Updated: November 2017

Weed Killer Reviews:

Maintaining a nice backyard lawn or landscaped yard requires constant attention to weeds and having the area professional sprayed each year isn't always an option. Common weeds that are problems are dandelions, crabgrass, ivy, ragweed, morning glory, and nutsedge. You can always pull/pick weeds or dig weeds up, but they always seems to grow back. Turning the soil over, over mulching the weeded area is another good idea. In recent years people have become more aware of pesticides/herbicides that are used in weed control and to some this is a problem. Most weed control products contain herbicides, but using them in small amounts should not harm plants/wildlife. Perhaps the most popular weed killer out there is Roundup. Roundup is a systemic, non-selective herbicide for controlling unwanted grasses, weeds, plants and contains glyphosate. Roundup QuikPro Dry is great for unwanted weeds in your lawn or garden. Roundup Super Concentrate Herbicide us rain proof and comes in a quart container for $49 and makes up to 21 gallons of finished solution. Burnout Weed and Grass Killer is $9.95 and works quickly, while Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate ($9.99) kills over 66 types of weeds including dandelions, chickweed and clover and doesn't harm lawns.

Buying Guide - Other top selling herbicides and weed killers are Vantage, Scythe, Pramitol, K-77 Root Killer, Foaming Root Killer, Sahara DG, and Manage. Other weed control products include Turf King, Triple Threat, Barren, Weed Easy, Eliminator (Aquatic weed killer), Zap It Ultimate, Zap It. You can find weed killers at your local home improvement stores (Lowes, Home Depot) or places like Walmart and Target. Some are better than other for certain types of weeds so read the label carefully. Weeds are classified as either broadleaf, grass or sedge. Almost all lawn care and weed control sites we researched mention that having a healthy lawn will almost always eliminate weed problems since a thriving lawn competes against weeds for light moisture and soil nutrients. I kept having moss issues on my lawn and thought it was something that I couldn't get rid of without spraying. Turns out once my lawn started growing better, the moss disappeared since it couldn't compete for nutrients and water. Our overall opinion on weeds is that they are easy to just pull out of garden beds and landscaped areas of the yard without having to spray chemicals on them. On the other hand, weed control within a lawn area is tougher to handle and may require a professional gardener to kill just the weeds while leaving the grass/lawn alone. No sense in killing your entire lawn just to eliminate a handful of weeds (mostly dandelions anyways). One last weed killer that we didn't see mentioned online is Ortho Weed-B-Gon Lawn Weed Killer 2 which sells for about $15. You can browse top selling weed killers here.

Organic Weed Killers - Natural Weed Killers:

Natural weed killers are what most of us would use if given the chance instead of putting pesticides and herbicides into our gardens and lawns that potentially ruin the water and plantlife for our kids and wildlife like birds. The best natural weed killer we have found is vinegar. Spreading vinegar onto an area with weeds will usually render them dead within a few days. Also, rock salt sprinkled lightly over things like a driveway will kill all weeds (actually any living plant so be careful). Another natural weed killer is a combination of 1 oz gin, 1 oz liquid soap and 1 oz vinegar, put them into a hand sprayer and only spray the weeds. Burnout Weed Killer RTU 24 is a good organic weed killer and works within minutes. "BurnOut can be used to kill weeds and grass in gardens and orchards. BurnOut can be used on walkways, driveways, shrubbery beds and any where else as a post defoliant to control weeds and unwanted grass. Annuals are killed right away with BurnOut, while perennials may regenerate after a single application and require additional treatment". Concern Weed Prevention Plus ($23.99) is an all natural weed preventer and fertilizer in one. It's safe for children and pets and works on 90% of weeds within a year (best on crabgrass and dandelions). See all the organic weed killers online here.

Homedmade Weed Killers:

We found a fun site for people who have home made weed killer remedies for their yards. Go to Thriftyfun.com/tf001029.tip.html. and look through what other people have found to be good weed killers right in their own kitchens. Of course a true gardening site has lots of help for people with weed control problems, so we highly recommend Forums.gardenweb.com/forums/weeds/ with countless entries and feedback on weeds, weed control, and weed killer solutions. I'm sure any employee at your local garden center can help you pick a weed killer that will do the trick.