Updated: November 2017

Fireplace Tool Sets - Hearth Racks

For thousands of years, nothing has quite said "home" like a roaring fire on an open hearth, bringing light and cheer and warmth to a household and family. Even today, having a fireplace is a real sellling point and draw to most any room, whether it is the family room, living room, or even a master suite. If you have a self-contained gas fireplace insert, then a lot of the mess and work associated with a traditional wood fire can be avoided. But if you are like most of us, having a fireplace means chopping and storing firewood, keeping some kindling on hand, and using a good set of fire tools to manage and maintain your fire - pokers and tongs for moving hot logs and embers, and an iron shovel and durable whisk broom for cleaning up ashes and dust when you clean out the fireplace. A good firescreen also makes your fireplace safer, keeping sparks and embers inside the brick or stone fireplace and off your floors and carpets. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best fireplace screens and fire tool sets -- finding out what to look for, how much to spend, and where to buy.
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What's the best fireplace tool set? Hearth Tools

Most fire tool sets come with pretty standard components. Most sets include a poker, a shovel, and a broom. This is the standard 3 piece hearth tool set. A 4 piece set usually adds a pair of tongs. Since you're dealing with high heat, these fireplace tools are usually made of iron or steel. Of course, a stand or rack is part of the package from which the tools hang next to the fireplace. Some stands are integrated onto a log holder, letting you kill 2 birds with one stone. Others are stand along models. Neither design is superior to the other - it depends on your tastes and where you already have or need a log rack in your home. You may also want to consider a fireplace glove which protects your hand and arm from heat while stoking or arranging the fire.

Also consider how much room you have in your fireplace area - some small condos and apartments can't accomodate a large log rack and tool set rack, whereas a dainty 3 piece set meant for a condo looks silly in the great room of a large estate home. You'll find fireplace tool sets made from many different materials and in many different finishes - wrought iron, stainless steel, copper, pewter, antique, brushed nickel, etc. Some of the big names in hearth tools are Pilgrim Hearth, Adams, Uniflame, Minuteman, Dagan, How much do fireplace tool sets cost? You may want to look at the selection at Amazon first - they are constantly adding new products and carry dozens of fireplace toolsets -- you probably already trust and shop with them. Or start your browsing at KitchenSource.com. They have a nice assortment to choose from. A combo hearth rack with tools fireplace set will set you back about $210, with free shipping and handling (this is the Enclume EN-LR17). This is a good looking, sturdy set, weighing about 25 lbs. with a lower rack for kindling, a main rack for logs, a newspaper holder, and of course a 3 piece tool set (hand forged poker, shovel, and sorghum broom). Its size is 12.5"D X 15"W X 24.5"H. A larger combo rack sells for $245. If you want just a hearth tool sel with no log rack, check out the Enclume EN-FPTS2. At $149, you get a nice 3-piece hammered steel set - again, no shipping charges. They also carry the more modern looking Blomus stainless steel fireplace tools - check out a 5 piece set at $351, and another at $278. Stainless steel costs more than iron or regular steel, so be prepared for that.

Fireplace Tools - Fireplace Screens

For some less expensive tool sets for your fireplace, check out the selection at FireplaceScreens.com. They have sets starting at $49 for the Pawn Top Fireplace Tool Set, $54 for a wrought iron fireside tool set, and $69 for a Honey Dip Handle set. They also have a great selection of all types and priced hearth sets - we really liked the look of the Garland Collection Tool Set for $219 - it almost looks like the tools are mounted on a crossbow or something, but it is a very rugged, stylistic look, available in a graphite powdercoat, or bronze powdercoat, and it includes poker, shovel, tongs, and broom. Of course, as their name suggests, they also carry plenty of fireplace screens to choose from. We liked the Hinged Panel Iron Fireplace Screen for $300 - the front of it pivots up from the bottom on a hinge, much like the hatchback of a car. But you can choose from many models and colors ranging from $120 up to about $400. View hundreds of fireplace screens here.