Updated: November 2017

Bunk Bed Reviews:

I remember being a kid and wishing my parents would buy me and my brother a bunk bed. I used to share a bedroom with my older brother and a bunk bed seemed like a lot of fun at the time. My parents always refused to buy us one and looking back there were probably many reasons why - like price, safety, and the design of our bedroom. Nowadays you can buy a bunk bed in any style you want (castle, tent, wood, metal, stairs, ladder, etc.), but some of the bunk beds we reviewed are pretty expensive - almost $2,000 for the top designs. Over the years they have made big improvements on the safety issues that surround bunk beds, like the guard rails and ladders required to reach the top bunk. My cousin had a bunk bed and from what I remember there were not any rails on either bunk, not a very safe feeling for any child. If you have kids that tend to move around a lot in bed or if your kids get up in the middle of the night then a bunk bed might not be a great idea for your family. On the other hand if your child is a good sleeper then buying your little girl a castle bunk bed could make her very happy (something that every parent could appreciate). Building a bunk bed is another option although I would advise the average parent to just spend the money and buy one.

Choosing a Bunk Bed - There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new bunk bed for your kids. We have listed them below with a few pointers on each.

* Size and Type - The most common are the twin over twins, but some parents with one older and one younger child go with a twin over full bunk bed. There are even twin over trundle bunk beds.
* Material - Vast majority are made with wood. Maple, cherry, oak, pine and hardwood are logical choices. Manufactured wood is cheaper and will not hold up as well as solid wood. Walker Edison makes beds that are built with metal instead of wood.
* Storage Drawers - Sometimes called trundle drawers, the storage drawers that are offered with some bunk beds are great. Get rid of the mess by having a place to put clothes, toys, games, etc.
* Bunkie Boards or Slat Kits - Some bunk beds will come with a bunkie board, the flat board where the mattress rests. There is no need for a boxpsring at this point. Slat kits are similar to bunkie boards but they are strips of boards, so there are gaps in between the boards. They can be a replacement for bunkie boards and box springs.
* Stairs vs Ladder - There are some choices, but most bunk beds will come with ladders. Stairs seem to be safer, but they are harder to find.
* Price - You can get a generic bunk bed for $200, but the nicer designed bunks will run from $400 to $1000. There are still more priced between $1000 and $2000 with themed designs, slides, stairs, and more.

Bunk Bed Reviews - Simplybunkbeds.com and Amazon.com are two excellent sources for reading owner reviews on bunk beds. Find out what styles and types work out best. Read up on ladders and safety issues. Find out what materials work best in kids rooms. You can browse the best selling bunk beds online here.

Best Bunk Bed:

One of the top rated bunks we could find for under $400 was the Full Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest in Amber Wash Finish. Made with solid Brazilian pine, this bunk bed has a finish that is child safe and lead free. The ladder rungs are flat (not vertical) so they are more ergonomic for kids feet. The bottom bunk sits less than 12 inches off the floor and the ladder can be permanently screwed on or just attached via the hook. One customer noted that for $325 this type of bed was a "real bargain" considering similar products sell on Pottery Barn for Kids for twice as much. Others mentioned that the assembly took about 1 to 2 hours with power tools. Great for younger kids that don't require more than a twin mattress. As with any raised bed, always give your children safety rules to follow when getting into and out of the top bunk. Unfortunately accidents happen every year with bunk beds, but most of the time they are due to kids "goofing" around and not due to faulty manufacturing.

Bunk Bed with Stairs:

The Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Mission Style in Honey with Stairway and Drawers is a top seller on several websites and the reviews are very positive for it. The solid wood construction requires no 'bunkie boards' as there is a slat roll foundation. There are drawers under each step plus dual bed drawers. The stairways provides quick and simple access to the top bunk. No more ladders for the littler ones to climb up. The bunks can accommodate a twin size mattress (not included). The unit comes with 4 side rails, 2 head boards, 2 foot boards, 1 staircase, 26 slats, 2 under bed drawers on casters, and drawers that fit under the steps. Owner reviews are all 5 out of 5 stars with comments like "great bunk with lots of storage" and "safe staircase better than ladders". As a parent, we all want our kids to be safe on a bunk bed and this product delivers on that level. Kids love bunk beds and this one will not disappoint. Does take some time to assemble.