Updated: November 2017

Review of Capresso Coffee Makers - Best Jura Capresso Coffee Machines

Why Jura-Capresso is a Top Choice for Coffee Lovers
Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee? Sure, you can get your daily cup at a big conglomerate like Starbucks, but nothing beats the feeling of brewing a wonderful cup of coffee in your own home. Just think of that rich aroma flowing throughout your home. Yes, you can tell that I too am a coffee junkie. Jura-Capresso Inc. is one of the premiere manufacturers of fine coffee making products and makes innovative coffee makers, coffee grinders, espresso machines and water kettles. This company is the result of a merger of Capresso Inc. and Jura AG. Capresso was founded in 1994 and has received numerous design and performance awards over the year. Jura AG was founded in 1931 in Switzerland. And as we all know, the Swiss really know how to make a good cup of coffee. You can find a long list of impressive reviews for the company at the Capresso' website. Quotes include, "Capresso has top-of-line customer service." "It is so convenient to have a good cup of coffee at home - and I am thrilled with it everyday" and "Thank You doesn't seem like a strong enough statement for how I feel about you guys, the performance far exceeded my expectations." Clearly, the people at Jura-Capresso care about their customers and good coffee. Websites that sell Jura-Capresso coffee products include Cooking.com, Amazon.com, and Sur La Table, among others. In this guide we will take a look at the most popular Capresso coffee machines.

capresso coffee maker

Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Center - Espresso Machines

Jura-Capresso sells a variety of high-end "coffee centers" that are designed to be multifunctional stations that keep the coffee lover happy. Why buy a Capresso machine?
  • Flavor/Taste: more people like the taste of freshly ground coffee brewed under high pressure.
  • Time/Convenience: you can get a fresh cup of coffee in 1 minute, which includes grinding, brewing, and cleaning.
  • Variety: Capresso coffee centers offers everything from hot cocoa to tea to lattes to espressos.
With these machines, coffee is ground for each cup just before brewing. This process assures that each coffee drinker has a fresh cup and more aroma is preserved than with any other brewing system. The Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Center also has a extra large brewing chamber which holds enough coffee to brew up to 16 oz. Also the stainless steel lined "ThermoBlock" heating system provides steam in unlimited quantities. The Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Center makes for ideal milk frothing for your cappuccinos and lattes. An 18 bar pump provides the high pressure needed for rapid brewing, avoiding chemical residue tastes left behind by some other slower brewing processes. Some models include the Capresso Impressa c9 One Touch, which sells for $1799. This is the most compact automatic coffee center. The Impressa S9 One Touch retails for $2399 and is considered to be the best for versatility. If you're confused about models, Capresso will even send you a free 2 hour DVD covering all their different products (email contact@capresso.com). You can also check out a PDF comparison chart of all the different Capresso coffee centers (or browse all Capresso models here).

Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee Maker Reviews

If you are looking for a great coffee machine, but want to spend a bit less money, the Jura-Capresso Impressa F8 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center model is a great fit. This machine sells for $1399 and has most of the same functionality as the more expensive models. Of the reviews we read on Amazon for this product, people were really passionate (in a good way) and some even comment that it provides the best coffee they have ever tasted. Reviewers also mentioned that the Jura-Capresso made coffee faster than other coffee centers in this price range. Check out this Amazon page, as it also has a video where you can watch a demonstration of the Jura-Capresso Impressa J5 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center. This machine can produce cup after cup of coffee with no down time. It has 6 buttons- two buttons for espresso (single and double), two for coffee (single and double), one for hot water, and one for steam. People recommend this machine and feel even though it is expensive, it is well worth the price if you drink coffee every day and care about the quality of the drink. In general, people are shocked and pleasantly surprised at how fast the coffee was made. Quite a few people also commented that coffee is very easy to make with this machine. Although not everyone will want to spend over $1000 on a coffee maker, many customers felt it was worth it because they were drinking so much coffee. This device really seemed to increased their overall quality of life.

Capresso Espresso Machines

Capresso also has machines that are dedicated exclusively for making espresso. The espresso that the Capresso Espresso machines produce also has a foamy layer on top, called "crema." One option for a great espresso machine is the Capresso Ultima, which sells for $299.99. According to the Capresso website, this device is the "only semi-automatic pump coffee/espresso/cappuccino with automatic tamping and used coffee removal technology." For a very low price of only $59.99, you can also get the highly rated Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine. This is a 4-cup safety espresso/cappuccino machine with steam boiler technique. Reviewers felt this was a great machine especially for the money. People also feel that the machine was reliable and easy to clean. Of course, this is an entry-level machine compared to some other Capresso offerings, but it will definitely upgrade your espresso to the next level. A few people mentioned their frother worked a bit inconsistently, but that was the only major complaint we saw. And if you can get a good cup of espresso day-after-day for only $59, many customers may be willing to replace the frother every so often.

Burr Grinder Stainless Steel

According to reviewers, Jura-Capresso makes a top-notch burr grinder. For the record, other companies that make comperable Burr Grinders are Breville, Cuistanart, Krups, and Braun. The Jura-Capresso Stainless Steel Burr Grinder is an economical way of getting a consistent grind. In fact, the device offers 17 grind settings. Most people won't even know what to make of 17 settings! The Capresso burr grinder is compatible with pump and boiler espresso machines, French Press, Drip Coffee Makers and Percolators. Over 500 people have reviewed the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinders which sells on Amazon for $138. This device handles 8-1/2 ounces of beans at a time. Although there are a few complaints that the plastic basket that holds the coffee breaks easily, in general customers are thrilled with this grinder. Reviewers have comment that this grinder is less noisy than other brands. Others commented that they were impressed with the quality build of the product. People remarked that using the grinder really improved the taste of their espresso (even without buying a different espresso maker!)