Updated: November 2017

Wrench Set Reviews:

Finding the Best Combination Wrench Sets - A home tool set is a necessity. Even if you don't consider yourself the handy Mr./Ms. Fix-It type, when you own a home, you do have to have a certain level of knowledge. Or at least a certain set of tools so you can hand them to visitors and they can fix your house. Either way, a nicely stocked tool box is a must. But what to fill that box with? One of the best basics to have is a combination wrench, or better yet, a combination wrench set. Where do you use a combination wrench? Anywhere there are bolts. And that's everywhere in your home, in your yard, and in your vehicle. Versatility is important in any home tool, and with a set of combination wrenches, you will be able to tackle a wide variety of jobs, from installing car batteries and replacing gas lines for your gas stove to tightening bolts on workout or yard equipment. They're handy, and you should definitely own a set. But which one?

Today, we'll talk about the best combination wrench set for your needs and your budget. If you have ever set a kid loose in a toy store, you know that at first there's excitement. They can't believe all the cool things they see. They have never seen so many toys in one place! But then they start to get overwhelmed. If they can pick just one or two, which should they pick? Soon, they're having a tantrum in the middle of the Lego aisle. It can be like this for adults when shopping for anything, particularly tools. Whether you shop in stores or online, you are going to be facing more variety than you thought was possible for combination wrenches. Where do you start so you don't end up throwing a tantrum? And believe us, that's not as cute on adults as it is on three year olds. We turned to Bestcovery for help. This site provides a short list of the best products in any number of categories, thoroughly reviewed by a panel of experts. This is a great way to find suggestions when you're buying anything from computers and TVs to games, furniture, and, yes, combination wrenches.
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The Best Combination Wrench for High-End Buyers

- When it comes to hand tools, there is one name that stands out from the crowd. Snap-On is the tool of choice for professionals and for those who want the best of the best. Until just recently when they become available online, Snap-On tools were only available from vendor trucks. It makes you wonder if grown men started chasing after the tool truck when it came up the street, searching their pockets for money to buy themselves a treat. But it will take more than pocket change to buy Snap-On tools. They are definitely for either high-end buyers or professionals who need the best - and can write their tools off as a tax deduction. Bestcovery named the Snap-On 11-Piece Wrench Set as the best overall combination wrench set on the market. Like all Snap-On tools, this set is made up of high quality, durable wrenches with a nice high polish finish. The finish makes them easy to wipe clean and maintain. Snap-On created the innovative "flank driver," for their tools, which means that force is applied to the flats instead of the corners. This reduces the chance you will strip the bolt. Most wrenches have this feature, but Snap-On was the originator of this technology. This set contains 11 wrenches from 3/8-inch to 1-inch and costs about $360. Is this too much to pay? As a Bestcovery review says, "Do you need a Snap-On wrench to turn a bolt? Do you need a Rolex to know what time it is?" No. You can get by perfectly well with a less expensive wrench set - but the Snap-On is undeniably the Rolex of tools. A bit more moderate in price is the Bahco by Snap-On 13-Piece Set. These wrenches are made of strong, durable alloy steel, flank driver design, long handled pattern for better reach and torque, and protective plating. You will get 13 wrenches ranging in size from 1/4-inch to 1-inch. This set is a just under $95. Not pocket change, but reasonable for Snap-On quality..

Moderately Priced Combination Wrench Sets:

Craftsman is a well-respected brand that is ideal for homeowners and others who need strong tools that are affordable. They are perfect for jobs around the house or even under the hood. A good choice is the Craftsman 12 pc. Standard 6 pt. Combination Wrench Set. The set includes wrenches ranging in size from 1/4-inch to 7/8-inch. Unless you are working with heavy machinery, you will not need larger sizes than this. The Craftsman wrenches have 6 points of contact, which offers great contact with the nut or bolt and reduces stripping. They have a low profile design that allows for access into small, tight spaces, an offset beam so you don't bruise your knuckles, and chamfered ends. This set costs $60. Craftsman makes other sets, including its Bestcovery pick 26-piece set, that are ideal for most people, barring professionals. You won't pay as much but the quality is outstanding. Check out Craftsman selections here. A Word about Metric and Standard - When buying combination wrench sets, you will notice that they are either SAE, or standard, or Metric. Since the US is clinging to the standard system, we have to have two different sets. For instance, Craftsman 16-Piece Combination Wrench Sets come in standard or metric, and cost about $115 each. Do you need both or can you get by with one? That's a tricky question because different nuts and bolts are measured differently: for instance, to fix your car, you will need standard wrenches for some tasks, and metric for others. Getting either two sets or one set that includes both metric and standard wrenches is the best option. You can try the Craftsman 26-Piece Standard and Metric Combination Wrench Set, available at hardware retailers. This contains wrenches ranging from 5/16-inch to 1-inch and 8mm to 24mm. The price for this set, which is "guaranteed forever," is about $330.

How About a Less Expensive Combination Wrench Set?:

If spending a few hundred dollars on wrenches is not appealing to you, can you go cheaper? Craftsman is less expensive than Snap-On but still provides great quality. There are brands, like Stanley, that are less expensive still. Stanley provides a line of wrenches that can cost under $20 (see Stanley wrenches here). It is not a good idea, though, to go for a brand that is less expensive than Stanley. That will compromise the quality of your tools. Tools like Snap-On and Craftsman are pricier because they use high quality, strong steel that is durable and safe. Less expensive brands use less expensive steel, and at some point, you begin to lose quality. You may have to replace your tools, and it's never good to break tool mid-job. Inconvenient to be sure, and possibly dangerous. Browse through the wide selection of combination wrench sets here and remember that while the best doesn't always mean the most expensive, you do get what you pay for. It's worth it to pay a little more to get a lot more.