there are a few different considerations to keep in mind. Perhaps the most important is the style of the trundle. These can be either roll-out or pop-up. A roll-out trundle is one that simply slides out from underneath the main mattress. Usually, the trundle is disguised with a cabinet-type front, so it is quite inconspicuous. These are simple to use, but one potential downside is that they mattress is very close to floor level. It is a bit raised, but if your floor is drafty, you may feel it! Pop-ups, on the other hand, are designed to pop up and rise to the same level as the main mattress. This creates a space that is a bit smaller than a king-size bed and gets you or your guests up off the floor. A pop-up trundle bed can also be more portable, so you can use it in any room you like with less hassle. Next, look at the construction of the frame. In addition to durability and strength, you will want to choose a design that complements your home. Do you want a great wood trundle bed? An ornate wrought iron bed? A simple metal frame? It's up to you. Contemporary trundle beds come in an astonishing array of styles. You'll enjoy shopping for your bed with trundle as much as you will enjoy sleeping on it. You can browse some of the best selling trundle beds here. We also found that Ikea and places like Pottery Barn carry a good selection for girls or boys as well.

Best Trundle Beds:

The best trundle bed for you will depend on your home, your needs, and your sense of style. For a classic, traditional trundle that will be equally at home in the living room, office, or bedroom, the Wooden Daybed with Trundle by VisionDecor is an ideal choice. The bed is constructed from wood with a gorgeous honey finish. The daybed is supported by 12 solid slats, while the trundle is supported by 11, for both stability and comfort. The side rails and back board are a very simple slat style, and the trundle is concealed in a drawer. This VisionDecor wood trundle body is a perfect addition to any room in your home, and it is an affordable addition at that. You can find this great trundle daybed for under $215. Another great option is to choose a full-sized bed with trundle. These are ideal for guest rooms and even master bedrooms because they are generally available in twin, full, queen, and even king sizes. The Winslow Bed Trundle from the Fashion Bed Group in an excellent one to try. The Winslow has a classic look: horizontal and vertical lines are joined by knobs, which also top the bed posts. Finished in an elegant Mahogany Gold, the Winslow features a pop-up trundle and link spring, which supports the mattress without making it bulky. You can find this Fashion Bed Group bed for about $500. When buying, if you see a price that is much lower, check to make sure it has the trundle! The Winslow is also available without, so make sure you're getting what you want. You can find this easily online from Home and Bedroom, Plush Interiors, and other home furnishings retailers. Proving that trundles have endless versatility are trundle bunk beds. What a terrific way to make your child's room more functional and practical - and if your space is limited, you'll have an instant guest room as well. Try the Bedz King Bunk Bed. This is a twin-over-twin style with a twin pull-out trundle bed. Made of solid Brazilian Pine, this bunk bed set has a very simple and very beautiful Mission style that is appropriate for any decor. The bunk bed has been independently tested to ensure that it is safe for your children. Amazon reviewers have noted that the construction, quality, and durability are excellent - but the instructions for assembly leave something to be desired. It can be a process putting the bunk bed together, but it is worth it for the remarkable versatility. You can find the trundle bunk bed for $435. One more thing to watch out for: trundle bed mattresses are often included in the set that you purchase. This is convenient and can save you a lot of money as well. Before you order, make sure you know if you'll need to factor in the cost of mattresses as well as the frame. The choices are endless, but one thing that all trundle beds have in common is that they are very practical and functional - and that is always in style. View the most popular trundle beds here.

Trundle Beds with Storage:

One things that consistently comes up with consumers when shopping for a trundle bed is that they want one with storage. Not only do you get the extra for sleepovers and house guests, you also get the additional storage space, often with drawers. One of the top rated models of this kind is the Captains Bed Twin with Twin Trundle and Drawers in White - features 3 drawers that are perfect for storing extra toys, bedding supplies, pillows, etc. The roll out trundle bed accommodates mattresses that are up to 8 1/2 inches thick. Made with solid Brazilian pine, this trundle bed is praised by owners for being a "great trundle wiht storage" and "extremely worth the price". The bed is also available in espresso and honey colors if white is not your thing.