Updated: November 2017

Wine Aerator Reviews:

wine aerators I've been drinking red wines for years but never took it too seriously until recently. After moving to Oregon, our taste for Pinot Noirs really took off and we have found ourselves with a full wine rack most of the time. We tend to drink 1 to 2 bottles of red wine a week and soon realized that using a wine aerator can really bring out the aromas and flavors found in good wines. Some of our neighbors think we are crazy when we pull out the wine aerator even on lesser quality bottles, but we are sold on this device. Many times we have gone to wine tastings at local wine shops and they often use wine aerators while pouring and we never thought much about it. After inquiring about it once, the guy told us to buy an aerator, take it home and try it out on wines we had drank before and see how they taste using the wine aerator. The Vinturi was the best and reasonable priced so we bought it and realized that we enjoyed the wine much better after it had "breathed" properly with the wine aerator. For all we know it's our minds tricking us into thinking it's best, but we've done some blind taste tests and usually pick the glass of wine that was able to "breath" more using the aerator.

Choosing a Wine Aerator - The real question for all of you is - Do Wine Aerator's Work? The proof is in the opinions and comments posted online by actual consumers. Which wine aerator is the one for you? They come in different shapes and sizes - some are very unusual looking. The idea behind the wine aerator to get the wine to "breathe" by forcing air into it. The design of the wine aerators do just that. Some are considered decanters and aerators all in one - like the Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator while others look like skinny funnels (Nicholas VinOair Wine Aerator). The Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer attaches to the end of the wine bottle and you simply pour out the wine (slowly) like you normally would into a wine glass. I have a big collection of large format bottles (mostly 1.5 liter) and I sometimes pour the bottles through the aerator into the decanter. When you love wine you tend to treat it like a fragile baby and that is where I am at. I like to get the most out of each bottle by helping the wine to deliver all the flavors it has. The good news is that most wine aerators get very positive reviews from consumers so any of the ones listed below should do you just fine. Reviews - We found some excellent consumer feedback on websites like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wine Enthusiast, Williams Sonoma, and of course our favorite Amazon.com. The Vinturi Wine Aerator was the hands down winner from all experts and consumers. We took our research to a local wine shop owner here in Portland and he too recommended buying the Vinturi or the Trudeau. How much are they? Anywhere from $20 to $30. You can browse the best selling wine aerators online here.

Best Wine Aerator:

RECOMMENDED - The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator is the best option available on the market. At $30 it's not too expensive and will surely help those mid-range wines you purchase really come to life. It's easy to use - just hold the aerator over the glass and pour the wine through it. The breathing process will quickly enhance the drinkability of your wine and bring out the flavors and provide a solid finish for the wine. Your red wines will now taste better than ever. The aerator and stand are both dishwasher safe so need to worry about wine spilling on them. My only complaint is when pouring the wine from my magnum bottles it's a little hard to get the correct pour so as not to spill. Regular 750ml bottles work just fine - which is what most people have at home. There is a video review done on Amazon that walks you through the process from pouring to drinking. The Vinturi Deluxe 6-Piece Wine Aerator Set makes a perfect gift at Christmas to that wine lover in your family. This year I gave out 2 of these sets as gifts - for less than $50/each. The set comes with sediment filter, wine aerator, tower base, tower arm, and a no splash grate. Get the most out of your wine and use an aerator.

Wine Aerator Pourer:

RECOMMENDED - As we mentioned above, there are a variety of styles and designs to the wine aerators, so you have a lot to choose from. The Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer is another option and it sells for $25 in most stores. They call it "decanting by the glass" and this wine aerator really works well. Our friends have this one and I've seen it in action several times. Just put the aerator into the top of the wine bottle after you have uncorked it and then pour. The Trudeau double aeration system allows the wine to instantly "breathe" and open up all the flavors that have been stored inside the bottle. Several reviews point out that the Trudeau is better than the Vinturi, but both agree that the Vinturi is a solid product as well. It's your choice - everyone has a different idea of what design they prefer and both perform flawlessly when it comes to wine getting the chance to breathe properly before drinking.