Updated: November 2017

Cappuccino Machine/Maker Reviews:

How many of us go to Starbucks almost daily for our favorite cappuccino/latte/espresso? Why waste your money there when you can make some pretty tasty cappuccinos at home? Cappuccino makers have come a long way in recent years and now more people are finding out that they can make a quality cappuccino at home instead of venturing out to Starbucks or your local coffee shop. You can spend over $400 for a nice home cappuccino machine but we found several models that sell for less than $100 with very favorable reviews and comments. Mid-range models are sold by Hamilton Beach, DeLonghi, Krups, Bialetti, and Capresso. The luxury cappuccino makers are sold by Solis, Saeco, and Gaggia.
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Buying Guide - There are pump machines and steam machines. Steam machines are less powerful than the pump models, but you will still get good results. The steam cappuccino machines are less expensive than the pump versions and they tend to be smaller as well. A great source of consumer reviews were found at Coffeegeek.com and while we did search on Consumer Reports for cappuccino makers, nothing has been done in recent years to help guide us. Amazon.com lists almost all the top manufacturers of cappuccino machines along with user reviews. We found that most people buy espresso machines that offer cappuccino and latte features to go with them. The features that buyers are looking for are fast results, great tasting coffee, and easy cleanup. Espresso/Cappuccino machines vary in size and amount of coffee they can produce at one time. Most were able to give you 2 full cups of espresso/cappuccino which is sufficient in the majority of households. Although the high end espresso and cappuccino makers do have deluxe features like digital controls and automatic processes, the overall feedback on budget models (less than $100) and the luxury machines ($200+) was very similar. If you are just an occassional cappuccino or espresso drinker go with one of the cheaper models that still provide flavorful coffee. Retailer stores like Walmart and Target sell cappuccino/espresso machines from most of the leading brands. You can browse the top selling cappuccino machines here.

Best Cappuccino Machine/Maker:

RECOMMENDED - When it comes to the most popular cappuccino machine, consumers say go with the Capresso 121.01 Ultima Semi-Automatic Coffee and Espresso/Cappuccino Machine. The Capresso has a double brewing spout that fills 2 cups at once, has a steaming wand which froths milk for cappuccinos and caffe lattes, and is manufactured in Switzerland. Great for home or office say many owners. Solis offers 2 excellent cappuccino makers that will keep you from having to go to Starbucks each day. The SL90 is the better of the 2 with a single boiler, reservoir, and pump operated. You will be able to make lattes, cafe mochas, and cappuccinos. The digital control is one big advantage the SL90 has over the lesser SL70 model. Owners say the water heat up is quick, the steam pressure is good, and the large water reservoir comes in handy. Several of the user reviews mentioned they bought their machines off of Ebay at discounted prices. It's certainly worth a try to win a bid on Ebay for a Solis SL90 or SL70 if they are available. Otherwise, bite the bullet and go to Amazon for the best pricing. BEST BUY - We suggest taking a look at the De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker which sells for $80. Feedback on Amazon makes this a top seller.

Basic/Value Cappuccino Maker:

The Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker ($90) is available at Amazon and remains a popular choice amongst those that want a home cappuccino machine. Sure there are other brands that cost $100's more, but the Italian made Bialetti should work quite well for cappuccino lovers that only need a few cups. This cappuccino-latte maker is simple to use and the results are surprisingly good for a low end machine. You fill the base with water and put finely ground coffee or espresso in the filter. Then add milk to the top carafe and set your stove to medium-high heat. Within about 5 minutes, you will have created a nice, flavorful cappuccino. The machine is made with cast aluminum and will brew up to 2 full cups. This same model is also available at Sur La Table and Bed Bath & Beyond. Reviewers on Amazon.com say this is the best "budget or value cappuccino machine" and produces fast and delicious coffees. See all the top rated cappuccino machines here.

Commercial Cappuccino Machine:

RECOMMENDED - The Saeco Magic Plus Cappuccino / Espresso Machine ($370) is as close to a commercial cappuccino machine you need in your home. It does it all - grinds, doses, tamps, brews, and dispenses quality coffee. You get 1 to 2 cups produced at a time. It includes a powerful steam wand and Pannarello frothing device for the perfect cappuccino. The Saeco cappuccino maker is a pump machine that is made in Italy and has a built-in tamper. The process is pretty much automatic with the Saeco machine and the milk-frothing attachment works fine. Reviews say the machine is great for 1 to 2 person household (coffee drinkers). The one drawback to such a high end machine is that there are plenty of moving parts and repairs can be costly when they do occur. You can browse the top rated cappuccino machines online here.