Updated: November 2017

Cabinet Hardware Buying Guide:

Cabinets, whether in your kitchen or bathrooms, need to have the hardware replaced every so often to look updated. Many homeowners choose to replace their cabinet hardware instead of refinishing their cabinets because it's much cheaper. I recently got involved in replacing the hardware on my kitchen cabinets. I was able to do half of them and I had to have a professional carpenter come in to do the other half. The cabinet knobs were the easy ones to replace since all I had to do was unscrew the older fixtures and screw on the new ones. As for the cup/bin pulls, my handyman did the work because it was a little more detailed work to replace them. Part of the biggest challenge is choosing the right hardware fixtures amongst the thousands of different styles that exist. We will try to guide you through the choices down below with prices, brands, materials, sizes, etc.
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Just where do you begin your search you may ask? I started at Home Depot and Lowes to see what types of cabinet hardware products they offer in their home improvement stores. I was pleasantly surprised to find a big variety of brushed nickel knobs which is what I was looking for. I also ventured out to some local cabinet and kitchen hardware stores that specialize in designer fixtures in hopes of finding something more unique. There are dozens of online websites dedicated to kitchen cabinet hardware products like Myknobs.com or Knobsplus.com. Some of the top brands of cabinet hardware are Amerock, Belwith, Becker Beschlaege, Copia Bronze, Omnia, Pacific Modern, Schaub & Company, Soko, Topex, and Vicenza. What I ended up doing was buying my cabinet knobs at Home Depot for like $4.50/each and then ordered the bin pulls (matched the same brushed nickel color) from a kitchen hardware store in downtown Portland, Oregon. The entire process took about 1 month from start to finish, but if you are planning on a complete kitchen remodel then give yourself more time to coordinate things. One thing that we didn't think about was how replacing a knob with a bin pull would effect the outside of the cabinet. We were lucky that the cabinet pull covered the area where the knob had been so there was no signs of work being done. Of course, if you had done things the other way (replace a bin pull with a knob) there would be clear evidence that a previous fixture had been there. In that case, you may have to refinish the cabinets in order to hide any marks left by the original cabinet hardware fixtures. RECOMMENDED - We suggest that you browse the best selling cabinet hardware here.

Cabinet Hardware Products:

Certainly the most time consuming part of getting kitchen cabinets installed can be the act of buying them. You need to match colors, shapes, designs, and materials found in your kitchen or house. Cabinet hardware styles include knobs, cup/bin pulls, pendant pull, finger pull, drop handle, ring pull, recessed pull, pull/handle, European pull bar, back to back door handles, etc. The colors and materials are vast as well with antique brass, copper, iron, bronze, brushed nickel, steel, wrought iron, polished chrome, rustic pewter, and stainless steel to name just a few. Some mount on the front of the cabinets while others are designed to screw in from the back of the cabinet or interior of a cabinet drawer. The dimension and size of the fixture is important as well since you would like some symmetry throughout the kitchen or bathroom. With all the variables involved with picking a cabinet hardware fixture you can understand how complicated it gets in a hurry. We say first decide on a color, then choose a design or pattern you like, and then the size. Of course price is a consideration for most of us and we will get into that next.

How much are Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Products?:

When I did my kitchen cabinet hardware and drawers I had over 60 knobs I needed to replace and about 25 drawer bin cup pulls. The knobs I bought were around $5/each and the bin cup pulls were closer to $8.50/each. Many of the cabinets knobs we saw online and in stores were priced at $4 to $10 depending on material and color. Amerock oil rubbed bronze and nickel knobs were above $10 in some stores. Belwith brass knobs were closer to $7/each. Brushed nickel rail pulls (6") sell for $15-$20 and polished chrome were much cheaper at around $3/each. The internet is a great place to price compare on any product you should definitely check out the sites we have listed above for cabinet hardware. We did not find any price savings online versus traditional stores, but you may find styles listed on the internet that you can't find in stores. When compared to the cost of refinishing your cabinets, even if you put out $500 to $750 for new knobs and pulls, your cabinets will surely look better.

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware:

As we've noted throughout this article, much of your cabinet hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms can be done by yourself. You will probably need a power drill, screwdriver, some wood putty, and perhaps some paint. The putty and paint for areas (holes) left behind by your old hardware that may be visible with the new hardware in place. There are literally dozens of websites that offer instructions on "how to install cabinet hardware". Do a search on Google for "installing cabinet knobs and pulls" and you will find plenty of sites to choose from for advice. One of the best was at Bobvila.com (This Old House) where they actually show you a video of how to do some of the work.