Updated: November 2017

Wicker Furniture Reviews:

wicker patio furniture Outdoor furniture can be a nice luxury during the summer months and the options for materials range from wood, tubular aluminum, wrought and cast aluminum, wrought or cast iron, wicker, and plastic or resin. We want to discuss the benefits of a quality wicker furniture set for your backyard or patio. All weather wicker furniture is gaining in popularity. Many homeowners are realizing that the synthetic wicker outdoor furniture has many advantages over the other material types available. Traditional wicker furniture is made with abaca strands (from the palm tree) but the synthetic wicker is weather resistant and more durable than the older style. Experts say to go with all weather wicker made from polyethylene. You will find 7 piece deep seating sets, 5 piece dining sets, and 3 piece bar sets or bistro tables and chairs. Beyond table you can get sectional sofas, arm chairs, and chaise loungers.

Choosing an outdoor wicker furniture set - Wicker is a popular outdoor patio furniture choice here in the Pacific Northwest where the weather can be wet at any time of the year. What are the advantages of buying wicker furniture? Synthetic all weather wicker has quite a few advantages over other materials like wood or wrought iron. Wicker won't fade when exposed to the sun all summer. Even when the weather turns colder, there is little chance it will crack or deteriorate in the wet weather. Also, it will NOT rust, so you can leave it out during the winter months, although we suggest storing it whenever possible. All of these factors are key reasons why homeowners choose synthetic wicker since maintenance is minimal to say the least. The wicker tables and chairs are lightweight since now you can get aluminum frames instead of steel. This makes them easy to move around in your yard, on the deck, or wherever. They breath well so even on hot days you feel like there is plenty of ventilation. Use them around pools since the water will run right through them without piling up. The one thing you will have to deal with is buying cushions for any chair or sofa you buy. Some sets come with cushions, but we did read several reviews that often the included cushions are cheap and don't last that well. Low-maintenance cushions are the way to go - most department stores will sell good quality cushions. We have seen them in home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot as well in Target and Walmart. The larger dining sets can set you back $2000+ while the smaller 4 piece sets are closer to $300 to $500. You can browse the best selling wicker furniture sets here.

Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture Set:

You need to determine your available space as to how many pieces you want your furniture set to include. The most popular sets include 4 pieces, although the nicer 7 piece diner sets are definitely nice and worth considering if you have the space and use your backyard for entertaining. There's nothing like having a BBQ in the summer and then sitting down outdoors to enjoy the meal. One of our neighbors even put a front deck on their house and now they enjoy dinner out front with their all weather wicker set. View wicker deep seating sets from Casual World. The Outdoor Patio Home Rolston is a quality 4 piece set that includes cushions, a powder coated finish, glass tabletop, loveseat, and 2 chairs. Perfect for entertaining the neighbors or family in the privacy of your yard.

Wicker All Weather Sofa:

Strathwood is a well recognized name in patio furniture and their Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Sofa is a top rated piece that sells for less than $350 and provides a comfortable sitting area in any yard. The cushioned sofa measures 54 x 30 3/4 x 32 inches and weighs under 50 pounds. Most of the outdoor furniture by Strathwood rates quite well with owners and experts say it holds up well. You can browse all the top selling Strathwood wicker furniture here. Pick from arm chairs, sectional sofas, tables, chairs, loungers, storage boxes, and more.