Updated: November 2017

Whipped Cream Maker Reviews:

Perhaps you have seen these cool gadgets - they are whipped cream makers, also referred to as whip cream canisters. Similar in function to the dispensers you buy at the store for whipped cream, the sleek canisters run on nitrous-oxide chargers which turn your ordinary heavy whipping cream into whipped cream for desserts and other foods. The iSi whipped cream dispensers are the most popular and they regularly get the most positive feedback from consumers. My wife likes to buy all the latest kitchen gadgets and this one has come in handy. I didn't realize how expensive the whipped cream makers were until she said it cost close to $80. Before you freak out on the price, there are other things you can do with it besides make whipped cream. Some chefs use these devices to make foams and other sauces. We read several reviews from coffee shop owners who have their baristas use the cream whippers and they said how "perfect" they are for dispensing whipped cream. They are really easy to use which makes them a big hit with home chefs.
whipped cream maker

Choosing a Whipped Cream Maker - There are not huge differences between the various whipped cream dispensers, but there are a few things you should consider. Size - You will find that the dispensers are sold in varying sizes - 1/2 pint, 1 pint, 1 quart, etc. we have the pint size whipped cream canister and it works just fine for our needs. Price - We found that you could buy a top rated model for about $50 (1 pint) while the more expensive 1 quart culinary whippers are over $100. Tips - Most whippers come with at least 2 tips that fit on the top - the plastic ones may not hold up as well as the stainless steel, but overall customer reviews were happy with performance and the ability to dispense the whipped cream with a decorative style (if they wanted). Maintenance/Repairs - The one part/section of the whipped cream canisters that seems to have the most trouble is the gasket. The rubber piece in the housing can sometimes get damaged which makes the product 'misfire'. Read owner reviews for specific models that had the biggest problems. Otherwise, they are easy to clean and use with minimal effort. Cream Chargers - You will need to have a supply of N20 cream chargers on hand if you plan on using your whipped cream dispenser. The cartridges are sold as a 24 pack from iSi (and other manufacturers) for about $17. Each cartridge will work fine on a pint sized application. You'll know when the cream charger is done - starts sputtering. Brands - The iSi brand is the best - hands down. Reviews from consumers prove this and we talked with several local restaurants and cooking supply stores and they all agreed that the iSi line does the job. Whip-It! and Mosa are 2 other brands worth considering. Stainless steel is the most popular option, although some go with white metal with a plastic head. You can browse the best selling whipped cream dispensers here.

Best Whipped Cream Maker:

RECOMMENDED - The best of the bunch is the ISI Cream Profi Whip PLUS which sells for around $80. You get a stainless steel bottle and head (no plastic like others). We bought this one at Sur La Table right before Christmas and have used it quite a lot. The stainless steel piston and silicone seal are removable so cleaning is quick and easy. The decorator tip has a stainless steel thread. The pint sized container is perfect for almost all your needs. We have never run out of whipped cream - even with 16 people over for dinner that all had pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream. The cream chargers are easy to load and inexpensive to buy. Get a 24 pack of N20 Cream Charger cartridges here. The iSi lineup includes top sellers like the iSi Easy Whip Cream Whipper (1 pint) that comes in white ($44) and the Mini Easy Whip (1/2 pint). Check them out at Amazon for the lowest pricing online.

Cream Whipper:

RECOMMENDED - Looking for a quality 1/2 liter whipped cream maker, consider the top rated Mosa Cream and Dessert Whipper. At around $50 you can get it in red, black or white colors. It's also available in a smaller 1/4 liter size. Make "chef-style sweet and savory toppings, sauces, mousses" or delicious fresh whipped cream. The aluminum bottle has an enameled white plastic head. What is the yield? You get about 4 times as much out of the whipper as you pour in. So even though the canister only holds 1/2 liter, you get out 2 liters of whipped cream. How long will the whipped cream stay fresh? Results show about 2 weeks if kept in your refrigerator. The product comes with 2 decorator tips and a few simple recipes to get you started. Keep in mind that whipped cream is just one of the things you can do with it. You can add ingredients like chocolate flavored mixes, vanilla, or powdered sugar. Check out the best selling Mosa culinary cream whippers here.