Updated: November 2017

Wall Texture Spray Can Reviews:

We just redid a bathroom in our house and one part of the project was to cut a hole in our wall to get into the plumbing fixtures behind the shower and change out the valve and some pipes. The good news is that the project went smoothly once we had access behind the wall and we didn't have to tear out the entire wall. Unfortunately, the hole left in the wall had to be repaired. We had cut a small square (about 22" x 22") so the repair wasn't that big a deal. The hardest part is finishing the drywall around the repair area and texturing that space so that it resembles what used to be on the wall. You could call in a professional drywall guy or attempt to do the job yourself. That is the route we went. A friend of mine came over and assessed the situation with the wall. He had used the wall texture spray cans several times with small drywall repairs in his own home and recommended we try it. They are cheap to buy ($15) and in small areas, seem easy to use. I was a bit skeptical since the reviews I read on Amazon were less than stellar and professional drywall forums all said to stay away from that type of product. The best reviews we found were on Home Depots website for the Homax spray can - easy to use and left your wall looking great.
wall texture spray can

Choosing a Wall Texture Spray Can - Last year we had redone our other bathroom and tore off the wallpaper which left us with an entire room of drywall that needed to be textured. In that situation we used a spray gun & hopper since we needed to cover a large area. With our current situation of only needing a small 2 foot area textured, the spray can seemed like a great alternative to the spray gun and hopper. I bought the wall texture spray can at Home Depot and read the directions on the can. Shake the thing well and set the spray to either fine, medium, or heavy. You'll need to try to match the texture as best as you can to the current texture on the wall. Always practice shooting the can at a piece of cardboard or wood to see how it comes out and how heavy the spray will be. We started off with a fine spray and moved up to the medium setting. Per the video below (watch how the guy does it), you don't want to be to close to the wall you are texturing - they say somewhere around 36 inches back. We found good results from 2 to 3 feet away from the wall with a circling motion and allowing the spray to 'feather' to the edges. I have to say it was rather easy to do and something I would recommend to any DIY homeowner. When patching up small drywall cracks or even holes, this product seems like the obvious choice. Anything bigger than a 3' by 3' space would probably be best with a spray gun and hopper, but with small fixes these spray cans do the trick. Professional drywall guys may be right that these texture spray cans aren't perfect, but in our case you can't tell there was ever a 2 foot by 2 foot hole in the wall as the texturing covers it flawlessly. You can browse the best selling wall texture spray cans online here.

Best Wall Texture Spray Can:

RECOMMENDED - The one we bought is the Homax 4055 Orange Peel & Splatter Spray Texture which was less than $11 on Amazon (we bought ours at Home Depot for slightly more). You can go with the water based product, but our friend recommended the oil based wall texture spray. The one drawback is that the smell is a bit overwhelming for the first 30 minutes or so. I literally couldn't be in the same room for more than a few minutes. We should have opened up a window for ventilation but it was pouring rain so we just stuck a fan in the room and tried to let it air out a bit. The product says it can cover up to 110 square feet of space with the fine coverage, but I wouldn't rely on that. Many reviews we read on these products say the coverage area is exaggerated in the product claims. It does dry quickly - again they say between 5 and 30 minutes. We found that after 30 minutes it was dry to the touch and ready to proceed. The 'orange peel' texture look was nearly identical to what was currently on the wall so we were totally satisfied with the results. The splatter drywall textures (fine, medium, or heavy) are easy to spray on and this is the easiest way to patch your walls or ceilings. I would say be careful when using a can to do your ceilings as some of the spray may come back into your face. Use some kind of face shield or mask to protect your eyes and mouth.