Updated: November 2017

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews:

If you are the average homeowner, then owning an upright vacuum makes sense. They are powerful enough to handle carpet and many come with attachments to let you dust floorboards, furniture, shelving, etc. Many of the newer upright vacuums have adjustable settings so you can switch from carpets to bare floors. Another feature to consider are the bagless upright vacuums which eliminate the need to replace the vacuum bag. You simply take out the dust/debris collector bin and dump it in your garbage can. One common complaint amongst upright vacuum users for years has been that the more clogged and filled the bag got, the less powerful the suction became on the vacuum. With the new bagless vacuums you can unload the bin often and keep the power of your vacuum at peak levels. Upright vs Canister vacuums? The general rule is if you have 50% or more carpets in your house, go with the upright vacuum cleaner for better results.

Buying Guide - Upright vacuums come with several basic options like headlight, carpet height adjustment, swivel caster systems for superior maneuverability, bumper guards along the front and side of the machine to help protect from hitting your furniture or ramming into walls, they have cleaning paths that range from 12" to 15" wide, they are self-propelled, and also have attachments like a crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and a hose or vacuum tube. Some models have "full bag indicators" that let you known when to empty the dust bag and several offer HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) sealed system filters to protect allergy sufferers from dust, dust mites, and other pet allergens that get sucked up off your floors. Many upright vacuums can be too heavy and hard to maneuver, but most we read about have self-propelled systems that are only getting better. Look for models that have on/off switches for the brush roller so that you can do vacuuming on both bare floors and carpets. The top brands for upright vacuums are Hoover, Eureka, Dyson, Sebo, Bissell, Miele, and Electrolux. Many of us have heard of Kirby vacuums (sold door to door), but they tend to be overpriced and reviews are mixed so we left them off our list below. As for Oreck, they are heavily advertised on TV and infomercials and do perform well in expert testing environments, but when compared to comparable models from Dyson or Miele they are way too expensive. We read consumer reviews on Amazon.com and looked at expert opinions in the Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports. See our findings below. You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling upright vacuums here.

Best Upright Vacuum:

The Dyson DC25 Animal ($475) gets the best overall ratings from experts and consumers alike for its unbelievable suction ability. There are no bags to buy or filters to replace since this model is bagless. The lifetime warranty on the HEPA filter give you the highest levels of filtration for cleaner expelled air. The dust bin is easy to empty and added features like the low reach carpet tool, mini turbine head, and carpet care kit make the Dyson Animal vacuum an all-purpose buy. Animal owners have the best things to say about the Dyson vacuum saying the mini turbine head "cleans animal fur and hair from stairs, sofas, and cars" like no other. The low reach floor tool is great for getting under beds and larger furniture pieces. The suction power is what sets this Dyson apart from other vacuums and it cleans up dirt, crumbs, spills and pet hair easily. Many consumers say this will be "the last vacuum they ever buy" which is strong praise for any vacuum. Although it is more expensive than the average upright vacuum, owners say it's worth the additional cost as it picks up dust and dirt much better leaving your home clean and dust free. The Dyson Ball models also get unbelievable reviews from their users -- See the Dyson Store here.

High End Upright Vacuum:

The Sebo Automatic X4 Extra Upright Vacuum Cleaners ($750) is definitely a luxury vacuum cleaner that is perfect for those with allergy problems to pollen and dust mites. The Sebo is a top seller on Allergy related websites for its ability to alleviate allergy sufferers symptoms in their homes. The X4 has a hospital grade HEPA Filter that filters out 99.9% of all particles down to .3 microns. The belts are guaranteed for the life of the machine (for the price they should be). Although the Sebo is expensive when compared to other vacuums, many people who have allergy problems say the piece of mind with this machine is worth the cost. If you do not suffer from allergies, then go with the Dyson above or the Eureka for a better value. My daughter has dust mite allergies and my wife has bad dust allergies, so we purchased the Sebo a while back and are happy with the results so far. Less dust means a happier family. I wish they would change the design because it's not very appealing in modern homes. One reviewer said it best that it resembles something "from the 1979 design bin".

Value Upright Vacuum:

The Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum ($120) is the old fashioned bagged vacuum cleaner, but reviewers rate this model extremely high in various areas. It comes with a true HEPA filtration system (great for allergy sufferers), a widetrack cleaning path, a power paw stair brush (comes in really handy), and lot of on board tools for cleaning those hard to reach areas. Owners say the suction power on this sub $150 vacuum is 2nd to none in this price category. Users also mention that the on/off brush roller switch allows them to go from carpets to hardwoods with ease. Many vacuums that don't have an off button for the brush roller make it nearly impossible to clean up crumbs and dust balls on hardwoods or linoleum since they push the particle away from the suction. The Eureka works wonders in this area and consumers say you don't need to have a canister vacuum if you own the Eureka saving even more money. There is a little assembly required and you will have to find replacement bags for this model. One drawback is that the Boss doesn't have a self-propel system making it a touch difficult to maneuver.

Budget Upright Vacuum:

The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum ($60) although not bagless, is still considered an excellent cheap vacuum that has a 15-inch cleaning width, allergen filtration system, a check-bag indicator, an onboard dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, and a powerful 12-amp motor. Countless reviews say this "vacuum is amazing for the money". The Hoover Tempo performs well and has been recommended by Consumer Reports as a "good value". Users say its surprisingly light and has strong suction. You may be able to find vacuums with more power or better dust collection, but at $60 you can't go wrong.

Bagless vs Bagged Upright Vacuums:

More and more upright vacuums are being made without those bulky vacuum bags. Experts say those who suffer from allergies should stay away from vacuums without bags (bagless), but several allergy sufferers we know say the bagless models give them piece of mind that they can actually see the dust and allergens being collected in the transparent dust bin. The verdict is still out, but it appears that bagless vacuums are the way of the future and finding and locating bags that still fit older bagged vacuums may become too difficult and force all vacuum owners to go bagless.