Updated: November 2017

Fondue Set Reviews:

Before we get into the description of fondue sets, let's begin by describing a fondue meal. I was lucky enough to grow up in Saratoga, California which has the famous La Fondue Restaurant right on Big Basin Way. I was first taken to the fondue restaurant in my mid-20's and have been back several times. The food is excellent and the desserts are to die for. The fondue method of cooking is different in that you do most of the cooking yourself right at your table. The cooking methods include Court Bouillon, Punsch, Sake, Oil, or Grilling. You start with a nice cheese fondue for your vegetables and then switch to a bouillon fondue or grilling for meats, poultry, and fish. The finisher on the night is the chocolate fondue with fruits, marshmellows, candy, etc. I have recently moved to Portland, Oregon and found a similar fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot which also serves up a great fondue meal. In fondue cooking, you have a fondue pot which has melted cheese (flavored with wine or other items) or chocolate in which you dip your food items with fondue forks. If you have never had a fondue dinner at a restaurant, you need to experience it at least once in your life. Keep reading to find out about home fondue sets.
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Buying Guide - When looking for a fondue set, you need to consider which type of fondue you will be making at your house - cheese, chocolate or meat (perhaps all 3). Home fondue sets are all the rage among the younger, professionals with fondue parties being hosted all the time. Fondue sets make it easy to create a great tasting classic cheese fondue for bread or vegetables. Even the meat fondues that are cooked in hot oil or broth are not hard to prepare. The most popular type of home fondues are those associated with chocolate. A chocolate fondue can be a romantic dessert for 2 or you can share it with friends and family. Look for a fondue pot that can handle high heat if you plan on doing meat fondues while cheese or chocolate fondues do better in thicker pots that don't scorch/burn the contents but still hold heat. Chocolate/Cheese fondue sets often are heated by candles only, but meat fondues will never cook with just a candle. Some fondue sets you find for your house could be electric powered. Fondue sets are made from cast iron, ceramic, enamel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. They are usually coated with non-stick, glazed, or enamel surfaces. The top brands for fondue sets include All-Clad, Le Creuset, Staub, Swissmar, and Emile Henry. Expect to spend anywhere from $80 to $150 for a quality fondue set while some of the cheaper models are under $50. We researched fondue sets online at e-tailers like Amazon, Epinions, and Chefsresource.com. We read up on the latest fondue sets and users opinions to pick the "best of the best" listed below. You can browse the top selling fondue sets online here.

Best Fondue Sets:

The top rated Le Creuset Gourmet Fondue Set ($120) is our choice for the best fondue set on the market. The Le Creuset 1 1/2-Quart Traditional Fondue Pot has an enamel coating inside which ensures that the pot will not absorb flavors or odors and the cast iron build retains heat perfectly. You get a black enamel burner and stand, 6 stainless fondue forks with different colored ends (keep track of who has which color), and the pot is dishwasher safe. Owners say the chocolate and cheese fondues produced from the Le Creuset fondue set are incredible. Consumers also say the base is very sturdy so the fear of a pot falling over with boiling hot oils reduced greatly. The adjustable alcohol burner allows for the ideal heat levels on any fondue meal. The Trudeau Electric 3 N'1 Fondue Set - 11 Pieces ($83) is another favorite among customers and experts. It's one of the few fondue sets actually designed for all three fondues - cheese, meat, or dessert. One big advantage of the Trudeau is that you can heat the pot in the kitchen and bring it to the table when you are ready since the pot and base are 2 separate items. Although the cheese and chocolate fondues are excellent, users do say that the meat fondues could be easier to cook with higher heat from fuel burning fondue sets. Both the Chantal and All-Clad sets got low reviews for poor temperature control with their heat source. Customers say they look great and offer lazy susans for sauces, but the ineffective system to get a consistent flame to heat the cheese or chocolate fondue make it a hassle to use. See all the most popular selling fondue sets here.

Stainless Steel Fondue Set:

The Trudeau Electric 3 in 1 Fondue 11 Piece Set ($80) is the best stainless steel set on the market. It features a 56 ounce stainless steel pot that can cook both meat and seafood fondue. There is also a ceramic pot included in the set so you can still do great cheese and chocolate fondues. You get 6 fondue forks - each with a different color so you can keep your food separate from your guests or family. The Trudeau electric fondue set is "yummy", "fantastic", and "easy to use" say owners of this set.

Fondue Recipes - Chocolate/Cheese:

The great thing about home fondue sets is that you are open to use your own fondue recipes to create exciting new flavors for cheese and chocolate fondues. We found a vast collection of fondue recipes online at http://www.recipegoldmine.com/fondue/fondue.html. Get recipes for bacon cheddar fondue, crab fondue, swiss fondue, chocolate fondue, dessert fondue, praline fondue, honey fondue, white chocolate fondue, and countless others. Fonduerecipes.net is another fondue recipe site loaded with innovative and tasty recipes.