Updated: November 2017

Doorbell Reviews:

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or home, odds are you have a doorbell. Doorbells aren't even used that often since many people just knock on the door instead. Some people love their doorbells so much they get custom sounds or music to play whenever someone pushes their doorbell. On Halloween you always get a good opportunity to hear what others have installed in their homes when you push the doorbell. The traditional doorbell chime is what we have at our house and I have never really thought about changing it until my wife suggested a change. We started looking around and found that the options are much more plentiful than you can imagine. With the advent of video surveillance, you can now get a video doorbell with a little camera that looks out over your front door area and transmits the signal back to your kitchen (or other room in your house) for you to see who is at the door before actually having to answer it. If you have a gated entrance to your house you probably have an intercom doorbell where people can talk to you before they even get into your property.

Buying Guide - Beyond just switching the sounds that your doorbell makes, you can replace the doorbell design or doorbell cover with something unique or personal. There are dozens of brass, steel, and even wood doorbells to choose from. Wiring a doorbell is not that complicated once it's in place. Much like a lighting fixture, a doorbell can be replaced within minutes as you take out the and put in the new. You just have to get a few wires setup properly and your new doorbell fixture should work just fine. We always recommend putting the doorbell in an easy to spot location somewhere around the door itself. If you are going to change the sound or chiming mechanism on your doorbell, test out the unit to make sure you can hear it in most rooms in your house. I know several people who can't hear their doorbell when they are upstairs or too far away from the front door. We found several online stores that carry door chimes and doorbells. Doorbell chimes are sometimes hidden on the interior of your home but they don't have to be an eyesore. Modern doorbell chimes are stylish and are designed to fit into contemporary homes. Doorbellfactory.com and Doorbellexpressions.com are 2 excellent e-tailers that carry loads of inventory. Rejuvenation is another store that has doorbell buttons and chimes. Hardware stores will often carry a nice collection of sizes, shapes, and styles when it comes to doorbells. The wireless doorbell systems are a nice invention given that not everyone has their doorbell chime located in a spot where they can hear it easily. Some people work in basements of their home and can't always hear the doorbell. Others mentioned that businesses with warehouses can use wireless doorbells so that they don't have to be within earshot of the door to let delivery people or vendors in. You can browse the top selling doorbells and chimes online here.

Wireless Doorbell:

When it comes to wireless doorbells, one model stood out from all the rest. The Wireless door Chime/Doorbell on Amazon.com received excellent reviews from over half a dozen consumers and with 16 selectable channels and 3 tones, it's no wonder why. The ST60 can transmit up to 300 feet (open air) and is even weather proof for outdoor use. You can select from chime only, flash only, or chime & flash together. Several owners mention working in basements or backyards where the sound doesn't always travel so well to so the flash feature was nice to have. The wireless doorbell is easy to install and works perfectly. Check it out on Amazon.com The price is just $20 which seems like a bargain if all the praise we read was true. BEST - The Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button is top rated in reviews and definitely worth the money say owners. It's a wireless doorbell that is battery operated and works with up to 6 push buttons, motion detectors, or door contacts. You get 6 chime tunes, volume that is totally adjustable and 6 visual alert icons. The operating range is rated at 450 feet - several reviews noted that the unit worked just fine in their backyards. Comes in handy when working in the garage or perhaps when you are grilling out back and are away from the doorbell chime that is indoors.

Doorbell Chimes:

A doorbell chime is the part of the doorbell system that fits somewhere in the interior of your house. You can get them as a wireless model (see below), but the majority of houses work just fine with a wired doorbell unit. The most popular kind of door chimes these days are those that are programmed with music. Some chimes we saw online allow you program songs into the system from your stereo or mp3 player. Seems homeonwers would like to personalize their doorbell chimes with their favorite song or music from a TV show or movie. I like the theme music for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas songs (or noises).

Doorbell Button:

Perhaps the easiest thing to change on any doorbell system is the doorbell button or faceplate that goes around the button itself. We think that Thehardwarehut.com/door_bells-collections.php has some of the best selection of doorbell buttons and doorbells on the market. With over 140 varieties to choose from, you should find something you like. Most doorbell buttons were priced between $15 and $35 depending on size and materials. They are easy to install, usually with just a few screws to fit into your wall.