Updated: November 2017

Wine Decanter Reviews:

If you are looking to get the most out of your bottle of wine, then decanting it will surely provide the right balance for flavors. When you go to a restaurant, odds are that the bottle of wine you order does not get decanted. So why decant at home? Wine bottles are sealed off from oxygen and that is the key to aging wine, but when you go to open it, the oxygen brings it back to life. A decanter will allow more of the wine to be exposed to air (oxygen). Some wine experts say that decanting young wines doesn't do anything, while others beg to differ and recommended decanting any and all wines. I have never decanted a white wine, but almost all the red varieties I drink are decanted first. We have heard that some of the older wines in your cellar don't need much decanting - the theory goes that the wine has had time to age and develop it's own unique qualities - therefore decanting it too long before actually drinking it could hurt the flavors. Whenever possible we tell our readers to contact the particular winery where the wine is actually from and see what they are saying about a particular year you are planning on opening up. Often, the winemaker can you give some good insight into how wines are tasting - especially those that have been stored for years.
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Choosing a Wine Decanter - All wine decanters we saw will hold the traditional 750 ML bottle of wine. There are some decanters designed to hold up to 2 bottles of wine - magnum sized bottles. I really like the Riedel Ultra 8-3/8-Inch Decanter or the Riedel Magnum Cabernet Decanter ($70). Typically you open up the wine and pour it into the decanter (slowly) about 15 to 30 minutes before drinking it. Some wines may require a longer period in the decanter before drinking, you can always taste a bit to see what you think. The most recognized brand is Riedel (they make all those wine glasses as well) when it comes to decanters and they really have revolutionized the shapes and styles of not only decanters but wine glasses. Each unique shape of decanter will allow your wine to 'breath' and 'come to life'. My problem is that decanters tend to be rather expensive. The good news is that you really only need 1 good wine decanter for most occasions. I happen to have a collection of magnum sized bottles of Pinot Noir from here in Oregon so I have had to purchase several decanters so I can accommodate all the wine when I have parties. The table always looks great during our tasting parties with 4 or 5 decanters just sitting and waiting to be experienced by our guests. Wine decanters are a conversation piece - I guarantee if you have one at your next party many of your guests will want to feel it, pour from it, and generally have lots of questions about decanting. Better tasting wine is what we are all looking for and decanting your wine is the best way to get it. Wine aerators are also popular and sometimes necessary too. Another factor to consider when using a decanter is that you will possible come across wines with sediment in them. Decanting can often separate the sediment from the wine - which is a good thing. The article done by Joesph Nase (a sommelier) that writes for NYMag.com is the perfect place for start for those interested in learning about decanting. Joseph covers all aspects of how to decant, why it works, and when to do it. Wine Decanter Reviews - Want to read what consumers are saying about decanters? We found the best selection online at http://reviews.wineenthusiast.com/wine/Decanter. You will also find some informative videos on YouTube done by Williams Sonoma showing the process. You can browse the best selling wine decanters here.

Best Wine Decanter:

Per several websites, Riedel is the clear winner when it comes to wine decanters, but the price for their products may scare off some consumers. The award winning Riedel Amadeo Decanter is price at over $330. Unless you are drinking $100+ bottles of wine that require quality decanting, this u-shaped decanter may not be for you. Reviews from owners that tend to open 'big young reds' are extremely positive. We also found plenty of owner comments based simple on the design and aesthetic value of the decanter as well. If you want both a beautiful piece of hand made crystal and a unique decanter, Riedel does create some amazing products. You can check out the entire inventory of Riedel wine decanters here.

Wine Decanter Set:

One of the best bargains you'll find online is the Final Touch Traditional Style Decanter which comes with a double wall aerator. The glass decanter features a stainless steel sediment filter so pouring your wines will eliminate any sediment that may have formed in the bottle. As with all decanters of this shape, good luck getting the last few drops out from the bottom. Hand washing is recommended - no using dish soap though since it can tend to collect at the bottom and not come out. There are 'drying stands' you can buy if you want to be able to let the decanter dry properly. For less than $40 this decanter set is great for anyone just getting into drinking red wine that wants to learn the art and process of decanting. Similar products can be found at Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma and even at Target.