Updated: November 2017

Bosch Miter Saw Reviews:

When it comes to power tools, there are few companies with as solid a reputation as Bosch tools. Their collection of miter saws are top rated on almost every website you visit and stores can't keep these on the shelves for very long. Any good woodworker or carpenter knows that a Bosch miter saw is sturdy, reliable, and has all the latest technology built in. Miter saws are commonly referred to as chop saws, drop saws, and are the tool of choice when making crosscuts and miters. They are most commonly used on crown molding projects so DIY homeowners find them very useful. The saws come in blade sizes from 8 to 12 inches, although the 10" and 12" compound miter saws are the most popular. The Bosch 4410L is the top selling 10 inch dual bevel sliding compound miter saw and the Bosch 5412L is a perfect 12" slide miter saw with laser tracking. These top rated miter saws from Bosch are $500, but experts and consumers alike say they are well worth the money.

Buying Guide - What features should you be looking for? The great thing with Bosch is that they manufacture some of the best performing saws in the world, so expect all the "bells and whistles" with most of their miter saws. In general, you want a compound miter saw which is designed for bevel cutting - you can set the angle between 0 and 50 degrees, the dual bevel models let you set the angle between - 50 and 50 degrees. You will find that both the Bosch 5412L and the 4410L are dual bevel sliding miter saws. The "slide" means the blade will be able to move and increase the length of cut beyond the diameter of the blade. Look for miter saws with positive stops - these are preconfigured points which let you cut on specific angles and help make your workload go much faster. Self retracting blade guards are pretty common these days. Laser guides are a nice feature, but many craftsman and contractors will tell you they are not necessary. Dust bags help eliminate excess dust created by your cuts and they connect right to the saw. Also, carbide tipped blades are superior over the steel and and high-speed steel blades. If you want in depth reviews on these saws, we found several unbiased reviews posted to sites like Taunton.com, Plansnow.com, Onlinetoolreviews.com, and Newwoodworker.com. Many are head to head comparisons with top brands like Hitachi and DeWalt. Most expert opinions point towards Bosch and Hitachi leading this industry and it's no surprise all their miter saws are the most popular and best selling on Amazon.com. We found dozens of owner comments and consumer feedback on Amazon.com and think their site is the best in terms of price and selection. Even Consumer Reports gets in on the action with a recent test of compound miter saws. You can browse the entire selection of Bosch compound miter saws here.

Best Bosch Miter Saw - Bosch 5312:

RECOMMENDED - The top selling Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw is the king of their products. The 5412L has a wide miter range with 52 degrees left and right and it features laser tracking. Experts agree the 15 amp, 3800 rpm, 3HP motor is more than enough to handle all your crosscuts on any job. The carbide tipped blade is the best in the industry and the heavy cast iron base makes this model feel sturdy (just like a Bosch should be). The saw comes loaded with a dust bag, elbow wrench set, flip over crown stops, and the blade. Professionals and DIY's have nothing but praise for this high end machine and they say it has the best "accuracy" and "performance" amongst all the competition. Other features that owners especially like are the adjustable 4-position trigger, miter lock knob, and the mite detent override system. The electric brake and spindle lock are added bonuses.

Bosch 4212L - 12" Compound Miter Saw:

RECOMMENDED - This is the budget model of the bunch at just under $400, but just because it's cheaper than the other 2 models on this page, don't think it lacks in performance or accuracy. The Bosch 4212 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw is a top rated miter saw on almost any power tool site you visit. We even ventured down to our local home improvement store to get some tips on which miter saws perform the best and the salesguy said lots of customers ask about the 4212L. The dual bevels give you a range of 52 degrees left and right and several carpenters mention that being a "non-slider" this miter saw has good capacities. You can cut 2 x 6's, 2 by 8's, and 4 x 4's. Many owners call it the "crown molding king" and others mention how nice the Speed track sliding fence is. If you decide on this miter saw, then consider going with the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand which is a top rated stand with an 18" material capacity, 8" pneumatic wheels, and it fits almost all the competitors miter saws as well (Hitachi, Makita, Dewalt). Even if the floors or ground you are working on are not level, the adjustable leveling feet will solve that issue in no time. The Bosch T4B Gravity Rise is an award winning miter stand.

Bosch 4410L -10-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

RECOMMENDED - At just over $500 this model is considered one of the "best values" you will get when it comes to a sliding compound miter saw with dual bevels. The Bosch 4410L is very similar to the 5412L offered above, only it's 10 inches instead of 12. Most of the reviews for this model are overwhelmingly positive and many owners say the "saw exceeds my expectations". The saw has been around for a few years now, but consistently shows in the top few choices from Consumer Reports and other leading independent power tool testers. I had a guy install some crown molding in my house about 6 months ago and he has been in the business for 30 years. He used to have the Hitachi C10FSH, but prefers the 4410L over any other product he has owned. In woodworking reviews online, the Bosch is a clear winner to many and owner comments on Amazon back that up 100%. Owners say things like "best in its class", "perfect for doing baseboards", and "crown molding cuts can't get any easier". Professional carpenters, intermediate woodworkers, and DIY homeowners all agree this is the miter saw to own.