Updated: November 2017

Best Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs

Are the Human Touch Zero Gravity Chairs really the best?
Ever feel like gravity is taking too much of a toll on you? Gravity's constant pull can lead to aches, pains, slower healing time and sagging body parts. Specialized chairs, known as zero gravity chairs, are designed to reduce the stress that daily life places on your body. There are a number of companies that make zero gravity chairs - including Novus, Terra, Panasonic, and Sanyo. However, Human Touch's line of Perfect Chair Zero Gravity Recliners is probably the most well-known. Human Touch has been making massage and ergonomic chairs for more than 30 years. Human Touch is the single largest manufacturer and distributor of natural chairs in the North American market today, and they continue to invest in innovation to build better, more natural, biomechanical chairs. But what is a zero gravity chair? Zero gravity chairs are based on NASA chairs designed around keeping astronauts comfortable in zero gravity environments -- basically putting you in a reclined position with your feet and knees slightly elevated. In this guide, we'll bring the topic back down to Earth as we look at the full line of Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs - how they work, what features to look for, how much you should expect to spend, and are they worth the money.

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Human Touch Perfect Chair - Bringing Zero Gravity Home

So what does the Zero Gravity Recliner chair look like? The chair looks very much like a regular high-end chair. The standard design has leather upholstery, a footrest, and a walnut base. The wood on the zero gravity recliners is considered eco-friendly and is handcarved and handstained by craftsmen. The chairs are also made from parawood, which is a renewable form of wood. The Perfect Chair is perfect for anyone who feels that too much wear and tear gets put on his or her body during the daily routine. It would be a very comfortable chair for a home theatre environment, in particular, as the reclining position is perfect for settling into and not going anywhere for a couple of hours. This chair may be particularly ideal for those heart problems or those healing from surgery. Often patients are told to sleep with their knees below their hips, which can be difficult to achieve without a chair like this one. The zero gravity reclining chairs elevate your legs above your heart. Doctors recommend this position as being a particularly healthy way to sit. The Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs seek to achieve a "harmony between your body and gravity." Each recliner chair is fixed form, which ensures maximum ergonomic posture recommended by doctors. After a long painful day on my feet, this sounds good to me. Human Touch, you had me at "harmony!"

Perfect Chair - Zero Gravity Recliner Chair Comparison

Human touch offers four models of zero gravity recliner chairs. These models include the PC-075, The PC-006 and the PC-095 and the PC-085. In each of these cases, "PC" stands for perfect chair. The differences between the different chair models are fairly minimal, the PC-095, PC-075 and PC-006 are all fairly similar in style. These recliner chairs are a sleek contemporary design. The PC-085, on the other hand, is more luxurious and generously padded. So which zero gravity reclining chair is best? It really depends on your particular needs and preference for style and materials. These leather recliners with electric reclining function are all fairy close in price, ranging between $1900 to about $2500. The gravity recliner's electric recline system is electric, quiet, and takes just 15 seconds to fully recline into a position where your body can restore its natural balance.

The PC-075 is the lowest priced zero gravity recliner coming in at about $1600-$2400. You can choose different types of wood for your leather recliner chair frame including dark walnut, standard walnut or maple. The price of the chair stays consistent regardless of which wood you choose. As far as the upholstery of the chair, Human Touch offers 8 choices, which include suede and leather. The standard choice, called "cashew sofsuede," comes included in the price of the chair. For a $100 increase in price you can choose between 7 leather shades including black bonded leather, cashew bonded leather, ivory bonded leather and espresso-bonded leather. For a price increase of $600, you can receive premium leather choices including black premium leather, dark chocolate premium leather and cognac premium leather, which is a deep red shade. Other zero gravity reclining chair add-ons include a PC Memory Foam Kit which matches your body's contours for about $279 and a PC Extending Footrest for $129. The chair models that are slightly more expensive, the PC- 006 chair chair and the PC-095, were inspired by the Neutral Body Posture, which was studied by NASA. Your body remains in a weightless position. This position promotes relaxation and lets go of your body's muscle tension. The joints in your knee, hip and spine are likely to be close to their midpoint of balance. The PC-006 chair is slightly more expensive and sells for $2199. However, unlike the PC-075, all upgrades are included and leather comes automatically with the PC-006. The most expensive zero gravity recliner of the bunch is the Zero Gravity PC-095, which is about $2000. Similarly to the PC-006, this chair comes with any leather choices you wish for no extra fee. You can also choose between walnut, maple and dark walnut frame. This chair has the unique feature of a headrest that is fully customizable.

Lastly, Human Touch offers the PC-085 leather recliner chair. This zero gravity reclining chair looks different and more luxurious from the other three models of chairs. It is all leather and comes in a choice of black bonded leather, cashew bonded leather and espresso bonded leather. The price is roughly $1999. This zero gravity chair is generously padded and in a fixed-form seated position, which is said to make the chair as ergonomic as possible. This chair looks more like the standard leather recliner that you would see in a typical living room. This model also the electric zero gravity recliner feature and the leg rests are retracting. In fact, both the PC-095 and PC-085 have retractable leg rests. These leg rests can help people to more easily get in and out of the chair (be sure to check out the Zero Gravity Massage Chairs as well).

Buying a Zero Gravity Recliner

The Human Touch website, HumanTouch.com, provides a great deal of information about where you can buy the Zero gravity recliner chairs. The site has a find a dealer link where you can enter your country or zip code to find a nearby reseller. In fact, many of these retail stores will let you test out this leather recliner chair in person before buying it. You can also order directly from the Human Touch website, and they will give you white glove delivery and free shipping. Human Touch offers a 3-year warranty on parts and a 3-year warranty on structural problems with the zero gravity recliner