Updated: November 2017

Waffler Irons and Maker Reviews:

Do you want to recreate the texture and flavor of a perfect Belgian waffle in your home? I've had many a waffle out for Sunday brunch somewhere and never was able to get the same thing at home. That is until lately after I bought the Professional Belgian Waffle Iron by Waring. I was recently on a business trip and was down in the dining room at the hotel for breakfast one day and ordered the waffle, expecting the usual non-fluffy, overdone Belgian waffle. When I went to eat the waffle it was delicious and cooked just right. I went back over to the guy making the waffles and asked who the manufacturer of the waffle iron was and he said a company called Waring. I came home and did some quick research online through sites like Amazon.com, Cooking.com, and Epinions.com to see what other people were saying about the same or similar waffle makers. Although some waffle irons are over $200, you can get a quality, consistently waffle maker for about $80 with some as cheap as $50. Now I don't have to worry what I'll have for breakfast, just whip up a waffle and off to work.
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Buying Guide - In order to write this review, I compared the Professional Belgian Waffler Iron from Waring to other similar models through reviews I read. Most people wanted a waffle iron which created great tasting waffles, was easy to clean up, and didn't take a genius to operate. Much like a toaster, it does take a few tries to get your waffles "just right" by adjusting the settings and learning to time things out. Consumers were looking for consistentcy more than anything from waffle makers so they could always count on the same results each time they turned the kitchen appliance on. The top waffle maker brands are Villaware, Waring, Farberware, Toastmaster, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and Krups. Back to the Professional Belgian Waffle Iron by Waring which costs about $80. It comes with a cradle like stand with a handle attached. As the waffle is baking turn the handle so the waffle will fluff up evenly and get the same coloring throughout. To help you with the timing of everything, there are 2 LED lights that tell you when the waffle iron is fully powered up and when the waffle has finished baking. The brushed stainless steel interior is easy to clean and non-stick. You can make up to twenty five 1 1/4 inch thick waffles per hour. The waffles are approximately 7-inches in diameter. Users say the waffles produced from this Waring are the "best they've ever tasted" and many of them already had owned Cuisinarts or more expensive KitchenAid brands. The only complaints were the fine tuning of the settings to get waffles just the way you want them and the product is bulky and awkward to store say some. Otherwise the solidly built waffle iron from Waring is the clear winner. The slighly less expensive Belgian Waffle Iron from Cuisinart is a 4 square waffle maker that gets reasonable reviews Too many reviewers say the "pockets" where the mix goes is not deep enough and waffles don't cook evenly. The Pro Line Waffle Iron from KitchenAid is well received from all users, but we were a little turned off by the big price tag of $240. Owners say they like the reliability of the KitchenAid and say the ability to produce 2 waffles at once is a huge time saver which makes the extra money well spent. You can view the list of best-selling waffle makers here.

Best Waffle Irons/Makers:

For the most variety in waffle irons, we say check out VillaWare waffle makers. We found their waffle makers on Amazon and many were rated as high as the above mentioned Waring. VillaWare makes lots of unique shapes and designs with their wafflers we decided to give them their own space away from the competition. The VillaWare 2010 UNO Pro Belgian Gravity Waffler for $90 makes 1.5" thick waffles (larger than the 1 1/4 inch waffles from Waring), has cast-aluminium housing, and the top and bottom heating units rotate 180 degrees to ensure even browning and crisp results. There are 7 browning levels to choose from and most reviews we read say go with setting #5 (although the manufacturer suggests 3-4). If you have children then you have to buy a VillaWare because they make fun designed waffles with some of their makers. The VillaWare V5555-01 Mickey's Waffler, Single 6" ($40) creates perfect Mickey Mouse face (w/ ears) wafflers and the VillaWare V2001F UNO Farmyard Waffler ($70) makes fun farm animal waffles that kids love to eat. For the complete line of Villware products and waffle irons go to Villaware.com.

Toastmaster and Chef's Choice:

We also wanted to include a short review on the Toastmaster Waffler Waffle Maker ($25) as a budget value waffler iron. It's a bakers round, plate-size waffle maker with a MasterCoat non-stick finish, automatic temperature control and it can stand on end for easy storage. Again, the Waring and VillaWare will probably produce more consistent results, but for a cheap waffler iron, consider the Toastmaster. The last mention for a quality waffle maker is the Chef's Choice 830B WafflePro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker ($50). Friends of ours use this one and when they heard I had written a review on waffle irons, they coerced my into including this model in the article. They love the deep-pocketed Belgian waffles this thing produces and it cooks them in less than 1 1/2 minutes. They say more important than the waffle maker is the waffle recipe and batter that you use (see below). You can browse the lower-priced waffle makers here.

Waffle Mix and Recipes:

Out of all the reviews we read, only a few didn't mention waffle mix or recipes. Most people who love waffles realize the machine is only going to cook what you have mixed. Although every company that produces waffle makers includes some sort of recipe or mix with their machines, everyones tastes are different and most people end up using their personal favorites. We found a few sites that list waffle recipes and you can judge for yourself. Try Mrbreakfast.com or Cooks.com for their top waffle recipes and see what you think. The one mix that consistently showed up in our searches was King Arthur Flour Belgian Waffle Mix for around $5. You can buy it on Amazon.com or visit their homepage at Kingarthurflour.com.