Updated: November 2017

Wagner Power Painter Reviews:

Guide to Wagner Power Painters - One of the best ways to bring new life to anything from shutters and furniture to decks and doors is to freshen the paint. Adding color or simply applying a fresh new coat can make a huge difference in and out of your home. Do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike often turn to paint sprayers for tough jobs, and they are invaluable for uneven or textured surfaces, large areas, and on surfaces where an even, brushless coat is needed. Whether you want to make quick work of painting your interior walls, achieve a smooth, uniform finish on wooden furniture, or tackle the outside of your house, paint sprayers can be your best painting assistant. Before you start picking colors and finishes, though, you need a quality sprayer that will be able to give you the results you are looking for, and your first choice should be Wagner. Innovative, advanced, and effective, Wagner paint sprayers are some of the very best on the market. When you want professional results, Wagner is there to make sure you get them.
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Why Wagner? - Joseph Wagner began developing an electric paint sprayer in 1953, which was a revolution for homeowners and professionals alike. The Wagner paint sprayer was a commercial success, and the company continued to develop innovative products. In 1965, the Wagner company started to produce airless high-pressure paint spraying equipment, which provided more professional results. From pneumatically operated spraying systems to electrostatic paint spraying and powder coating equipment, Wagner sought to go one step further with each product. Today, Wagner products are trusted throughout the world and consistently ranked among the best in the industry. No matter what job you have in front of you, Wagner can help you achieve the results you need. Choosing the Right Wagner Paint Sprayer - Choosing a Wagner paint sprayer is a bit more complicated than going to the store, reaching out and grabbing one, and then paying for it. It doesn't have to be a lot more complicated, but there are definitely some things to consider before you put down your cash. You will want to think about the applications for which you are going to use the paint sprayer, how much paint you want it to hold, what type of power and paint you want to use, and just as importantly, what your budget is. Wagner has a very handy tool to help you choose the right paint sprayer for all of these criteria. On the website, simply go to the Find the Right Products section, under Find Sprayers. Here you will answer a few questions, and Wagner will generate a list of sprayers that will get the job done. If you don't know what type of paint sprayer to get, read on. Wagner Cup or Project Sprayer - Cup sprayers are ideal if you want to do craft and small painting projects and don't want to spend a huge amount of money. For bigger jobs, though, these paint sprayers tend to sputter and most do not handle thicker paints well. So if you want to paint the exterior of your 2 story house, move on. If you want to paint some lawn furniture or shutters, this is a good choice. Wagner's Power Painter Plus with Optimus Dual Tip Technology is a top-of-the-line model that can handle jobs 3 times faster than brushes. Plenty of time left over to get started on the next project! The Wagner Power Painter has a high speed piston pump with a tungsten carbide optimus dual tip and electronic 2-speed control. What this means is that you will be able to get professional results and smooth, even finishes. The paint is held in a 1.5-quart cup affixed to the sprayer or you can spray it through the 6-foot remote suction tube. The benefit of the latter is that you don't have to continually refill the cup for larger projects, like garages and even small houses. You can apply up to 6.6 gallons of paint per hour. The original Power Painter is another one to try. This costs about $60. It's a bit smaller and slower, but it may fit your budget better. For greater control on smaller projects, try HVLP (high volume/low pressure) models, like the Control Sprayer. This gives you great control and precision and comes with interchangeable vertical and horizontal pattern sprayers, great for decks, yard furniture, and more for about $75. You can browse the best selling Wagner paint sprayers here.

Best Wagner Power Painters:

One of the top rated power painters is the Wagner Spray Tech 520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer. Perfect for spraying walls or ceiling with orange peel, popcorn, or knockdown textures and the powerful air turbine and 1 gallon adjustable hopper provide all the power and paint you will need. Large surfaces are no longer an all day event. The Spray Tech comes with 3 spray nozzles and it weighs less than 6 pounds. Reviews are extremely positive for this unit and one of my neighbors recently did some painting in their basement with Power Tex and said it worked "just as advertised". We found other similar comments from owners (as posted on Amazon) - things like "awesome tool" and "ideal for do it yourself home painters". Texturing is not easy work, but this paint tool will get you up to speed fast. The Power Painter Max and Power Painter Plus get less than perfect reviews from actual consumers, so we suggest reading all reviews before purchasing those models. Check out the top rated paint sprayers here.

About That 2-Story House: Hire Your Very Own Paint Crew:

Hiring a painting crew for your home is incredibly expensive, and doing it yourself with brushes isn't all that more appealing. Wagner lets you bring in your own paint crew and cut the job down to size. The Paint Crew has the features you would expect to see in professional sprayers and is designed for home do-it-yourselfers. It is made for medium to large outdoor projects and can handle that 2-story house and other big tasks with ease. It takes latex and oil-based paints, as well as stain, varnish, and sealer so you can tackle your house, your fences, your deck, and anything else standing around in need of a paint job. It has an airless piston pump for power and a 2-gallon capacity so you can make quick work of your outdoor projects. The Wagner Paint Crew lists for $200 but you can find it for a bit under $110 on Amazon. That is a great value for the homeowner. You can upgrade and get the Paint Crew with accessories, which add an extra 515 tip, roller arm extension, 3/8-inch roller cover, adjustable pressure control, removable hopper, telescoping handle, and a wheeled cart for convenience. This puts the price at about $200. For the Pro or the "High End Do-It-Yourselfers" Wagner can help you take on large and extra large projects with piston pump paint sprayers. These are top-of-the-line models that are designed for contractors, handymen, professional painters, and, as Wagner calls them, "high-end do-it-yourselfers." Piston pump paint sprayers are ideal for wood siding, fences, metal surfaces, stucco, and more. They can handle latex and oil-based paints, as well as stain, varnish, and sealer and have a 1- to 5-gallon capacity. The Twinstroke 9140S is good for those high-end homeowners and entry-level professionals. An Amazon reviewer was happy he was able to buy an affordable machine that allowed an amateur to get professional results. It does this by spraying .23 gallons per minute with 2800 maximum PSI. It has a reversible tip, full-size filter, suction for 1- and 5-gallon cans, a 25-foot hose, cart with removable handle, and a 1/4-inch, 25-foot airless spray hose with an abrasion-resistant polyurethane cover and seamless thermoplastic inner tube. The 9140S runs off your household current and costs about $350 (view the 9145 here). The Twinstroke 9195 is suitable for professionals and costs about $560. If you've done your power painter research, you know Wagner is one of the top names in the business. For any job you have, whether it is painting your house, your lawn furniture, or your walls and ceilings (try the Wagner Spray Tech for these jobs. Wagner has a product that will help you achieve professional results, no matter what your budget.