Updated: November 2017

Turkey Fryer Reviews:

If you have never had a deep fried turkey, you're likely thinking, "Eww." Way to turn a lean, healthy meat into a dripping pile of grease. But if you have had the pleasure of an excellently fried turkey, you're definitely thinking - well, you're not thinking. You're drooling. While it may sound strange, deep fried turkey is moist, flavorful, and best of all, non-greasy so you can still feel good about serving the bird at Thanksgiving. If you get a good turkey fryer, you are guaranteed to be the in-demand host for that holiday, as well as many other occasions. And you're guaranteed to change the minds of all your doubting, disbelieving friends and family. The key is to know what you're doing and to do it with the best turkey deep fryer you can. Here are some great suggestions that will help get you started on your path to the perfect, most juicy, best-tasting bird you've ever had.
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Why Fry a Turkey? The Demand for Good Turkey Fryers - Turkey can be a tricky bird to cook, especially on a holiday when you've got a dozen different dishes going and hordes of hungry people looking over your shoulder. It is easy to dry it out, which decreases the flavor and has people ladling on extra portions of gravy. While the rest of the country may be slowly catching on to the wonderful taste of fried turkey, people in the Bayou have been enjoying this delicacy for generations. It produces a nice crispy skin and meat that is bursting with flavor. How healthy is a deep fried turkey? As one fan says, "Who cares?" Most people eat turkey once or twice a year; you can afford an annual treat. And Epicurious even says that it can be healthy, or healthy-ish. The subcutaneous fat melts, in essence, out of the turkey and into the cooking oil. They recommend canola, sunflower, or safflower oils as "reasonably" healthy choices, as well as being inexpensive. A word about turkey deep fryers before you get started: the UL (Underwriters Laboratory), a lab which performs safety and quality tests on any number of products, won't certify any turkey fryer because each has the potential for being dangerous. The oil heats to temperatures so hot that it could cause serious injury. Further, it is not considered safe to use a turkey fryer inside because of the risk of fire. Who doesn't like a little danger with their turkey? All kidding aside, yes, turkey deep fryers can be dangerous. But so can a stove, a campfire, a match, or a hair dryer. Using outside and using with caution will help you make delicious and safe turkey. You can find turkey fryers in Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Sears, and many other stores. Browse the best selling turkey fryers here.

Best Turkey Fryers:

Before you buy a turkey fryer, you'll want to consider:

*Size (these things tend to be big - as turkeys are big)
*Manual temperature controls
*Power. Do you want a propane or an electric turkey fryer?

BestCovery named the Bayou Classic 1195 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer Kit as the best turkey fryer overall. BestCovery reviewers liked the 4-leg cooker base, the size, and the durability. While it may cost more, you'll definitely get more out of this Bayou Classic turkey fryer, which is a favorite with Viewpoints and Amazon consumers, among others. It features a stainless steel turkey fryer with a 32-quart stockpot, a thermometer, skewer set, perforated steam and boil basket, a perforated poultry rack with a grab hook, outdoor gas burner, and a 10 PSI regulator. The one-piece stainless steel frame ensures great durability and safety while cooking. Amazon reviewers love the ease of use and that the Bayou Classic comes with everything you'll need (except the turkey. And the oil) to make a great fried turkey. Turkey fryers are not limited to turkey, though. You can use the perforated basket for steaming or boiling vegetables, clams, and other seafood. Fry 3 chickens in only 20 minutes; fry a whole turkey in 45 - no more waking up early on Thanksgiving Day. What could be better? The Bayou Classic turkey fryer is $185. You can also get alternative turkey deep fryers, such as those that cook without oil or those that are designed for inside use. The Masterbuilt 20010109 Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is a very highly rated electric deep fryer that is perfect for smaller needs and indoor cooking. The Masterbuilt turkey fryer can cook turkeys weighing up to 14 pounds and features a digital timer, power and ready indicator lights, thermostat control that is adjustable, folding lid with a built-in viewing window, basket with clip for draining, filter, housing of stainless steel, inner pot that is coated with porcelain, and a drain valve for easy cleaning. As one Amazon reviewer says, "Everyday is fry-day!" The Masterbuilt turkey fryer is under $100. As an enclosed deep fryer, this is safe to use indoors. You can't plop in a 25-pound turkey, but smaller turkeys, chickens, wings, and even fries and other fried foods have never tasted better. If you are concerned about cooking with a large amount of oil (only about a tablespoon or two of oil is absorbed by the whole bird, by the way), the Char-Broil 08101480 The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer is a great choice and another BestCovery top pick. Instead of hot oil, the Char-Broil uses patented infrared cooking technology. No more oil, and no more risk of oil-related injuries or fires. This turkey fryer can handle turkeys up to 16 pounds, as well as other cuts of meat. Included are a cooker, cooking basket, lifter, meat thermometer, and quick start cooking guide. This model is made for outdoor use only and requires the use of a propane tank. The oil-less deep "fryer" is $140. If you haven't deep fried turkey, you are missing out. Don't go through one more Thanksgiving with a dry oven-roasted turkey that takes hours to cook; try a mouth-watering turkey right from the turkey fryer. Check out top rated turkey fryers here.