Updated: November 2017

Firewood Rack Reviews:

One of the first things I do in preparing for the winter season is gathering up firewood and storing it appropriately outside of my house as well as inside for fires. My family loves lighting a warm fire on cold winter days and we try to make it a Sunday ritual before or after dinner. The kids like to get involved with gathering the kindling or making sure there are plenty of logs we can burn. I have an outdoor firewood storage unit which holds about 1/2 cord of wood on it and then I have an indoor firewood rack in our living room which holds about 20 logs or so. The types of firewood racks for indoor use are extensive and finding one that fits your specific space isn't always easy. Most are made with very strong iron and hold from about 6 to 20 logs.
firewood rack

Buying Guide - More and more people are getting outdoor fireplaces or chimneas for their backyards. Firepits are mch more common than even a decade ago and having a firewood rack alongside the fire pit is the perfect compliment to those evening fires when the weather is good. One of our favorite online stores for buying fireplace equipment is at Plowhearth.com. They offer a nice variety of firewood racks (both indoor and outdoor) - one of the most popuar is the Ball and Claw Wood Holder. A firewood holder is slightly different than an actual rack. A holder is best used for say 'one evenings worth of wood' while a rack is better suited for holding larger amounts of firewood that are going to be stored for a while. We find that most people buy firewood racks for outdoor use and firewood holders for indoor use. Firewood carriers/racks/holders are a nice way to keep your firewood organized and in a handy spot. Some of the firewood carriers are great to have when you need to transport the wood from one room to another. If your wood supply is outdoors, carriers work best so you can easily transfer the logs to the carrier and then move it to the room where the fireplace is. Often you will find small chips of wood fall out of the rack and onto the floor along with dirt and debris that is on the wood, so we suggest buying a heavy duty rug that will fit underneath your indoor firewood holder. The unit should be made from solid materials since it will take a beating as logs are loaded and unloaded from it. Indoor racks are usually $40 to $200 and the outdoor models are $60 to $300. Consider how much wood you burn through in a season before you purchase a huge firewood storage unit that is left half empty. Also, if you live in a rainy climate, you'll need to get a cover for the firewood storage area to keep the wood dry and burnable. Down below we have listed some of the more popular wood rack styles and designs for indoor/outdoor use. View the best selling firewood holders and racks here.

Best Indoor Firewood Racks:

Indoor firewood holders are sold at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes and in department stores like Sears. I have found that specialty fireplace stores are the best source for unique and usefull firewood holders. Online you will find several websites that carry a nice selection including Brookstone.com, Plowhearth.com, and Lograckdepot.com. You should definitely go online to see pictures of the various styles to see which might fit your home decor better than others. The indoor firewood holders mainly constructed with wrought iron or steel. The more expensive models will have hand forged accents and designs which make them unique. A top selling firewood holder is the Iron Gate Wood Holder ($160). The firewood rack has some intricate iron detailing and fits narrow hearths. It comes available in black or bronze finishes. The BlackSmith Wood Holder ($99/small or $210/large) is offered on the Lograckdepot.com site and has a heavy-duty design. It weighs 23 lbs so you know it's sturdy enough to hold all your firewood logs. One of the nicest ones we saw was on the Brookstone.com site, it is called the Log/Kindling Rack ($200). It will organize your wood or kindling and it has hooks where your fireplace tools hang from. Tools included with this set include shovel, poker, tongs, and broom. The rack will hold several loads of firewood so no need to keep getting up to get more.

Firewood Carrier:

One thing that many people forget - how will you get the logs from your firewood pile into the house and to your fireplace area. A wheelbarrow just doesn't make sense, but a firewood carrier does. Firewood carriers are generally made with a heavy-duty canvas that has 2 handles on the sides. Just throw in some wood, pick up the carrier, and off you go. Many firewood holders are sold with the ability to place the carrier right onto them. A friend of mine has a firewood carrier that he takes camping with him. When he goes out searching for wood, he takes the carrier and that way he can quickly load up firewood. The Canvas Log Carrier ($50) on Plowhearth.com is just the product with sturdy construction, durable stitching, and easy to load design.

Outdoor Firewood Storage:

The ultimate place to store firewood would be in a water tight shed or even in your garage. Not everyone has space for that and so buying a firewood storage rack would be the next best solution. The best quality firewood racks we found were the Woodhaven racks -- superior to almost anything else you will find. They are constructed with top grade steel and allow for easy assembly. They come in 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord, 1/8 cord, and 3/4 cord sizes. Some have backs on them and most come with an option for a cover. Durability, strength, and quality are names associated with these firewood storage racks and their products have been used or seen on TV with Bob Villa, DIY TV, and in magazines like Log Home Living. The one that seems to get the most attention is the 1/4 Cord Plus unit that comes with cover for $159. You can buy the optional full cover on this model for an extra $72. For those of you that only have an outdoor chimnea or firepit, then consider their Fireside unit that goes for $78 (delivered). No matter who you shop with, make sure you have some kind of cover for the wood and also that the storage holder is very stable. You don't want to go out in a storm to find that the firewood storage rack has fallen over and your wood is scattered on the ground.