Updated: November 2017

Vinotemp Wine Cooler Reviews:

Vinotemp Wine Coolers Review - Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and certainly one of its oldest. Centuries before refrigeration or processing, people fermented grapes, herbs, rice, barley, and honey to make wine. It has become more than a drink; it is a symbol of refinement and taste. It can be delicate, surprising, dry, fruity, or sweet. One thing that it should never be is unpleasantly cold or warm. If you take the time and care to select the best bottles of wine for your palate and your budget, you want to treat them well. Leaving them in the open air is often not the best solution, nor is storing them in a regular refrigerator. What is the perfect solution? A Vinotemp wine cooler. As one of the best values on the market, a Vinotemp wine chiller or cellar is the ideal way to protect your investment - and enjoy a perfect glass of wine whenever you like.
vinotemp wine cooler

Why Do You Need a Wine Cooler or Wine Chiller? - Why can't you just use a regular refrigerator? You've already got it sitting right there, why not use it for your wine? Wine experts will gladly, and often loudly and quite emphatically, tell you why not. According to wine expert, Mark Storer, "this won't do" because a refrigerator is far too cold to keep the wine chilled to the optimal temperature. It is best to keep wine at a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees F for both white and red. Wines, even whites which are served colder, do not handle a refrigerator environment well. It is too cold, and even the motor can damage your wine by constantly vibrating it. This doesn't allow the wine to settle - wine is quite sensitive as you can see. But if you have a great and/or expensive bottle, this is important because you want to preserve all of the flavor and quality. A cellar that is not heated and remains at the right temperature and is dry is a great place to store wine, but this is not always an option. So what do you do? Get a wine chiller, wine cooler, or wine cellar that has smooth, quiet operation, sufficient storage for your needs, and top quality temperature control. What is right for you? Vinotemp makes a line of wine storage products that are wonderfully effective, quiet, and relatively affordable depending on the size, and they are certainly affordable when compared to other brands. For higher budgets, the Vinotemp VT-45 is a top choice by many wine review websites. This dual zone cooler can store both red and white wines, and there are digital controls so you can set your exact temperatures. It is made of stainless steel and has sliding wood shelves and a display rack for extra storage. It accommodates up to 45 bottles of wine, and again you can adjust the temperature up for reds and down for whites while keeping them within their optimal temperature zones. At $1400 this is a rather pricey option. You can find dozens of quality, owner reviews for Vinotemp wine coolers and chillers on Amazon.com. Consumers post feedback and in depth comments for all sized wine storage systems. It's best to get that type of information before making a buying decision. You can browse the best selling Vinotemp wine chillers here.

Vinotemp 34-Bottle Wine Cooler:

If the VT-45 (listed above) is a bit expensive for you, you can also get the Vinotemp 34-Bottle Wine Cooler, which was selected by Mark Storer as one of the Best of the Rest - that is, one of the great value models. You can get higher quality, but with much higher prices. Wine expert Storer said that you can get less expensive models but you will begin to lose features, and the Vinotemp 34 wine cooler is a "real value." It maintains a consistent temperature, operates quietly and efficiently, and has a beautiful stainless steel construction. He calls it the best in its class. One issue for some may be the smaller capacity, but it should be perfectly suitable for many people. It is available for under $600. Another quality budget choice is the Vinotemp 32-Bottle Wine Cooler. This is well reviewed by Buzzillion and Amazon users and costs under $500 (see all the top rated Vinotemp wine coolers here). An even smaller choice is the Vinotempo iCellar, a compact little unit that can accommodate 12 bottles of wine. It is polished black and mirrored to suit any decor and features a recessed handle, streamlined design, dual pane glass for viewing, three scalloped chrome racks, which you can pull out, easy controls, LED display, temperature adjustments from 50 to 66 degrees, thermoelectric cooling and no noisy compressor, meant for in-home use, not garages or basements, and energy-efficient operation. It fits on countertops or in small spaces. One issue, according to WineCoolerExpert, is that it fits only regular-sized bottles. Wider or bigger ones may not fit. This Vinotemp cellar is $250 and can be found through online retailers like Air-n-Water and Appliancist. The biggest complaint we read on all reviews for wine storage systems is that they are too loud and often the temperature fluctuates by 10 degrees in a given day. Read the comments from experts and actual owners to buy the best solution for your wine storage needs. RECOMMENDED - We think that the Vinotemp VT-50SBW 50-Bottle Wine Cooler with Digital Display is a solid bet for any wine collector with a smaller selection of wines. Many people think that a 10 or 20 bottle wine cooler will do, but once you start collecting wine you realize that you run out of space real fast. A 50 capacity wine cellar/cooler is the near perfect size as your selection grows. The VT-50SBW features a dual paned glass door, a slide out shelving system (metal and wood), a digital display with temperature settings that are adjustable, and an interior light. The front venting exhaust system lets you have plenty of installation options - either go built in or freestanding with this unit. We prefer this wine cabinet as an undercounter refrigerator.

Vinotemp Wine Cellars for the Serious Wine Collector:

If you are a very serious collector and want the best storage and the most capacity, you will find the Vinotemp VT-400 Credenza to your liking. This beautiful wine cellar is handcrafted domestic wood and produced in Southern California. It has 4 doors and holds up to 304 bottles of wine (not 400 as the name would lead you to believe). It has a self-contained 1500 Wine Mate cooling system, digital temperature control, an insulation factor of 12, and a 1-year warranty and 5-year compressor warranty. This is a beautiful wine cellar for $3500. A review on Associated Content called it "classic and superior quality wine storage." When searching for a wine cooler, it is important to get top quality within your budget so you can store your wine in optimal conditions. If you get a bottle of supermarket wine (which is perfectly fine and often of very good quality) once in a while, you will not need a separate wine cooler or wine chiller. But if you love wine, have a collection, and enjoy different varieties, you will want to have a wine storage solution. Vinotemp offers this in many forms, Check out the high end Vinotemp wine cooling systems here.