Updated: November 2017

Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Reviews:

Each year there is something called the Street of Dreams here in Portland, Oregon. Home builders showcase custom built homes that typically sell for $1,000,000. I love going to see what the latest interior design features are for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces. One item that caught my eye this year were the wall mount electric fireplaces in several of the homes. Much like you would mount a TV set, the electric fireplaces are strategically placed in some rooms to add ambiance and warmth instead of having a traditional fireplace (wood or gas burning). They really add style and a modern look to the homes. I was able to ask lots of questions as I browsed the 8 homes and determine how functional the electric wall mount fireplaces really were. We recently converted a wood burning fireplace to gas burning and are very happy. I was wondering how much the electric fireplaces were and how convenient they were for heat and comfort. We use our gas fireplace almost everyday during the cold winter months, but I had heard that the electric fireplaces were even cheaper and heat up 400 square foot rooms just fine. My findings are below along with the best sellers I came across.
electric fireplace

Choosing an Electric Fireplace - What are the advantages to an electric fireplace vs a natural gas fireplace? In terms of money, the electric fireplace costs about 8 cents an hour to run on heat mode (1 cent an hour for flame only mode). A gas fireplace that runs on natural gas costs about 15 cents an hour to run (price fluctuates on NG costs). The cool to the touch glass is another feature perfect for families with little children or pets. Even though the elecric fireplace is putting out heat, you won't get burned on the exterior housing if you accidentally touch it. They plug right into a standard 120 volt plug - that makes installation simple. The one drawback to an electric wall mount fireplace is that it's not the best primary source of heat. Yes, they will generate some heat for smaller rooms - say a den or potentially a bedroom - but if you are looking to heat 400 square of living space, they may not be the best choice. In customer reviews posted online and in talking with home builders that install them everyday, the wall mount electric fireplaces are used for aesthetics more than heat. They add style and ambiance to any room, but just don't expect a major heat source. Most models offer a high or low heat setting. They have a blower fan that forces the warm air out. Some force the air out horizontally while others send it out vertically. Depending on the location of the wall mount fireplace, you can easily see how the air wouldn't even reach the homeowner. What we found is that the longer you run the electric fireplace, the more warm air fills the room and you do feel an increase in temperature. The two models we researched were the Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace ($1300) and the Touchstone 50" Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace ($350). The Dimplex is about 4 times as much - why we don't know. Sure it looks great, but it's not like it's putting out extra heat or warming up your larger rooms that easily. The Touchstone fireplace gets excellent owner feedback and at that price point is considered a great buy. The Touchstone is modern, easy to install (takes less than 30 minutes), and looks great in almost any room. You get the natural flame look with some heat and it's out of the way, unlike bulky fireplaces that always seems to be in the wrong place. Features to look for in an electric fireplace that is wall mounted - flame speed control, digital controls, flame only operation, adjustable thermostat, flame brightness control, self-trimming firebox, and portability. They are inexpensive to run and an instant conversation piece in most houses. For the money, they will definitely add that modern feel to your house. View the best selling wall mounted electric fireplaces here.

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace:

RECOMMENDED - The top seller is the Touchstone 50" Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace - Black. At $350 it's a great value and it will add instant ambiance to any room. I found this particular model placed in homes that are very expensive - so although they look like they might cost a lost of money, in actuality, it's very cheap to install them. A few real estate agents in our area said that these electric fireplace heaters are often put into homes when they are staging them for sale. Master bedrooms gain quite a bit when something like the Touchstone Onyx is added - gives a sense of relaxation and warmth. The realistic flame (5 brightness settings) with a remote control are bonuses. This unit doesn't come with a thermostat, but it does offer the 2 heat settings (high and low). The fire replica portion measures almost 38 inches wide by 9 inches high. If black isn't your color, the white version of this will go with almost any home too. Installation is easy - which makes these ideal for the average DIY homeowner.

Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace:

Dimplex is at the forefront of electric fireplace units for homes. Their electric fireplace inserts and stoves are consistently rated high. We realize that you pay for technology and that is why the Dimplex BLF50 sells for over a $1000. Perhaps like the television market, we will see some of these wall mount electric fireplaces come down in price as more companies produce them. For now, the high price tag is definitely a deterrent. If the Dimplex was able to give off substantial heat, we could consider it. Unfortunately, these models are designed to resemble a fireplace, but they dont' actually produce the warmth you would expect. Yes, it could take the chill off of a cold room (small one), but it won't heat up 400 square feet of space like small electric stoves will that are priced at $250. We realize that many customers buy electric fireplaces like the Dimplex for looks and we will agree it does look great on any wall. We prefer them in living or family rooms, but bedrooms can really be brightened up with one of these. They really set the mood for bedtime or parties. For the money, we still say the Touchstone 50" above is a steal in terms of design, aesthetics, and ambiance.