Updated: November 2017

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Wheeled String Trimmer Reviews:

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Regular string trimmers or weed wackers are great for smaller areas of your property where the tall grass has become an issue. What about those that live on farms or have many acres in rural areas? Often a lawn mower or lawn tractor just aren't practical enough and that is where the uniquely designed wheeled string trimmer comes into play.

Just across the street from our house is a 10 acre parcel that is rather hilly with uneven terrain. Getting a tractor in there could be treacherous and a regular weed wacker would take too long. The wheeled string trimmers did wonders on this property. Their maneuverability on sloped terrain made the work easy. With weeds and grasses as high as 3 feet, the trimmers did an excellent job of cutting them down to just a few inches off the ground.

Tall weeds can be a fire hazard during the warmer summer months and most cities require that any weeds higher than a certain length near structures be cut back. If you live in an area with tall grass, cut it back for safety reasons alone.

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The video below shows the basic functions of a wheeled string trimmer so you know what to expect:

What to look for in a Walk Behind String Trimmer?

The main brands are Swisher, Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, Ariens, Earthquake, and Craftsman. Most are priced below $400, but the Ariens ST622 and the Swisher Trim Max are both listed above $500. They are designed with 2 wheels and an extended face that has the rotating string trimmer - kind of like a lawn mower that does weed wacking.

The larger the wheel the more maneuverable they are and the wider the cutting swath the faster your work will go. Standard cutting swaths are 22" and wheel size is typically about 12". Some are manual start and a few feature electric start.

The engine size may be important - especially if you need more power to cut through thicker brush. Swisher makes some high end machines that go beyond just cutting grass - if that is what you need.

REVIEWS - We found some excellent feedback online at Consumer Reports in their 'forums' and Tractorbynet.com has postings in their forums for wheeled string trimmers. The experts in the field are at Mowersdirect.com and they list their best sellers with recommendations for certain models.

We still like what Amazon.com offers in terms of selection and owner comments which can definitely help in your shopping decision. Amazon lists most of the top brands, has excellent pricing, and dozens of consumer opinions on each model. You can browse the best selling wheeled string trimmers here. You are sure to find the right product for field clearing, farm maintenance, and more.

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Best Wheeled String Trimmer:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated model we could find was the Husqvarna 22" High Wheel Trimmer with 190cc Brigg & Stratton Engine which sells for less than $370. The high wheeled trimmer (12" rear wheels) is great for attacking those large fields of weeds that the typical hand held trimmers could never accomplish in the same amount of time. I see the walk behind string trimmers used most often by city employees clearing along the sides of roadways up here in Oregon (the grass grows way too fast).

I live right above an old vineyard property and their 7 acres of land has become overgrown. They brought in 2 of these Husqvarnas and the job was done in hours - not days. If you have issues with tall grass in your yard or property, then buying a wheeled string trimmer may be the best solution for tackling larger jobs.

The Husqvarna features a 22" cutting swath, it comes fully assembled, and the 190 CC Briggs & Stratton engine delivers enough torque to cut through lots of debris. Some owners say the Swisher Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower is better for thicker brush, but at $1500 it's probably too expensive for those that just need grass and weeds cut back.

Most consumers agree that using a walk behind string trimmer will save you the physical wear and tear of using a hand held trimmer - especially when you are talking about whacking down weeds for hours. Spend the extra money and get a powerful wheeled string trimmer.

To check out how to use a walk behind weed trimmer - click the image below to go to video.

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Walk Behind String Mower/Trimmer:

RECOMMENDED - The Poulan Pro PR22WT Wheeled Trimmer, 22-Inch is another popular selection. The Poulon features a 22 inch cutting swath, a Briggs & Stratton 625 series engine, 12" wheels, and a 2 year limited warranty. Comes fully assembled and this one is California compliant. Reviewers mention using this trimmer on farms, in rugged foothills, and in overgrown backyards.

Consumers say this model performs better than the Craftsman models which are similar. We like that the cutting head is height adjustable and the higher wheels give you great maneuverability. Another one to consider is the Swisher ST67522BS Wheeled String Trimmer.

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