Updated: November 2017

Tupperware Reviews:

Guide to Tupperware - Social networking is far from new; while sites like Facebook and FourSquare like to think they are edgy and innovative, the idea of networking is practically as old as people. In fact, it was the foundation upon which one of America's most popular products was built. Tupperware, which was invented in 1946, became a tremendous hit, and it was sold at parties. Tupperware party hosts had friends and friends of friends over to look at the latest and greatest samples. While Tupperware was designed by a man, it was dominated by women. These parties presented a way for women to work, have their own businesses, earn money, network, stay home, and see friends - all at the same time. It is genius! And Tupperware is still popular to this day, having built a reputation for quality and durability that surpasses its many, many imitators. Today, you can buy Tupperware directly from the company and through some vendors, but parties still comprise the bulk of sales. Is Tupperware still the way to go? How do you buy it for your home? Consider this your guide to the world of Tupperware.

Why Choose Tupperware? - Tupperware was the most innovative food storage product in the world in its time. Tupperware containers were the first airtight, food quality containers on the market. This led to the wonderful world of leftovers. With Tupperware, food was preserved longer, and it didn't spread its aroma around the fridge. It was, and is, well-loved because you could make dishes and transport them to neighbors, friends, and family. They are lighter than casserole dishes and easier to replace. While this may have been revolutionary back in 1946, we can find any number of other containers that claim to provide the same benefits. Why should you choose Tupperware?

*Safety. All Tupperware containers are made with non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials that do not off-gas or leach chemicals into your food. This is far from standard in the food storage industry, unfortunately. Many plastic products still have BPA, which may cause cancer. You can feel confident that your food is safe when you choose Tupperware. That in itself is reason enough to spend a little extra on this brand.
*Practical designs. Women have traditionally sold these, and a big selling point is that they are practical and useful. They fit the foods that need to be stored, and they fit the spaces for which they are intended. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but each is designed with functional use in mind. They're more than just a pretty face.
*But they are pretty, and that too is a benefit. Tupperware comes in any number of colors and styles.
*Microwave safe.
*Environmentally friendly. Born in 1946, Tupperware remains an innovator and is committed to being eco-friendly. In addition to making safe, healthy products, Tupperware is designed to last. This means you will have to buy fewer plastic products, and they won't be sitting in a landfill any time soon.
*Variety. From water bottles and sandwich boxes to mixing bowls and measuring spoons, you can find all your kitchen essentials with Tupperware.
*Tupperware offers a lifetime guarantee against chipping, peeling, and cracking under "normal non-commercial use" for the lifetime of the product. That is an incredible guarantee and one that is unmatched in the industry.

Another reason to buy Tupperware is that you probably know your host! This is a viable business opportunity for many women, and instead of profits lining corporate pockets, they go to people in your community. This is the power of social networking, and you don't even need a computer! You can browse the best selling tupperware here.

Best Tupperware:

Where Do I Get Tupperware? - You can get Tupperware directly from their site, Tupperware.com. Another way to do it is to go to this site and choose the "Find a Tupperware Consultant" link. You simply enter in your address, including zip code, and you will get a list of consultants in your area. What is wonderful about this is that when you click on one of these consultants, you are directed to their website. Here, you can order products that you want. Now, why would you do this? It helps to boost sales of consultants in your area. Since the advent of the internet, you can purchase your products here instead of at a traditional party. This works well for those who don't have the time to go to parties or who live in an area with no consultants. But parties are still offered, and you can get more information on this and on hosting your own party from both the main Tupperware site and the consultants' sites.

Most Popular Tupperware Products - Here is a look at some of the most popular product lines to give you an idea of the versatility, sizes, and prices you can expect. *Flat Out. These bowls are perfect for school or the office because they flatten when not in use. Flat Out pieces only need an inch of space and can be washed flat in the dishwasher. They save space in your refrigerator and freezer, as well as backpacks and briefcases. This line won the Good Housekeeping Institute's stamp of approval as an excellent buy. You can find a 2 piece set for about $17 on the Tupperware site and through a consultant. They are also available on Amazon.

*Wonderlier 3 Pc. Bowl Set. This is an old-school favorite. This set of three bowls is perfect for mixing, storing food, and serving. You will get a 6, 8, and 12 cup bowl in beautiful blue tones. The set costs about $30.

*Tupperware has expanded its line to include a variety of kitchen products, like the best selling Microsteamer. This is a microwave and dishwasher safe steamer and colander that can be used for steaming vegetables, fish, and chicken or reheating tortillas and pitas. This makes it easy to prepare healthy food for yourself and your family in only minutes. The Microsteamer has a Chili base with Snow White cover and steamer/colander. The self-venting cover keeps the right moisture balance so food always turns out perfectly. It features a stay-cool handle and 9 cup capacity. It is $30. Tupperware may be a little pricier than other plastic containers, but they are a world away in terms of quality, safety, versatility, and value. When you buy Tupperware, you can be assured that you will have that container or product for years to come. Don't be fooled by imitators - get the real deal at www.Tupperware.com.