Updated: November 2017

Wall Stickers Review:

I grew up with lots of posters on my walls - musicians, athletes, celebs, etc. The posters were good, but nothing compared to the latest wall stickers and decals from companies like RoomMates and FatHead. The wall stickers for bedrooms are amazingly real looking. Some would say they are 'wall graphics', much like those at FatHead which are sports related wall stickers. The image is so life like, almost like the player is right in your bedroom. Kids tend to enjoy these wall decals more than anyone - they can get your favorite Disney Princess or perhaps Darth Vader on their wall. Adults buy these items as well - I've seen many of my friends (in their man caves) with NFL players scattered on the walls. How much are wall stickers? For the real big ones like those of the pro sports leagues from Fathead, you are looking at $100. The majority of the cost is for the licensing which makes them expensive. We found a giant Darth Vader from Star Wars for our 7 year old son for only $40.

Choosing Wall Stickers and Decals - As we mentioned above, there are dozens and dozens of categories, photos, and designs to choose from. Amazon.com currently lists over 5000 wall stickers and murals on their website. The basic ones are things like a mural with butterflies or a wall decal with Disney fairies. The price on those is very reasonable at $10 to $15. When you get into the larger stick and peel decals like Spiderman or Batman, the cost is $20 or more. Size - You will need plenty of space on a wall for the bigger ones. The Darth Vader wall sticker was 70 inches tall and 35 inches wide. Be prepared and be sure you have room for something that large. Are They Easy to Install? - Yes and no. With the larger ones (Darth Vader for example), you would need to adults to get it up properly. They do stick very well but you will need a clean wall surface. Most of the manufacturers of the wall stickers recommended surfaces like painted drywall, smooth walls, metal, glass, or sanded wood. We found that eventhough we followed all the directions on sticking the wall graphic, it still would fall down every few months. After you have to restick it a few times, the problem of it coming down only got worse. We eventually had to get rid of it after about 15 months. Ours was on a painted textured wall - it was clean - but still enough air gets in between the poster and the wall that the 'stickiness' doesn't last. Some parents say their wall stickers have stayed up for years (sounds incredible to me) without having to restick once. The best advice is to only place the sticker on the recommended surfaces and periodically get out those air bubbles that do form underneath. Where to Buy Wall Stickers? - The most popular websites are Fathead.com, Amazon.com, RoomMates, and Etsy. You can browse the best selling wall stickers and murals here.

Best Wall Stickers:

RECOMMENDED - Once you have your wall space all set aside in your home for the decorative sticker(s), point your browser to Amazon and start browsing. We had a fun time with our son looking at all the different products and it was not easy choosing. His list kept growing and growing - we eventually got him to agree on Star Wars and then down to Darth Vader. Choose from Super Heroes, movies, quotations, athletes, .... you name it. The only complaints we found online (and we read 100's of reviews) were from people who couldn't get a good "stick" on their walls. The wall graphic would keep coming off. They come with a special tool that resembles a little squeegee and this allows you to get out the air bubbles. The best results are achieved when starting in the middle of the poster and working your way out towards the edges. You can actually hear the air 'pop' out which lets you know it's working. Check out the most popular wall graphics and stickers here.