Updated: November 2017

Calphalon Cookware Reviews:

What is Calphalon? - Many people have heard of Calphalon cookware, but are unsure what makes this product unique. The signature Calphalon line offers nonstick surfaces that are not Teflon. Instead they are anodized Aluminum, which is often called "hard-anodization" cookware. This aluminum is far harder than normal aluminum. It also also hard to damage and is highly durable. Medium heat is preferred because aluminum is such a good conductor. According to Calphalon, anodized aluminum and infused anodized aluminum "sear perfectly, release with ease and deglaze beautifully." The method of hard anodizing was invented in 1968 by the aerospace industry. Calphalon (formerly called Commercial Aluminum) was the first to use this technology for cookware and it became available to the public in 1975.

Why Calphalon is one of the Leaders in Cookware - Calphalon sells cookware, cutlery, bakeware, electrics, kitchen tools, products for entertaining and textiles like kitchen towels. When it comes to cookware sets, Calphalon offers quite a great deal of options, which include nonstick, "infused anodized aluminum" stainless steel and enamel cast iron. Product lines include Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick, Calphalon CS Nonstick and Calphalon Contemporary Stainless and also the newest line called Calphalon Unison Nonstick. In 1997, Commercial Aluminum Cookware Company was renamed "Calphalon Corporation." Shortly thereafter, Newell Rubbermaid purchased the company. The Calphalon Commercial Hard-Anodized cookware was introduced in 1998. The Calphalon Culinary Center in Chicago opened in 2001. Every few years Calphalon innovates with something new. Tri-Play Stainless was announced in 2001 and Tri-Ply Copper was launched in 2002. Today, Calphalon also has a "Calphalon ReNew" system where you can recycle your old cookware. Clearly, Calphalon never rests easy and is always seeking to add new advancements and expand the company. You can see all the best selling Calphalon products online here. Calphalon products can be found in a wide variety of stores including Macy's, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Crate and Barrel. In December 2005, Consumer Reports issued a guide to cookware sites and said that Calphalon Contemporary was among the best. It got high marks for easy cleaning and cooking evenness. However, they did say the price was a little high. But the good news is that because there are so many Calphalon product lines, there is now a wide variety of prices. But the quality as well as the way you can use your cookware varies. We checked out a variety of reviews to uncover which Calphalon products are the best ones to buy. Cooking.com and Cookingcache.com offer good owner reviews of the cookware from Calphalon and our most respected source is Amazon, which posts 100's of consumer reviews on their site so you can quickly and easily see which products perform the best. You browse the most popular Calphalon cookware here.

Calphalon's Hard-Anodized Cookware:

You can see all the Calphalon cookware sets at Amazon. Among the cooking sets, perhaps the most reviewed is Calphalon Commercial 9-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set which sells for $169 on Amazon. This cookware set comes with a 2-1/2-quart covered shallow saucepan; 8-, 10-, and 12-inch open skillets and 3- and 7-quart covered chef's casseroles. Reviewers in general love this set. However, keep in mind that if you used to Teflon, it takes awhile to get used to how this surface works. Reviewers on Amazon agree on this fact. But the advise other potential customers that once you get used to how Hard-Anodized Cookware feels and works, it is great. One factor that may hold some shoppers back from buying this set is that machine washing is not recommended. Also the metal tops of the pans can get very hot. People like this set because of its low price, and for $169 it may be worth washing a few dishes.

Calphalon's Stainless Steel Products:

If you want a 13-piece stainless steel cookware set, you need to be prepared to spend about $400. Take, for example, the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel 13-Piece Cookware Set. This particular set is oven-safe up to 700 degrees F. You can also clean these pots and pans in the dishwasher. They also have a lifetime warranty. With the stainless steel products, aluminum cores are sandwiched by stainless-steel layers. Reviewers have mentioned that the interiors and exteriors of this cookware is easy to clean. People mention that they were pleasantly surprised this cookware could resist scratching, denting, warping, and corrosion. Reviews for this particular product include chefs who mention that this is what they use at home. Now, of course, stainless steel cookware will not offer you a nonstick surface like some of Calphalon's other products. However, reviewers suggest that if you burn something just bring water to a boil remove from stove and let sit. Later, scrub the area with soap and water. Cuisinart Multiclad and the Calphalon Tri-Ply are entirely wrapped in an aluminum core between two layers of stainless steel..

Calphalon's Unison NonStick- Newest Product at Calphalon:

Calphalon's newest product is Unison Nonstick, which offers "Slide Nonstick and Sear Nonstick." You can cook with little oil or butter. Foods are released effortlessly. The Unison line can cook at temperatures up to 500 and be washed in dishwasher. Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10 Piece Cookware Set sells for $600. Obviously, this is a pricey line of cookware, but Unison may be the best choice for those wanting professional cookware with a great deal of ease of use. So far this product is getting great reviews and people are commenting on the Internet that they are really happy they spent the money.

Calphalon One Infused Anodized Cookware Set Another Calphalon option is the Calphalon One Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set - This cookware set sells for about $500 on Amazon.com and includes a 3-quart chef's pan, 4-1/2-quart saucepan, 11-inch chef's skillet, 8-quart stockpot and 10- and 12-inch fry pans. The set comes with Stainless-steel lids and stainless-steel ergonomic handles. Like most Calphalon products, the One Infused Anodized 10-Piece Cookware Set comes with a lifetime warranty. You can cook with an even higher temperature of up to 700 degrees. But since this is Infused Anodized Cookware, using a dishwasher is not recommended. When we surveyed reviews, we found that people in general loved this cookware. We did find complaints include people considered it to be "lowstick," as opposed to "no stick." However, again, the Calphalon anodized cookware often takes a little getting used to. We did see a few other complaints such as people stating the cookware didn't heat up as fast as they would have liked. However, mostly all reviews were very positive. If you are interested in maintaining the shiny look of your Calphalon cookware, one recommendation that comes up over and over again from users is to use Bar Keepers Friend brand to clean the cookware every so often. It only costs a few dollars and it keeps pots and pans shiny.