Updated: November 2017

Clothes Dryer Reviews:

A dryer is typically the second-biggest electricity-using appliance after the refrigerator, costing about $85 to operate annually. Reviews were done on modern clothes dryers to determine which performed best when loaded with clothes, towels, and bedding and they were rated on energy efficiency, speed, noise, and temperature consistency. You need to consider gas dryers versus electric dryers as well. The differences between those 2 types is discussed below. The LG and Samsung models consistently perform well with extra cycles and great drying ability. LG's do well with large loads and are gentle on delicates. The drying times are some of the fastest. Many dryers include features like a drying rack, an extra low delicates setting, electronic touchscreen controls, and a stainless steel drum. There is a drying sensor which ensures that no energy is wasted when drying even the largest loads. Other top models are from Kenmore(sold at Sears). The high end dryers cost from $1000 to $1500 while the mid-ranged clothes dryers are closer to $600 or $700.

What to look for when buying a clothes dryer? Buy a dryer with the highest energy factor and know whether your laundry room has gas or electricity hookups - gas is cheaper in the long run. Look for a clothes dryer with a moisture sensor that automatically shuts off the machine when your clothes are dry - this will save energy. Dryers with a cycle that includes a cool-down period, sometimes known as a "perma-press" cycle are the way to go. A great question when buying dryers is which performs better - gas or electric. Gas dryers tend to cost more (approximately $50) but in most areas gas dryers will cost less to run over their lifetime. Each time you dry your laundry with an electric model the load will cost about $.35 in electricity versus the 15 cents that a gas dryer uses. Kenmore dryers often cost less than the top end dryers offered by GE and other manufacturers although their dryers come with less features and usually no stainless steel drum. You will also get the rotary dial controls versus the more sophisticated electronic controls found on pricier models. Digital displays and one-touch program selections are becoming the norm on modern dryers. Experts say to go with larger capacity dryers than you may think you need since the clothes will dry faster. Look for models that offer lots of temperature settings - more dry, less dry, cotton, permanent press, etc. Dryer reviews - There are lots of websites that try to answer which dryer is the best "overall". We like to rely on our trusted source - Consumer Reports. CR does an excellent job and their dryer ratings are based on things like dryer performance, noise, convenience, and capacity. Of course price is always included in the equation at some point since many dryers offer virtually the same performance as those priced much higher. Some of the newer steam dryers are $500 more than the basic models but don't offer much more in terms of performance. Top brands include Kenmore, GE, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch, Amana, Miele, Frigidaire, and Electrolux. You can buy dryers in stores like Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy, and online at Amazon.com. When it comes to dryer reliability, LG and Whirlpoolrate the best for electric dryers and LG and Amana have the least amount of repairs or problems for gas dryers. You can browse their top selling clothes dryers online here.

Best Electric Clothes Dryer:

RECOMMENDED - The LG Electric Dryer is a top rated clothes dryer that sells for about $950. The features are many on the LG dryer - wrinkle care option, 5 drying programs, 5 temperature levels, a delicates cycle, front loading, electronic control panel upfront, and a Sensor Dry System to give you the maximum in energy efficiency. Owners say the unit is quiet and does a "great job at drying". The steam cycle dryers are becoming more popular and the LG DLEX7177RM is one to consider - it's a cherry red color. LG also sells the accompanying steam washer if you want the set. With the SteamFresh cycle on these units you can reduce wrinkles and "refresh" garments in about 20 minutes time. Expect to spend a little more cash on the steam cycle dryers - around $1300. Electric clothes dryers even come in portable models that do smaller loads and fit in compact areas.

Gas Dryer:

As we mentioned above, a gas dryer for clothes will cost a bit more than the electric variety, but the overall savings in energy should help you recoup the upfront money spent. Kenmore rates extremely well in consumer magazines for their Elite Steam gas dryers, but at about $1400 it may be too much for the average homeowner to spend. The GE Profile Harmony DPGT750GCWW is considered a reasonably gas dryer at $1000 with features like a stainless steel drum, electronic touchpad and touchscreen controls. The only drawback to this unit is that it is not stackable so if you are looking to save space, this may not be the model for you. The LG DLG5955W - is stackable, sells for a little less than the GE dryer and rates well for capacity and noise levels. RECOMMENDED - We highly suggest that you browse the gas dryers online here. Their SteamDryer series in flashy colors like red are selling quite well in department stores. LG does the best in terms of reliability with brands like Maytag and Frigidaire having more repair issues (about 8% of them).

Maytag Neptune Drying Center:

Dryers have been somewhat the same for decades - they tumble clothes through heated air to remove moisture. The latest reviews show a new technology associated with dryers from Maytag. The New Maytag Neptune Front Load Clothes Dryer has a conventional dryer on the bottom and an upper drying cabinet for your delicates, knits or hard-to-dry items. Steam circulates around the clothing to speed drying without the harshness of tumbling. You can also stick a dryer sheet in a special holder to "air out" clothing. The arrangement works well and if price is no object ($1250), the Maytag is the best dryer on the market. The Whirlpool Dryaire ($700) is similar, yet smaller like a small refrigerator and holds up to 8 garments and 2 flat sweaters. Sears is again the choice of store for buying large appliances like dryers or washers.